Hellena Rose

Hellena Rose is a story about a young woman who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, or quite possibly the right place at the right time. Her and Gaven meet at a young age but due to Gavens royal bloodline he is forced to be separated from her after four years of secretly meeting. During that time am innocent love develops but when they are reunited years later after Amelia's memory is erased will Gaven still be the kind gentle creature that he was before. What is he? He was out of this world. Amelia has no idea what's in store for her.

All characters and the story belong to me. Do not steal my work and claim it as your own for I have worked hard on this series and it is close to my heart. !!! This story is currently undergoing a change in POV so you will find the transitions in there, just ignore them please !!!


1. The Beginning

 I ran fast. The sound of the leaves cracking beneath my feet was calming. The trees were thickening as I went deeper into the forrest. I heard the running water up ahead as I ran over the last hill that stood between us. I smiled when I saw him sitting on a rock beside the small brook that passed through the area. He grinned also, he could hear me coming before I had really got there. He was looking in my direction already. I paused staring at him for a few seconds before running down the hill quickly gaining too much speed for me to handle.
    "Be careful Amelia." He warned. About that time I stumbled and caught myself on the rough earth with my palms. "Amelia?!" He shouted running to me. "Are you hurt?" He was hovering over me now and picked me up. The sting in my palms and on my knees is something I had felt many times before. Each time, never wanting to feel the burning again. But something like that didn't hurt much at all. He sat me on a large flat rock beside the stream of water and examined my knee carefully.
    "I am okay." I smiled whilst he looked over my palms, continuing to dust me off. He looked at me curiously. I stared back captivated by his ghostly blue eyes. His black hair dangled around them. Blinking softly. He looked away smiling before removing his shirt. I couldn't hid the redness on my face as I looked away. The sudden loud sound of ripping cloth scared me, and my wide eyes were quickly set on him again. He had ripped a part of his shirt to a small strip of white cloth. "No. It is not worth ripping your clothes over!" I yelled. He laughed and continued. He reached down and dipped the cloth in the water beside us. He rung it out before tying it onto my knee carefully, making sure not to hurt me. 
    "You are worth more than clothes..." His expression was lonesome as he looked down at my knee. I was concerned until he noticed the silence and helped me down hugging me tightly. "How are you today Amelia?"
    "I am good." I nodded. "How are you Gaven?"
    "My day is wonderful now that I get to see you Amelia." He placed his hands on my shoulders pushing me back so we could meet eye to eye. Eyes that could pierce my heart. A look that could turn anyone to stone if he wished it. I swallowed hard. He changed from a frown to a smile quickly, but he could not hide the sadness in his eyes from me.
    "Let us go to the garden now, Gaven." I took his hand, smiling up at him and hoping that he was ok. We started across the stream but he was too much of a gentleman to let me cross myself. Instead he picked me up and carried me across. We walked along our little path to the garden we planted together. The big tree which once sheltered me from the rain was our only shade from the sun. We slowly stepped under the tree to sit. This tree is what had brought us together. We had found it on the same day at the same time which seemed enough of a coincidence. I was nine when I had gotten lost in the woods and found this tree somehow. Scared, I hid under this tree from the rain and darkness that surrounded. I could hear people searching for me in the distance but I couldn't see anything or feel anything but coldness. They would never have found me, and I could have never found them. Gaven somehow had found me crying and carried me to the edge of the woods. His angelic eyes captivated me then and still do now. Fate had brought us together and since then we had built a garden around this beautiful willow tree where we had first met. Roses of all kinds, because that was our favorite flower. Red, red roses...
    We sat down under the tree, he pulled me against him comfortably. "Amelia, do you like anyone other than me?" He asked. I turned to him to see his expression. Calm and relaxed. Does he think I have anyone else in my heart? I could never...
    "I could ever let anyone else in my heart, Gaven." Even though I was only thirteen, I still dreamed of having a prince to capture me completely, and I realized a while ago that Gaven was my prince. He was almost fifteen. But he was everything I wanted. Strong and mannerly. He was not afraid of anything and I admired him so much.

    "Do you like me?" Gaven says softly as he keeps the same expression. 

    "Of course I like you, dummy!" I laughed a little and laid my head against his shoulder.

