The mechanic's Daughter [harry styles fanfic]

This isn't your tipical once upon a time cinderella story. this is about Ally Johnson just a normal 19 year old girl. Her mom died when she was only 2 years old it was a huge impact in her life, she only lived her dad who works as a mechanic repairing cars. In Ally's whole life she NEVER had a girly touch she just stuck with dark colors and screamo bands, she works with her dad as a mechanic in her spare time, which led her normal day to a never to forget moment. Who knew one day she had to go help one of the most famous stars ever.


2. Is it normal?


Me and my dad were having a daughter and dad moment. We were eating at IHop, as always i was  eating a big stack of pancakes with some strawberry jam it was like being able to taste heaven, my dad was having some blueberry waffles and a mug of coffee. We kept conversing  about college, i was going to start this fall. I'm excited that i will be going to Yale University my dream college. As me and my dad finished our delicious  breakfast he went to pay, i was left alone in the table until my dad will come back. I looked around and saw families laughing and eating.... Of course they would be eating i mentally face palmed myself. One table cought my attention though, theres 5 boys sitting but whats weird is that they have their sunglasses and hoodies on and I'm 100% sure theres no sun inside and I'm also 1000% sure that its the middle of June and its HOT not cold so theres no need for them to wear sweaters. Their heads spun to face me i quickly looked away hoping they didn't catch me looking at them. "Sorry i took long i passed by the bathrooms on the way" my dad said standing behind me. I smiled "we should get going then we have a long day ahead of us at work" i got up and headed towards the exit my dad being ahead of me. I took a glance back at the 5 mysterious  boys their heads were still facing me, i had a feeling that they were looking at me. I look around nobody was around me, except my dad that would be weird if they were looking at him. I felt kind've nervous though, come on if you find boys that look Like they were about to rob a bank Looking at you, you will also be freaked out. I shrugged it off probably they were just normal boys just more weird than normal. I looked away,i saw my dad holding the door for me "are you coming?" My dad chuckled "huh? uh yeah" i smiled as i left i still felt their eyes glued to me I'm more scared than ever. 
This chapter probably sucks but next chapter would be Harry's POV 


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