Why are you running away? Was it something i did? Is this what you call a family now?

Based on the song a trophy father's trophy son by sleeping with sirens.


2. 10 years later and screwed up

10 years later

I wake up from the demons screaming inside my head, and i cover my head with my pillow, muffling the sounds a bit. I dont want to wake up. I want to sleep and sleep so then they will go away, and by the time i wake up they'll be gone, mum, me, and my little brother tristen will be rich or at least not poor, maybe dad'll come back, and maybe i wont be so fucked up. I uncover my head, knowing none of these things will ever happen. I get up and throw my black hoodie on and a pair of jeans, not caring what time it was. It could be night, it could be day, either way im going skating. I quickly throw my shoes on and i grab my skateboard and my ipod and headphones, music blasting in my ears as i skate out of my "ghetto" neighbor hood. My name used to be noni renton, but since my dad left my name is now ren stars, or just stars. I have my mum's black hair, my grandpa's pale skin, and my jack ass dad's grey eyes. At school im pretty sure im classified as the kid your supposed to bully, and the poor kid who lives in a ghetto neighborhood and could kill you at any second. I smirk, wishing that was true.   Well, because of the asshole that im forced to be related to, 7 years ago my mum started drinking. 2 years later, while in one of the rare moments where she was sober, she realized achohol wasnt strong enough and started smoking weed and other shit like mushrooms. She started beating the crap out of me then, and sometimes she still does. I let her do it, because one, even if she has changed i wouldnt hurt her, and two, it doesnt matter because ive grown numb to the pain. 5 years ago, she started going out to parties, dating guys more fucking annoying then my father, and they would both beat the crap out of me. But i would fight back to the other guys, and some of them ended up in the hospital. Of course i got sent to juvi for that, my neighbors that hated me, the people at school who hated me, everyone who hated me, when they got called in for questioning, they told the police i was a unstable ticking time bomb that could go off at any second, and that id beat my mother. So i spent my time in juvi for two years, when finally the idiots that we trust our lives with realized that i was harmless, and let me go back home. And when i got back, everything was the same again. 1 year later she got knocked up by some guy with a lot of tatoos, and then she became pregnant of tristen. Now, you'd think that she'd stop her problems? Nope, it just got worst. She started using a needle to inject herself with drugs, started drinking 20 beers a day, and even started selling drugs. So by the time tristen was born, the doctors told us he was going to be mute the rest of his life, and had a rare case of dislexia. So now hes a one year old who sits staring at the wall all day, sometimes forgetting to blink, doesnt cry when hes hungry so we dont know when to feed him, and sometimes needs help to breathe. Thankfully, my mum is sort of changing back for tristen, (she stopped using drugs) and the docters said if tristen had the right surgeries, he'd be almost like a normal kid. Almost. Still lost in my thoughts, i skate right into a pole, and hitting my head hard on the street. I feel blood oozing from my head, and vision starts getting blurry, darker even. Just as im about to pass out, a dark figure looms over me. Great, even if i couldve survived this, im going to get mugged and killed. Well, at least i got to see a last sunrise. And as i feel someone pick me up, i black out, and the demons stop screaming.

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