    "But Amelia does not like me like I like her." His fingers lingered on my cheeks and left beind a slight blush. "I am growing up fast Amelia."
    "What do you mean?" I looked at him dazzled. He seemed to be holding back a laugh until it finally came through. Something about this was hilarious to him. "Wait! Why are you laughing?" I got embarrassed sitting up on my knees and facing towards him.
    "Its nothing little Amelia." He smiled happily this time. "I want to give you something very special for your birthday.”
    “Really?!” I hugged him tightly, my heart beating fast knowing that Gaven had gotten me anything at all for my birthday. “What did you get me??”
    “You have to wait until it is time for you to go. It is a surprise.” He pinched on my cheek softly. I laughed at his weird behavior. He paused and looked around. His body suddenly tense and his eyes creased as he frowned. 
    “Gaven? Whats wrong?” I asked quickly. 
    He turned back to me quickly hearing my concern, and his smile hid the emotions he had shown before. He picked me up with him and ran out from under the tree, a big grin on his face. I held on tightly to his arms as he twirled me around. I giggled until he sat me back on my feet. 
    “What do you want to do today Amelia?”
    “Hmm... I'm not sure. I wish we had something sweet to eat.” I mumbled. Off in the distance we heard her yelling my name. It was my mother. I looked down at my feet sadly.
    “I guess it will have to wait Amelia.” He took my hand to walk me back. His tone was almost angry, I understand everyone always interrupted us. I felt bad for my mother intruding. I didn't want him to be upset with me.
    “I wish we could stay here forever without others here to bother us.” I said shyly.
    “Someday.” Gaven murmured in annoyance as he lifted me over the brook. I looked at him curiously trying to figure out what he meant. He walked me up the big hill looking distraught. I was sad too that I had to go . Once we got on top of the hill he turned towards me. He hugged me a little longer than usual before letting me go. His eyes met mine and I was almost drawn into his lonely gaze before he started coming closer and closer. I then looked at his lips closing in until they hit my cheek. He drawn away smiling shyly almost.  My face was very hot and I could tell I  was blushing far beyond what he had seen. “Happy birthday Amelia. That is my very first kiss.” He smiled. I stared at him stunned for a moment before I could speak. 
    “T-Thank you! You don't know how much it means to me. I can return my very first kiss as well?!” I asked him.
    “No, not today.” He smiled warmly. “I want you to save it for me until we are older.” I nodded quickly agreeing.
    “I will, I will Gaven.” I assured him.
    “Recognize my kiss as my promise to you, sweet rose.” His voice sounded almost scary and demanding as I got a strange feeling between us. A feeling that pressured me to obey those words. We were interrupted by my mother calling me again. “Go quickly Amelia.” I hugged him again before I left. Running back fast to my house, my face was still flushed from the kiss. My heart fluttered around in my chest happily. Gaven’s promise to me in the future... His kiss.. The words repeated in my mind. I entered the village, never stopping, and I was now out of breath. 
    “Amelia where where you?!” My mother scolded me as she drug me around the houses until we approached ours. 
    “I was in the woods still mother.” I explained.
    “With your imaginary friend? You best be careful. I do not know what I would do if you get lost again.”
    I had no reply to that. They never believed me. We walked up onto the porch. She studied me in the dim light of her candle. “Where did you get this beautiful flower, and what is this on your knee?” She questioned. She bent down and untied the bandage removing it. You could tell she was in shock over the cloth as Gaven's clothes were made of very fine silk, something we could never afford. She felt of it for a moment. 
    “Gaven bandaged my knee for me. I scraped it when I fell down a hill.” She looked at me doubtfully.
    “Your knee is not that bad but it still needs medicine.” She paused. “This Gaven... Who is he? A boy from another village?”
    “A wonderful boy mother. He is very kind and gentle.” I said in a pleading tone as to ask  for her approval. 
    She said nothing after that but instead looked disturbed. We ate dinner as usual, and I was sent to bed. It was a while before dark and I wondered why they sent me to bed so early. I went to my room and opened my curtains so it would not be so dark. There was a new dress laying on my bed. I grinned to myself. My birthday present. I undressed and slipped into my nightgown. I hung my new dress up for tomorrow. I couldnt wait to show it to Gaven. I laid down and thought about Gavens kiss until I was startled by a sound outside of my window. I jumped up and ran to my window looking to see a sudden movement in the treeline. Two small blue eyes flared in the dark. They reminded me of the otherworldy blue eyes that looked into mine everyday. Gaven’s. I looked for a while before shutting my window and curtains. I walked back to my bed and covered up, closing my eyes and falling asleep to the thought of Gaven’s promise to me.

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