Hellena Rose

Hellena Rose is a story about a young woman who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, or quite possibly the right place at the right time. Her and Gaven meet at a young age but due to Gavens royal bloodline he is forced to be separated from her after four years of secretly meeting. During that time am innocent love develops but when they are reunited years later after Amelia's memory is erased will Gaven still be the kind gentle creature that he was before. What is he? He was out of this world. Amelia has no idea what's in store for her.

All characters and the story belong to me. Do not steal my work and claim it as your own for I have worked hard on this series and it is close to my heart. !!! This story is currently undergoing a change in POV so you will find the transitions in there, just ignore them please !!!


4. Remember me


    "Bye Amelia!" Alyssa waved ecstatically as I jumped off of her porch. I waved back smiling. 
    "Bye, I will see you tomorrow." I turned and started the long walk home. My feet hurt from helping Avril in the field. It became a normal thing now. I helped her and she helped me. It was getting dark though and I was a bit scared to walk home alone. I looked around in the darkness before i stopped feeling an eerie chill sweep under my dress and scrape against my arms.
    I looked down the dark dirt road seeing leaves floating across circling round and round then eventually dropping to the ground. It was so quiet. Almost everyone had their lights out. But i started to walk again feeling uncertainty in every step. It was like I could feel the presence of something getting closer and closer behind me. Stalking me. I turned around quickly only to see the shadows growing larger. My heart was panicking. I jerked around and started running now. 
    "Hey!" A man screamed at me. I was startled and tripped over a stick on the ground. "Hey miss are you alright?!" He ran to me quickly. I was okay besides a scrape on my hand that was all.
    "Yes I am okay. The darkness just makes me feel a bit uncomfortable." I replied to him now recognized as Alexander Lauight.  He helped me up onto my feet and I brushed myself off. 
    "You like me to walk you home?" He asked. I nodded quickly looking back behind me. Something had been there... I had felt it. It was so close I could hear it breathing. I thought to myself i might be crazy and then noticed that Alexander was looking at me confused. 
    "Thank you very much..." I said quietly. 
    "Oh no problem, a lady like you shouldn't be walking home alone this late anyways. No telling what could get you. Bears, cougars... Hell even snakes are all over the place out here." We started walking and he continued talking to me. "I heard Alyssa is goint to be blessed with new baby brother?" 

    "Yes. Supposed to be coming in November."
    "That's good. I hope he comes healthy."
    "I think he will turn out just fine." I smiled at him.
    We got a little ways down the road and we were almost  in complete darkness. The moonlight was our only light now. 
    "We got a big nice village here. We are lucky." He said dimly as to change the subject and keep us talking.
    "Yes I do suppo-" A gust of strong wind blew and cut me off. The leaves all flew around us and it seemed like the shadows grew. I was very frightened as the moonlight dimmed. 
    "What is going on with this weather?" Alexander asked quickly and he noticed I was scared. He put his hand on my shoulder as to comfort. 
    "I don't know but it's very frightening."
    The pressure of his hand was gone and it was still and silent.    
    "Alexander come on I want to go home..." I turned around and he was gone.     "Alexander?! This is not funny... Please, stop!" I looked all around before I stepped in something mushy. Looking down to see a thick dark gooey substance had engulfed my shoe almost completely. Splattered in some places but the pool grew around. I felt a presence growing on me again now. The feel of eyes watching me. The shadows grew more leaving me almost in complete darkness and the wind was still, a man stepped out of the trees and into the dim light of the moon. 
    "Lovely weather we are having huh Miss?" He grinned at me and stepped a little closer. "He thinks he can talk to my beautiful girl like that? I can protect you all my own. If I were aiming to hurt you he did a horrible job at keeping you safe." 

     "Where is Alexander?!" I said scared. I backed away from this mysterious figure. 

     "Amelia. I am right am I not? Or do my  memories betray me?" He said with a wicked grin. I could not think. I could not breathe... I could barely move besides my heart pumping vigorusly.

     "Dont come any closer to me!" I turned quickly and ran as fast as I could. I could hear his pace right behind me as his hands hit my back and I stumbled to the ground screaming.

    "Dear, you will wake the village now! Stay calm, darling!" He yelled at me laughing. I was quite a ways from home. He just stood there and I frantically rose to my feet running again.  I was almost to the village. The slight smell of burning wood drifted in the air as smoke rose from the trees ahead of me. An orange glow lit the sky where the village was at, and I was frightened that we were all being attacked. 
    I turned to see where he was or if he was pursuing me, but he was not even there. So i turned back only to run into his stone hard chest. He grabbed me before i could fall down and pulled me up to his face. 
    "It has been a while my beloved girl." He smirked. His face was serious now as he grabbed my arms and retained me against him. "It has been way to long!"
    "Please!" I cried, terrified. "Just do not hurt me... Let me go! Please!" He froze and looked at me closely in a curious manor. He placed his hand on his chest like he was struggling to breath. I found this a time to struggle with him, shaking and thrashing. He could no longer hold me as I shoved him away. He looked straight into my eyes horrifically and gasped in pain. His breathing was frantic as was his movement when he fell to the ground groaning. 
    I ran towards home again my eyes swelling from the tears. I heard him call after me again; "There is nothing left for you there!" He breathed out.  I paid no attention as I quickly ran down the hill to the row of houses. I made my way around dirt street, which was flickering with an orange glow. A glow that sickened me as my eyes were now set upon my home and the flames that had engulfed it.  I fell to my knees distraught. 

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