Hellena Rose

Hellena Rose is a story about a young woman who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, or quite possibly the right place at the right time. Her and Gaven meet at a young age but due to Gavens royal bloodline he is forced to be separated from her after four years of secretly meeting. During that time am innocent love develops but when they are reunited years later after Amelia's memory is erased will Gaven still be the kind gentle creature that he was before. What is he? He was out of this world. Amelia has no idea what's in store for her.

All characters and the story belong to me. Do not steal my work and claim it as your own for I have worked hard on this series and it is close to my heart. !!! This story is currently undergoing a change in POV so you will find the transitions in there, just ignore them please !!!


3. Crisis

I finally had reached the worn path on the earth where I had run back and fourth almost every day. I was approaching the hill slowly as I ran further and further into the forrest, and a minuet later I was there. The hill that I always walk over to see Gaven. I looked around not seeing Gaven anywhere. I slowly stepped down the hill. 
    “No!!!” The sudden scream made my heart jump and I fell back scared. I looked towards his voice and saw Gaven retained by and older boy that looked similar to him. 

    I was suddenly lifted into the air and I could not help but to scream before a hand flew over my mouth to quiet me. “What a lovely dress.” A woman laughed sarcastically. “Much fancier than what she usually wears to see you Gaven dear. So this is your little girlfriend?” The woman asked Gaven. I blushed too much at that. The woman sounded too sarcastic to be serious. I could feel my eyes gathering tears. 
    “Stop!” Gaven screamed. 
    “Oh Gaven, surely you do not care about this pitiful girl!” The man retaining him shouted. 
    “Please, let her go!” Gaven's pleas made me more upset and I started to sob. 
    “Aw, she is crying. Brother she is not strong at all.” Now known as Gaven's brother said the harsh words. 
    “Amelia, do not worry, be strong.” Gaven's words comforted me deep in my heart but I was still frightened. 
    “Speak child.” The woman said as she walked around from behind, coming into view. The man released my mouth and held my forehead roughly. Her long black hair was in elegant waves that draped over her shoulders. She looked quite young and very beautiful. 
    “Mother please just leave her! She has done nothing!” Gaven asked struggling against his brother. 
    “She has tainted you.” She said angrily. “What is this??” She walked over to me grabbing my face in her hands examining it. I expected she was looking at the bruise that seemed to draw everyone elses attention. “You have kissed her?!” His mother screamed. 
    "It was me! I am to blame for all of this!" He retorted furiously. I was scared. I had never seen Gaven like this before. 
    "Well dear? What would you like to do?" His mother turned towards whoever was holding me. 
    "I will erase most of her memories of this whole... Affair." His voice was weary. Like he had not slept recently.
    "No! Please I beg of you! I will spend the rest of my life in tourture! Do not erase them please!" Gaven cried. He suddenly started furiously fighting against his brothers hold. 
    "Gaven!" I screamed. "Please..." I said thinking of what was about to happen. Was it true? Would I forget him?
    "She speaks..." The woman commented almost disgusted. 
    "You cannot do this father!" Gaven begged and shook around brutally. 
    "I can do what I please, and I will not have a son that tells me what to do or thinks that he can get away with such things as this." His father had said. Tears seeped from Gaven's eyes. His cries where like knives to my heart. The sun seemed as joyous as ever. But I remembered all the joy I had ever known since I was nine was Gaven's happiness, which was now dissipating in a pile of uncertainty and confusion. 
    "Please, just do not hurt her. I do not want her to live in pain." Gaven surrendered knowing that there was nothing he could do. 
    "That sounds more like my little brother..." His brother picked him up off the ground and turned him around, making him walk in front of him in the opposite direction. I saw Gaven peek around his brothers arm and he looked straight into my eyes and only mouthed the words but it seemed like i knew what he was saying.
    "I love you too!" I screamed. My eyes were covered suddenly by the hands of my restrainer. I gathered as Gaven's father. It grew very cold suddenly. So cold that it burned. I screamed and struggled with him until I finally blacked out from the pain... 

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