I Need You [Liam Payne Fan fiction]

"I uh have to go home." I speed walked to my car. I started my car and put my car on revers. I looked at my car back window ready to revers when Niall got in my car. He moved it to park and took out my keys. "What now?" I said getting back my keys "Please," He began "Please tell me you don't have feeling for Liam. I know the way you blank out and more your eyes lashes." He begged "I-I don't know if I do.." I put my head down "Hope you don't," He stared at me "If you do, me and the lads will drive away far away from here," He confessed "I came here to see you and so did the lads. There not here so you can fall in love with them!" He yelled. I was scared. Not from falling in love with one of them, but scared of Niall.


2. Ice Cream

*Niall POV* (next day)

    I stayed in my room for hours thinking. I hate to see Charlotte cry, yea I made her cry but I didn't mean for it to happened. Maybe I should let her date Liam, right? I feel so stupid, what was I thinking! After thinking so much, I'm going to talk to Liam about it. I walk to the living room where Liam was watching t.v. "Hey mate." Liam said with a smile "Hm," I began "I been thinking," I scratched my head with my right hand. Liam waited for me to say something right after "You know Charlotte likes you, right?" I said, looking down to my feet "Yea." He focus on what was I going to say "Well I was thinking, If you want to! You can date her." I mumbled on the last part. It got quite for a seconded "You know how happy that make her?" Liam said "Yea I know. I hate to see her like this so I thought why not?" I said sticking my hands in my pocket "I'll tell her." Liam got up and got his phone out "Wait!" I said trying to stop him "I think it's better if I tell her," I said "As her big brother." I said with a  smile across my face. "Okay." Liam patted my back.

   I walked to her apartment since she didn't live that far from us. I crossed the street, making my way to her apartment building and then making my way to the stairs since there was a lot of people waiting for the elevator. It turn out it was hard. (Of course) I later got to her apartment floor, checking every door for the right number. I finally found her room number and jogged to it. I knocked on her door waiting for someone to answer, mostly Charlotte. Later Charlotte answered squinting her eyes "What are you doing here! It's ten in the morning!" Charlotte yelled "What? I though you'll be awake." I said confused "Well today I don't have to go to college so I don't wake up in till two." She explained "Charlotte, we need to talk." I said to her "What about?"  She said while opening the door wider for me to come in. We both sat down in the couch "Well," I started "Since I can't change how you feel about other people, I though about it and you can date Liam." I turn to see Charlotte shocked "Whoa, Who said I was going to date Liam?" She said in confused voice "Yea, I have a crush on him but come on!" She laughed "What's funny?" I said, wanting to know what she is laughing about.

                                           *Chatlotte POV*

 I laughed. Niall had a confused face so I stopped to explain "Well because who will like a girl like me?" I said "Not Liam." I got up from the couch "Man, when you said ''We need to talk" I thought it was important." I said while walking toward the kitchen "I though this will make you happy?" He got up from the couch and walked towards me "Well, maybe if me and Liam had a thing then it will. But we don't." I got chips from the cabinet "Hungry?" I asked Niall "Yea." He later was right next to me getting a bag a chips then a water bottle, he later went to my fridge and got a dip for chips. He sat my couch turning on the t.v and started to eat. Now I regret asking him if he was hungry. "Your house is boring!" Niall complain like a little kid "So?" I shrugged "Come to my hotel?" He said getting up and putting his and mine empty chip bag in the trash can "Fine I'll go get changed." I went to my room "Your fine." He said cleaning the cums off his sweater. I looked down to see myself in my gym shorts and a gray puffy sweater with my messy bun. "Fine." I didn't really care if people saw me in this. We left and I made sure I had my apartment keys with me.

We got to his hotel and I did nothing but play games on my phone. Louis was getting on my nerves sometimes. He well play with my bun and "honk" it. He well grab it and say "Honk, Honk." I got so annoyed that I let my hair down but then realizing it was messy so I put my hair in a pony tail 

                                                                        *Liam POV*

Her hair was so pretty when she let her hair down but she later she put her hair back up. I tried to stare as much but I later found myself staring. I was sitting right next her in the couch. She was laying on her back playing games on her phone while having her legs on my lap. I mean, I didn't minded so I didn't say anything . An hour has pasted and none of us did nothing. Charlotte keeps screaming about how she always loses on the whatever game she is playing. "Ahh! I hate this game so damn much right now!" Charlotte says angry "Let's do something fun." Charlotte points out. We all stare at her "Like what?" Zayn said ending the stares "We should all get ice cream! It's really hot in here and I have a sweater on." Charlotte yelled "I'm in!" Niall gets up raising his hand. "Why don't you just take off your sweater?" Louis points out making some of us chuckle "Well.." Charlotte thought for a minute "You don't want to see my "Shirt" I have right now." Charlotte smiled to herself. Everyone was confuse, including me "Let me guess, you don't have a shirt." Harry said making everyone wonder. Charlotte just continues smiling "So ice cream?" She asked one more time, we all look at each other and everyone nodded in agreement including me.

    We all exit the hotel and start to follow Charlotte. She was ahead and we were behind "So Liam," Harry said "Yea?" I said wondering "You. Charlotte." He smiles whiling turning to her and then me "Me and Charlotte?" I said confused not sure what he means "Oh come on! You know know you like Chars." Niall laughs "Well.." I said blushing, I was going to say something when Charlotte screams making people around us stare. She was pointing at a ice cream shop "Were here!" She sings while she runs to the store opening the door. though the window I see her ordering her ice cream already. I walk next to her "Hold this." She hands me her ice cream and goes though her gym shorts pocket. While she goes throw her pocket I see her bear skin when she lifts her sweater. So she didn't have a shirt. "Thanks." She smiles taking her ice cream back and paying the lady. Everyone payed for there ice cream and I did the same. I see Charlotte eating her ice cream alone in a table so I sit in the same table as her. She looks up her ice cream "Oh hi." She said. I grab a paper and clean her nose because it was covered in chocolate. I start to chuckle "What?" She said getting her long sleeve sweater and wiping it on her nose I then laugh "What?" She said again "Nothing." I said calming down from my laughter. I see Harry whispering to Niall. I get up and walk toward them "What?" I said wanting to get the truth from them "Why do you leave Charlotte alone?" Louis yells I turn and see Charlotte getting up and throwing her paper in the trash "Can we go home?" Charlotte said stretching. We all could see her stomach. She wasn't wearing a shirt. "Chars.." Niall said "What?" She said "Are you wearing a shirt?" He finish "Yes pfftt! Of course!" She said. Of course she was lying "Let me see your shirt then." Niall command "Does a bra count?" She jokes "Yes." Harry says "No." Niall looked mad. Charlotte rolls her eyes and walks out the door Niall goes after her and we stayed in the ice cream shop and stared at them. Niall was yelling at Charlotte. Charlotte was just crossing her arms and rolling her eyes. She later walked a different direction from our hotel. On the way home Niall didn't say anything.

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