Locked Away

What happens when your thought to be crazy? When everyone turns their head as you walk by because of the way you look, act or dress? What happens when one day people have had enough of "that crazy person"? Well your sent to Harrington School, but really it isn't a school. Its more like a hospital where they send those crazy people. Well apparently I'm one of those crazy people. Among with 5 others I've met here; Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. They don't believe their crazy either. None of us do, but some are crazy. Some of them deserve to be locked away in here. But not me, and not the boys. We're gonna escape.

(This is a fanfic but the boys aren't famous)


3. Closest thing to normal

"Well that was embarrassing," I say as the boys and I walked out of the lunchroom. The assembly had just ended and I had never been more embarrassed in my life. The boys only laughed at me. "What? I don't like standing up in front of a bunch of people," I said.

"We love it," Zayn said.

"Maybe that's why we are always getting in trouble," Harry said. The boys laughed and I smiled.

"Is that why Ms York always seems to be watching you guys?" I asked. The boys laughed again.

"Yea, she secretly hates us. But she can't admit it," Niall said. We walked past the dormitory's and up to the left corner of the fence. There sat a soccer ball and several other kinds of balls.

"This is our stash of stuff," Liam explained. "the hill covers it, and no one can see it unless they come over here," he said.

"But why are they here?" I asked.

"Because we stole them from the rec room. They have a limited supply of games, so when we get something new, we just keep it here," Louis explained. I nodded.

"And what happens if you get caught?" I asked.

"Detention," they all said.

"Well that doesn't sound too bad," I said.

"There's different levels of detention," Zayn explained. "The first couple times your just sitting in a room, then cleaning, and then you get sent to the doctors for another evaluation to see if 'your condition has become more serious'" Zayn said mocking Ms York's voice.

"Oh," I said.

"We've been sent back to the doctors several times," Louis said as he lifted up the sleeve of his arm. On his shoulder were lots of little scars.

"What happens after you've seen the doctor?" I asked.

"Then you go in to see Ms York, and after that you get sent to what we call the dungeon. It sounds just like the name," Harry said. "And after that, you go in to see the principal. But no one has ever gone to see him," he said.

"Enough of that," Louis said. "Lets play some soccer!" he said as he picked up the ball and then drop kicked it.

Niall ran after it and kicked the ball to Liam who kicked it towards the corner of the wall, but Harry blocked it. Harry threw the ball to me, and I stood there. I had never really played sports before. I just knew the basics; run and kick the ball. So I kicked the ball to Louis who was running towards me. He dribbled the ball between his feet and then kicked it towards the goal. Hitting it high above Harry's head. The ball landed behind Harry and everyone but Harry cheered.

"We win!" Louis yelled.

"Wait, I don't get your rules," I said. "Don't we need two teams?" I asked.

"Yes, but with 6 people we can't really have two teams. So we just say the goalie has to block 3 passes and he wins. But if we get the ball in the goal, then they win," Harry explained.

"It's the closest thing to normal we have around here," Zayn said. "They allow us a few hours just to do what we want. Most kids go back to their room or try and act as normal as possible. But we like to keep in touch with the real world. Cause trouble, play games and pranks," I nodded.

"Lets play again," Liam suggested as Harry picked up the ball and threw it to Liam.

Liam kicked it to Niall who ran a bit and then passed it to me. I kicked it to Louis who kicked it way over Harry's head again. Only this time it didn't land behind Harry, it went so high it went over the fence. We heard it land on the other side and then the alarms started going off.

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