I Need You [Liam Payne Fan fiction]

"I uh have to go home." I speed walked to my car. I started my car and put my car on revers. I looked at my car back window ready to revers when Niall got in my car. He moved it to park and took out my keys. "What now?" I said getting back my keys "Please," He began "Please tell me you don't have feeling for Liam. I know the way you blank out and more your eyes lashes." He begged "I-I don't know if I do.." I put my head down "Hope you don't," He stared at me "If you do, me and the lads will drive away far away from here," He confessed "I came here to see you and so did the lads. There not here so you can fall in love with them!" He yelled. I was scared. Not from falling in love with one of them, but scared of Niall.


3. Drinking Problems

                                                            (Charlotte POV)

     I got home and I got to my fridge and got a beer. (Yea I drink) I open the bottle top and started to drink. I got to my couch and turn on the TV it was all fine Maria came in. She hates to see my drink "What have I told you about drinking!" She yells and take the bottle from me "Hey!" I yell as she speeds walks with my beer to the kitchen and dumps it all on the kitchen sink. "Hey! That was my beer!" I yell in anger "I told you to stop drinking!" She snaps "I haven't had a beer in a month!" I yelled in anger "Just stop! You remind me of my dad!" She cried. She broke down into tears and throw the bottle on the floor. I stopped being angry and started to feel bad "I'm sorry." I said but she didn't hear me over her crying. I didn't know what happened when her dad got drunk but I should stop ether way before I start to drink often. I stared at her while she sobs on the kitchen floor, I didn't know what to do. "Maria." I softly said. I heard a knock on the door but I ignored it and walked towards Maria and sat next to her laying my back on the lower floor cabinet. "I'm sorry. I-I won't drink anymore." I said loud enough for her to hear. Her crying got softer "You swear?" She said looking up from the floor "Yea, I swear." I hugged her as she stopped crying, the knock got louder "I'll go get the door." I said and left Maria on the floor. I was careful enough to not step on the glass and opened the door just a crack just to see who it was. I see Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis, and Zayn. They all looked at me surprised "Did you hear that?" I asked as they all nodded "Who has a drinking problem?" Louis pointed out "No one does!" I yelled and shut the door. I took a big breath and sighed I started to pick up the glass when the door opened and hit me on the side of my waist.  I was startled that I jumped and slit my finger with the glass "Someone forgot to lock the door." Louis singed  "Holy shit! What happened?!" Louis cried "You don't pick them up with your bare hands." Liam said while he crossed to the kitchen and got a broom and started to clean it up for me. Niall looked around in confusion "What happened?" He looked at me and Maria to explain "We got in to a fight." I said softly "You guys where so angry that you threw bottles at each other?" Niall said confused "In fact, beer bottles." Liam added picking up a piece of the glass bottle with the beer brand on it. "Who drinks beer in this apartment?" Zayn asked.

     I didn't know what to say. I was so scared that my face turned red because I didn't want Niall to know I drink beer so I just left. I got my car keys and left. I hopped in my car and started to drive. I drove to the bar and sat on a high stool "One shot." I ordered, not thinking what I swear to Maria. I looked at the bartender that was in his early 20's and to be honest he was cute. He put a cup in front of me and poured the liquor. I got it and drank it, slamming the empty cup. In one night I asked for ten shots "A other." I said "Ma'am I think you had enough." He said "Please, you don't know what I have been though." I said in a very drunk voice "A break up?" He said while cleaning a cup "Pfft, I'm single." I laughed so hard that I almost slipped out of my chair and almost fell "Good, you're to beautiful for someone to break up with you." He smiled not facing me "Thank you." I blushed "Where almost closing you know, do you want me to take you home?" He asked me nicely "Nah." I was about to get up when some guy grab me by the waist and hold me down "Hey there." He whispered into my ear "Get away from me!" I pushed him away but before I could he push me hard that I lost my balance and wobbled to the floor. It was hard for me to get up since I was drunk. I felt so dizzy and I didn't want to move. "Are you okay?" The bartender asked, I  shook my head and got up with his help. Just when I got up the guy grabbed my hand and pulled me "Hey!" A girl pushed me but this time I didn't fall "What are you doing with my boyfriend!" She yells "It not my fault that your boyfriend wants me more than you." I slur while wobbling my finger at her. She then slaps me across the face and I fall into the bartender arms and then bounce back to her just to punch her. I watch her fall to the ground "Bitch." I said as she builds up anger in her and tackles me and starts to throw punches "Aye!" A female voice yell suddenly the girl wasn't on me anymore. I see Maria punching her on the floor "Maria!" I yelled at her but she didn't hear me. I tried to get up but my back was in pain. Niall slides me on my back pulling me away from the fright. He then later helps me get up and I tried to run to Maria who was getting hit from that crazy girl but I was so drunk that when I got up and tried to run I wobbled to the side and fell. When I was on the floor again I saw Maria got strength to pushed the girl off of her then she jumps on top of her and continues to punch her. It was getting to crazy so Liam got Maria off of her and carried her outside. The bartender helped me up again I was so tried that I put my arms around him and knock out. 

                                                 (Niall POV)

    I look around and saw Charlotte asleep? She was in the arm of some guy I walked toward him and took her off his hands and got her up and over my shoulder and walked to my car. I throw Charlotte body back of the car sits as her head landed on Maria's laps, I look at her bloody face and shook my head and slam the car door. I got in the car and hit the steering wheel with my hands "Damn it Maria! That wasn't the plain!" I yell "You think I was going to let Charlotte get beaten up by some crazy girl!" She yells back "What do you think the new are going to think of me now! There think I have a fucking dunk as sister!" I grunted "You know what? Fuck you! I care about Charlotte more than you do!" She snapped "If it wasn't for me she'll be drinking everyday. So shut up and drive." She demanded  I did what she said and started to drive. I was still angry, angry at myself. I drove to her apartment and helped Maria with Charlotte. We carried her to her room and I closed her room door. Maria left to the bathroom to clear up and everyone came and sat down in the couch quietly not knowing what to do. Later Maria was out and went to the kitchen "Do just sit there help me!" Maria commanded, She was dumping the beer in the kitchen sink we all got up and dumped three packs of beer that was in the fridge "What a wast." Louis said and shook his head. We put the empty bottles in a box to recycle them. "You need to do something about this. I been taking care of her for three years and it's your turn. I'm going to see my sister for three months and when I come back she better be okay." She pointed at me "Why are you telling me this? She is my sister." I pointed out "Because I care about her more then you do." She confessed and left to her room to pack I guess. I sat at her living room thinking ignoring the lads and I didn't even knew that they left so I was alone. I sat alone think the best way to help her and I couldn't figured it out. I though about so much that I got tried and a big headache. I couldn't stand it so I fell asleep. 


                                       "I'm sorry, I'm sorry that I didn't take care of you when you need me. I'm sorry."

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