Hellena Rose

Hellena Rose is a story about a young woman who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, or quite possibly the right place at the right time. Her and Gaven meet at a young age but due to Gavens royal bloodline he is forced to be separated from her after four years of secretly meeting. During that time am innocent love develops but when they are reunited years later after Amelia's memory is erased will Gaven still be the kind gentle creature that he was before. What is he? He was out of this world. Amelia has no idea what's in store for her.

All characters and the story belong to me. Do not steal my work and claim it as your own for I have worked hard on this series and it is close to my heart. !!! This story is currently undergoing a change in POV so you will find the transitions in there, just ignore them please !!!


6. One Last Bite



    I carried a wilted flower. Her hair like lifeless dark petals, dangling as she fell limp in my arms. Her eyes like green anthers that were hidden somewhere in the mess of decaying life. Exhausted, but almost sickeningly beautiful. I laid her upon the bed, placing a kiss upon her beautiful eyelids. 

    "I will have to guard you so carefully. You are more valuable than any earthly possession. Because within you lies my heart and soul." I kissed her forehead, turning to the maid. "Please fetch her something elegant and help her bathe." The maid nodded with an understanding smile and followed my commands. My princess has finally arrived. Everyone in my manor is stirring. Including my assistant. I glanced at the double doors which lead into the large hallway. 

    "Lucifer, you may show yourself." I grinned and seconds later he slammed the door open. 

    "Gaven, what will become of Ember?" He was quick to express his thoughts.

    "I had rejected her before. My heart lies within another. Those arranged promises of my father had nothing to do with how I really felt." I shook my head at Lucifer. He, if anyone, should agree with me. 

    "She has completely devoted herself to you, giving you her blood... All for nothing?" He spat. 

    "All to help me gain the strength to obtain my most precious gem. Come, look." I said proud, he stepped over and I came closer to her as well.. Her human blood was tempting. And the closer I came to her, the harder it was to not think about the warmth radiating from her body. The sweet, rich blood that had fermented for so long just for my tongue to bathe in. I licked across my fangs inside my mouth and my breathing quickened just as I thought of plunging them into her soft neck. I clenched my jaw. 

    "She is quite beautiful, and the smell of her blood is so pure. It is very strange Gaven, why you would find a match in someone so sickeningly sweet..." Lucifer interrupted my thoughts. "It will be hard to defend your choice in front of the your father. She is so fragile." 

    "If my father makes an attempt to remove her from my manor, we will not stand for it." I hissed.

    "I will fight to protect her if she is surely your suitor, my prince."

    "She surely is. I will lift her memory suppression soon. She only sees me as a foul beast. I can not have my beloved slandering me." I ran my fingers loosely through her dark brown hair. 

     "Gaven, that can cause more harm than good. You know this right?" Lucifer said as he looked over at me. "Lifting forgotten memories can be very.. tricky.." 

     "She has no memory at all. She was terrified, though for a moment I was sure she had remembered me." Gaven said, furrowing his brow. 

     "Then let them return on their own. Remember, memory suppression will only stay if she has no contact with her past. They will return slowly. Do not force her to take them all at once." Lucifer said. Gaven was quiet at this and there was a long silence between them. "The blood of her mother was delicious, I am sure it alone will sustain me for days to come unless the opportunity arises." Lucifer said almost as if he were showing off. 

    "The blood of her mother?" Gaven questioned angrily.

    "I could never waste such rich blood. Though it was a bit sweet for my tongue." He stared Gaven straight in the eyes and he turned away, slightly baring his fangs. He took a few breaths, thinking of the blood, of Lucifer's wickedness. He couldn't blame him for being so fiendish.

    "I see, just do not get carried away in thinking of her kin's blood. I can not have you betrayi-"

    "I will never betray you. To protect you and your suitor is why I am here. My intentions are honest." Lucifer interrupted. Gaven nodded, appreciative of his reassurance. The maid returned with a navy victorian gown. Which was an absolute perfect choice. Gaven had been quite improper this whole time in only his white undershirt unbuttoned half way and tucked into his dark grey trousers. Though he suppose this is how he looked most of the time. The maid laid the gown upon the bed and proceeded to shoo us from the bedside. Gaven watched her anxiously as she lifted Amelia from the bed and gave him a comforting smile as she carried her to the bath. It would still be a while before Amelia awoken and Gaven was getting quite thirsty.

    "Lucifer, my throat is nearly itching from thirst. Can I burden you with guarding her while drink?" He asked.

     Lucifer nodded. "I will keep her safe." He said already focused. Gaven chuckled to himself.

    "I am lucky to have such a loyal apprentice." He grinned as he exited my chamber. He could feel anxiety in the air all around as he descended the stairs and entered into the noble loft, where his acquaintances and companions alike were impatiently awaiting his arrival. 

    "Sir!" Gage bowed, as if they did not sense him coming already. 

    "Hello, Gage. Has anything gone astray in my absence?" He asked as he stood up straight. 

    "No my lord, everything gone accordingly." He said and Gaven nodded walking past him making his way to Cadence. She stood, acknowledging his presence. 

    "Cadence, I need to replenish my strength for the upcoming events." I said quietly, giving everyone else a sign that this was not any of their business. Though drinking another's blood is deemed as a thing of romance to most vampires, it is difficult for us to go too long without drinking. The burning itch that makes itself apparent is more than enough torture. Others had their suspicions. And they were correct. Though Cadence and I had shared blood and more on several occasions, my heart was always captured by Amelia. It was purely blood lust that drove me to choose only two specific females from the coven. And the loneliness which they thought the could satisfy only grew more noticeable. Even if I had drained their bodies entirely, and they caressed me so delicately, I would still imagine Amelia's lips instead of their own. Ember and Cadence know that now, after Amelia awakens, I will leave them behind completely. As we enter the small dark chamber that was connected to the loft, I was quick to sink my fangs into her neck this time. And she was quick to clutch my skin. 

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