Hellena Rose

Hellena Rose is a story about a young woman who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, or quite possibly the right place at the right time. Her and Gaven meet at a young age but due to Gavens royal bloodline he is forced to be separated from her after four years of secretly meeting. During that time am innocent love develops but when they are reunited years later after Amelia's memory is erased will Gaven still be the kind gentle creature that he was before. What is he? He was out of this world. Amelia has no idea what's in store for her.

All characters and the story belong to me. Do not steal my work and claim it as your own for I have worked hard on this series and it is close to my heart. !!! This story is currently undergoing a change in POV so you will find the transitions in there, just ignore them please !!!


5. Intruder

I sat there crying in  my hands while people swarmed around me trying to put it out before it could spread. 
    "Where is the family?" I heard men shouting like echos in a cave repeating the words. They were frantic like a roaches decapitated head moving about furiously. 
    "They must have been burnt up in the fire..." A woman cried. "How awful..."
    "They were such nice people." I heard the familiar voice of Mrs.Glinda. She was not far from me but she still did not notice that it was me on the ground.  I stood up and searched for my parents. I searched all over the crowd, people whispering 'I am so very sorry...' as I passed by. But they were nowhere. 
    "Amelia?!" A man ran up to me. I could not recognize him until he was up close wiping the black soot off of his face. "I thought you were dead! Thank the lord!" Michael boasted as he grabbed me and hugged me tightly. 
    "Michael what happened..." I sobbed. 
    "No one knows, just all the sudden someone screamed 'Fire' but it was too late. The whole house was already up in flames."
    "Michael!" I was so shaken up from the man on the road I could hardly get myself together. 

     "Yes?!" He could sense my urgency

     After a minuet of sobbing against him, I realized that I had to force it out.  I startled him after being quiet for so long. "Alexander! There is a man just outside the village!" I struggled to speak from shock. "He killed Alexander Lauight! I am sure he would have killed me too if I had not of run away, and he acts like some creature!" I was shaking so badly and my voice nearly gibberish. 
    "Someone murdered Alexander?!" He looked down at me very concerned. "Well now we know who started the fire." He drug me through the crowd until we reached Thomas Black. "Thomas!" Michael yelled over the crowd. Thomas looked around to spot us rushing over to him. Michael held me against him as I cried still over my parents, my home, and Alexander.
    "Thomas someone outside the village has murdered Alexander Lauight." Michael sounded as if he was ready to go hunt him down himself. 
    "He attempted to kill me too, but I had got away." I announced. 
    "A Killer?! What did the man look like Amelia?" Thomas questioned, his voice raspy. Everyone around us had gathered now, listening. 
    "It was so dark. I could not see, but he had shaggy hair and his skin looked sickly almost. Even paler than mine. He was very strong... And fast! His voice was like a snake! His eyes nearly glowed... He looked like some beast!"
    "Its alright we'll find this devil." Thomas promised. 
    "Where are my parents?!" I pulled away from Michael and looked at Thomas scared. He just shook his head.
    "No one has seen them Ameila." He said as I closed my stinging eyes. I froze, crying silently, gasping for air at the end of each wave of silent tears. Michael pulled me close to him, trying to comfort me but only getting soot on my face. "Take her home Michael. Do not leave her by herself."
    Michael pulled me along side him. Everything was slow and painful, and I could hardly see through my teary eyes. We made it to his house, the sound of the whole village in chaos behind us.

    "I am so scared." I stated. He led me up the steps of his porch and opened the door. I entered his house. It smelled warm and welcoming. Like supper had already been made and people were getting ready to rest.  
    "You just go ahead and rest. Cry it all out for however long you need. If you want solitude that is what you will have..." He paused. "But if you would like company I would be more than pleased to give you that also." He stepped into a room and grabbed a wet cloth giving it to me to wipe my face off with.

    "Are you hungry Amelia?" I shook my head, and he sat down beside me as I laid on the bed. He extended his arm to caress my cheek. I closed my eyes, trying to shut out everything. It grew cold within seconds and my eyes flew open. Michael jumped to pull me in his arms as the small lamp in the room went out. I clutched onto Michael and looked around desperately. "Michael... I am so scared!" Nothing happened for a few seconds before the door to the room slammed shut which caused me to scream.

     The window opened and wind blew in with such a strong force. I screamed again as someone jerked me away from Michael. Their face was covered by black cloth hiding them in the dark of the night. The only thing a saw of the person was their eyes. Moonlight shown bright now, revealing the pale blue eyes that stared into mine longer than I realized. He was prepared to strike me until a sudden calm quieted his anger. The scarf unraveled from his pale face revealing a very handsome man. His hair very shaggy, prince like though it was straight. His eyes otherworldly, a hypnotizing blue that captured me completely. I stared into them until he grinned lopsidedly. But for some reason this gesture was appealing. He looked like an angel. But underneath his glorious facade, he was purely a demon from hell. 

     "Hey, you bastard!" Michael jumped up, but the man just flicked his arm towards Michael and his body slammed against the wall. 

    "Please!!! You can not do this! I beg you!" I pleaded with this creature. 

    "Darling. My dear sweet flower. You let this man caress your tender cheek, then you do not expect me to kill him for touching you so thoughtlessly?!" His voice was filled with reason that only made sense in his own head. 

    "I do not know who you are!!!" I fought, kicking and hitting him as much as I could. Michael was in pain and he was just making grotesque noises. 

    "Oh? For a moment I had thought maybe you recognized me." His eyes were forlorn now as he glared at Michael. "He will die for touching you, my love." His words were of insanity in the highest degree. He pushed me behind him and paced towards Michael, grabbing him by the throat. 

    "Please, If i can only ask one thing of you, kill no one else but me! Take me!" I made a deal with this demon. 

    "No!!! Amelia, do not make such a rash decision like that!" Michael screamed at me but the man gripped his throat tighter. He got eye level with Michael now. 

    "If you ever try to hunt this precious jewel down, I will personally show you hell after I slaughter your whole village before your eyes." The man said, my eyes could not follow him he was so fast. He swooped me up and glared at Michael one last time before exiting the window with me cradled to his chest. I hide my face in my hands, scared. I had saved my village, but what was to become of me?


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