The mechanic's Daughter [harry styles fanfic]

This isn't your tipical once upon a time cinderella story. this is about Ally Johnson just a normal 19 year old girl. Her mom died when she was only 2 years old it was a huge impact in her life, she only lived her dad who works as a mechanic repairing cars. In Ally's whole life she NEVER had a girly touch she just stuck with dark colors and screamo bands, she works with her dad as a mechanic in her spare time, which led her normal day to a never to forget moment. Who knew one day she had to go help one of the most famous stars ever.


1. Ally Johnson


"Ally wake up sweetie" my daddy was shaking me trying to wake me up , i slowly opened my eyes revealing my dad smiling with his winning smile. "But  I'm tired daddy" i covered my whole body head to toe with my blanket. "Oh well  i thought you wanted to go to work with me and maybe we could've pass by IHop, ". My ears perked up After he said visiting his work and going to Ihop. I took off my blanket with a huge smile on my face "did you say IHop??" I asked " i sure did but i see that you want to stay in bed all day lo-" i cut him off  "who said i would pass the offer of going to work with you and eating their delicious pancakes " i said while liking my lips and rubbing my belly. He chuckled "i knew you would never say no,well then get ready were leaving in 10 minutes" he smiled and left my room . I swear scientist better work to discover why in the mornings beds are always comfy and warm i cross my heart i can hear my bed begging me to stay with it all day long.I Smiled at my silliness. "Oh ally your so funny" i told my self . I got out of bed and headed to my closet looking what to wear, i ended up taking out a sleeping with sirens T-shirt,a pair of denim skinny jeans, and my black vans. Your probably wondering why do i dress like that for a 19 year old girl, so you won't be curious all the time i will tell you my life, when i was younger i was about 2 years old my mom died in a car accident on her way from work through my years i didn't really have a girly touch with me. I was raised by my dad all my 19 years  i went to work with him most of the times,he works as a mechanic fixing cars if i don't end up going to work with him i will be in my room studying and doing my homework i really care about my grades i want the best for me and my dad. I don't have time for all the boy  and dating nonsense


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