Why are you running away? Was it something i did? Is this what you call a family now?

Based on the song a trophy father's trophy son by sleeping with sirens.


1. Why are you running out on us father?

"YOU SAID WE'D BE OKAY! YOU SAID NOT TO LISTEN TO WHAT THEY SAID, BUT THEY WERE RIGHT! WHAT ARE WE NOW?!" my mum screamed, throwing a video tape full of memories at my dad. I catch a glimpse of the tape, seeing it was videotaped when i first started walking. I sob silently into my teddy bear as it hits my dad. "WELL, YOUR CERTAINLY NOT THE GIRL I MARRIED!" my dad screamed, his normally grey eyes red with furry. "BULL SHIT, DAN, BULL SHIT! YOU CHEAT ON ME AND YOU DARE INSULT ME?!" mum screamed, throwing a pillow at him. Crying silently now on the steps, i wonder what mum meaned by cheating. Maybe they were playing a game? But why would she get that mad over that? Its just a game. "I CHEATED ON YOU, BECAUSE YOUR SO DAMN FUCKING CRAZY! YOU KNOW WHAT, I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!" dad yelled, grabbing a duffle bag and heading towards the door. "AND WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING?!" mum yelled, tears rushing down her face. "IM LEAVING, AND IM NOT COMING BACK!!" he screamed, closer to the door now. "SO WHAT, YOUR JUST GOING TO LEAVE ME AND YOUR SIX YEAR OLD SON?!" she yelled, more tears coming down her face and mine. "YOU KNOW WHAT?! FUCK HIM AND YOU! YOUR BOTH FUCKING WORTHLESS!" he screamed, opening the door and slamming it. A minute after he left, my mum dropped to the floor, crying. "Mummy! Mum please dont cry! Daddy is just going to the store! He'll be back in a little bit!" i said, patting my mum's back trying to comfort her. She just starts to sob harder, and hugs me. "Mum, he'll be back. He didnt mean what he said. He was just angry that he cheated and still lost the game."

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