I Need You [Liam Payne Fan fiction]

"I uh have to go home." I speed walked to my car. I started my car and put my car on revers. I looked at my car back window ready to revers when Niall got in my car. He moved it to park and took out my keys. "What now?" I said getting back my keys "Please," He began "Please tell me you don't have feeling for Liam. I know the way you blank out and more your eyes lashes." He begged "I-I don't know if I do.." I put my head down "Hope you don't," He stared at me "If you do, me and the lads will drive away far away from here," He confessed "I came here to see you and so did the lads. There not here so you can fall in love with them!" He yelled. I was scared. Not from falling in love with one of them, but scared of Niall.


4. The Question


(Charlotte POV)

 My head started to ache when I go up and every time I move my head I would groan in pain. I look to the right where is my small cabinet that I have next to my bed and saw a note. There was water and pills for my headaches. I put the pill in my tongue and drank the water and read the note   

           Dear Charlotte,

           When you read this, don't bother to check my room because I'm not here. I'm going to see my sister that is in the hospital for three months. If you don't remember what happened yesterday then let me tell tell you the story. Do you remember when we got into a fight? Do you remember when your brother and his friends came? Yea you left and we were all worried about you. We were scared that something might happened to you (I worried the most)  We all thought that you were going to come back home and then talk to us but you didn't. I then knew that you won't listen to me and drink one more time. Niall was pretty mad about you drinking by the way. I decided to go find you myself but Niall wanted to come and then Liam wanted to come to. When Niall got in the car he started making all of these rules about when we get you and of course knowing myself I wasn't going to follow them.  We all went to different bars and you weren't there. We end up fining you in a fight. Me as the one  who didn't want to let you get your ass kicked,  I got in the fight. I'm soooo looking forward whats my sister going to say about my mess up face! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Lots of Love from your best friend, 


 I smiled and started at the letter. I then slowly got up and made my way to the kitchen as I then began to open the fridge door "Hungry?" A voice said, I quickly turned around in fear. I then see Niall standing there waiting for an answer "Hm," I thought for a minute "Yea." I said smiling but still scared about Niall getting mad over the "Drinking" problem. "Okay," He said as he slopped on couch "Get changed because I have food over my place!" Niall said excitedly I laughed and went to my room and changed, I got changed into simple clothing. As we both walked to his hotel as we did had to stop for some take some pictures with his fans. We later got to his hotel, as I wish would has happened faster. I walked though the door not feeling like talking much. There was some breakfast on the table where there was two plates apart from each other and a pan with food that was sitting on the stove. I sat on the chair and Niall came with a plate full with food. I got the fork started stabbing my food gently but I was basically playing with my food and Niall was to get worried "Is everything okay?" Niall said worried "No." I answered "Whats wrong?" He put down his fork "You know you can tell me anything." He said softly "I just," I got a deep breath "I feel so sad. I don't know why. I feel like crying in someones shoulder but I know nothing is wrong but I feel so depressed.", My eyes started to feel watery and then I burst into tears. Niall stand up and ran to me and hugged me

     "Charlotte," He whispered in my ear "Are you going though depression?" "I don't know!" I yell "Charlotte what makes you happy?" He smiled putting his hand on my shoulder "Home." I said with no hesitation "I'll take you home." He got up ready to go "No," I got up from my chair "I want to go alone." I said softly. He nods understanding but before I was going to leave I hugged him. I hugged him for letting me know he was there for me "You're a good brother." I said knowing I made him smile with that I left. I walked down the street with hands in my pocket, listen to the cars beeping and shoes tapping of the street floor and cars vrooming past me before pasting my favorite ice cream my feet stop. I had this craving for ice cream and wanting to stuff my face in it. I check my pocket and saw that I had five dollars with me "Damn." I cursed under my breath. I wanted to buy a bucket of ice cream to go so I have some to eat but looks like I'm going to get a scoop. I walked inside ready to order "What would you like?" Asked a boy behind the choices of ice cream flavor. I looked up from starting at the choices of ice cream behind the glass and to see the boy from the bar "Oh hey," I said "It's you from the ba-" I stopped myself because I knew there where kids and parents around me "Well, you know what I was going to say. Right?" I said "Yea." He smiled and was facing the floor "What are you doing here?" I asked him "I quite my other job because it wasn't paying much." He said putting the big spoon for scooping ice cream back to the sink of water "And you think this job is going to pay way more." I laughed "Well, it is paying better then my other job and plus my brother, Ben, boss comes here with her daughter and she gives my big tips." He smiled and started cleaning the top of the glass. "Oh, I see.." I smile "So," He got the scooper again "Your ice cream?" He gave me a cheeky smile "Cookie and cream, please." He grabbed a big scoop and dumped it in a cup "Here you go." He said handing me my ice cream . I thanked him and payed $3.98 for one scoop.

  We spent our day in the little ice cream shop and talked, and talked, and talked. "I should go home.", I said getting up from the chair "I'll can take you," He said getting up as well "I mean, If you don't mind." He said shyly scratching back of his head "It's fine." I said giving him a warm smile. It started to get cold and I did have much of a sweater on but I bit my lip and hold the coldness in and walk to my apartment. After a few minutes I starting shaking because it was so freaking cold! "Here."  He said giving me his warm jacket "Thanks." I smiled "Hey, I never got your name." I narrowed my eyebrow "Oh, Rick." He smiled as he faced me "I like that name." I said "No, I likes yours. It's a pretty name, like you." My cheeks started to feel really hot as I knew I was blushing "Thanks." I turn to look at him and he stopped walking and so did I "Something wrong?" I asked "Charlotte, I want to ask you something." He said in a serious voice "What about?" I was confuse as he lean in and kissed me, half of me didn't know what to do and the other half of told me that I'm doing the right thing and I kissed back. Rick pulled back by a little "When you walked into the bar something inside of me told me that you are the one I want to be with. I did everything that I could so I could get close to you and I did. I knew that you came to the same ice cream shop every week. When you came inside the ice cream shop my whole world turn on and all I wanted wad for you to be mine. This might be to early and I'm sorry, but if I didn't tell you someone else was." Rick said as he stared into my eyes. Did he mean it? "D-Do you mean it?" I stuttered "Yes. Every word of it." He answered while cupping my is face with his right hand "What do you say?" he asked me, holding both of my hand "Be my girlfriend?" He said I knew that he was waiting for an answer but could I give him one?

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