Locked Away

What happens when your thought to be crazy? When everyone turns their head as you walk by because of the way you look, act or dress? What happens when one day people have had enough of "that crazy person"? Well your sent to Harrington School, but really it isn't a school. Its more like a hospital where they send those crazy people. Well apparently I'm one of those crazy people. Among with 5 others I've met here; Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. They don't believe their crazy either. None of us do, but some are crazy. Some of them deserve to be locked away in here. But not me, and not the boys. We're gonna escape.

(This is a fanfic but the boys aren't famous)


5. Cell

The lads paced around the cell. We had only been in here for maybe a few hours and they already seemed to be loosing it. I sat on one of the six cots as I watched them.

Our cell was just big enough for six people. It was dark and the only light came from a small window that was near the ceiling, and a small light bulb that hung from the ceiling. But once the sun went down that light would turn off and we would have only the light of a lantern. Six cots sat in a row, they were really small and took up most of the space. Liam decided that we move them together so there would be more room. Next to the metal door was a wooden chair and table and then in the darkest corner was a toilet and sink.

The boys continued to pace back and forth and finally I joined them. I walked over to the metal door and peered through the tiny window and saw a teacher coming holding a tray. Dinner. I stepped back from the door and it opened with a loud squeak. The teacher set the tray of food down on the table and then left, locking the door behind.

"What's this crap?" Louis asked. "This looks worse then what they give us normally."

"If you don't want it then I'll take it," Niall said as he picked up the bowl of brown mush and spun his spoon in it. "Maybe not," he said. "This looks like shit," he said. I laughed.

After a while of staring at the revolting food, we all managed to chock it down. We set the trey and empty bowls by the door so we could use the table. Just then the light bulb went out. I heard someone swear and then someone started to make their way towards the table. They tripped a few times cause the cell was pitch black. I heard the lantern move and then it turned on. Zayn was holding it and he was covered in dirt from where he tripped.

"We should make a plan of how to live while we're in here," Liam said as he sat down in the middle of the cots. We all sat around him in a circle. "Since the lantern runs on batteries, and I doubt they'll give us more when they die, I say we try not to use the lantern that much," he said.

"But how will we see?" Niall said. "You can't possibly think we're gonna stumble around in the pitch black,"

"No, which is why we limit our use of the lantern. So I think that when the light goes off we should go to bed," he said. "And if we wake up before the light comes back on then I guess we can use the lantern then too," he said. "We just don't want to be killing the battery within the first few days and then be stuck in the dark the rest of the week,"

We all agreed and so we got ready to go to bed. This was going to be a strange week. I never expected to be in bed with a guy for awhile, let alone six. But then again, I guess that wasn't a bad thing either.

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