Shot Down

My life was pretty fucking normal -- well, in retrospect anyway -- but that was beside the point. I had my life and everyday went by smoothly, routinely and virtually undisturbed, that was however, until Harry Styles decided to forcefully make his way into it and turn everything to utter shit -- and bliss.


3. Your Move

“What was that?” Liam inquired, leaning against the broom he held as I emerged from the hallway.

“Huh?” I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts that were consumed by the curly haired boy that I almost didn’t hear him. “Oh, uh, some jackass being a jackass.” I shrugged, untying my apron.

Liam’s eyebrow quirked up in question but didn’t comment any further as Lou -- seemingly completely oblivious to everything that went down -- hopped off his spot from the stool and ran over to the front door flipping the sign from open to closed. “Sweet baby Jesus, hallelujah!” He exclaimed ripping his apron off clumsily and tossing it onto the hook.

“You know, you’re lucky we’ve been friends for so long.” Liam said shaking his head in amusement. I let out a soft chuckle knowing exactly what he meant. If it was anyone other than Louis acting the way Louis did, Liam’s dad would have fired them long ago; but you couldn’t help Lou’s personality and when it came down to it he was an efficient worker.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Louis asked, his hands on his hips and pouting like a small child would when denied their favorite treat before dinner. Liam just smiled and ruffled Louis’ already messy hair, putting the broom back into the supply closet. “Whatever.” He mumbled, heading for the back door. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow!” He shouted over his shoulder waving us off as he ran out the back.

“Yeah, right. If he wakes up on time.” I joked, grabbing my keys from behind the counter and placing my apron right next to Louis’.

“One can only hope.” Liam laughed, locking the backdoor after Louis’ departure. “You can go, I’ll close up shop.”

“Alright, my turn to close tomorrow?” I smiled softly, backing up towards the door while shrugging my jacket over my shoulders preparing myself for the brutal cold that awaited my return.

“Yeah.” He said returning my smile and waving goodbye. It had been no secret that Liam had a bit of a school boy crush on me, especially when Louis took every chance he got to poke fun at him for it. And he was cute, don’t get me wrong, but there’s was nothing between us -- at least on my side anyway. It wasn’t something I just ignorantly assumed either, it was a proven fact.

Not too long ago Liam had mustered up enough courage to ask me out, after much of Louis’ nonstop pestering. He had been so bashful and downright adorable that I couldn’t refuse, not to mention I hadn’t actually been on a date for quite some time so when the moment arose I jumped at the chance. The date was nice enough, but like I said, there was nothing between us and it just didn’t feel right. I figured if this had happened when I was fifteen years old and fell for any guy that gave me the time of day then the circumstances would be different; in fact I’m sure the tables would have been turned and I’d be the one pining shamelessly after Liam. I’m sure most girls would be envious of me, because Liam was hot; and to make things better he was sweet, and who wouldn’t love that? Well, me, apparently.

After the date concluded he tried to kiss me, but I butted in and said it wasn’t working -- yanno, pulling that whole ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ card. He was great about it though and said he understood, but the rejected look his face wore told something different and guilt churned in my stomach. Luckily enough though, the next day at work we played it off like nothing happened and even Lou joined in on the act. Now it’s just a distant memory that we all try to pretend never happened.

I hugged my jacket close to my body as I stepped out into the shivering night air, practically running to my car and turning the heat on full blast once I was settled in. I sat at a stoplight for a few minutes, warming up and thinking about that curly haired guy -- Harry, was his name. He had nice eyes, I decided and hair too, though his personality wasn’t too flattering. Oh god, and his lips I --

“Oh, shit.” I said, realizing I was causing a pileup of a few cars behind me while I’d been day dreaming about that jackass. I hit on the gas and mentally cursed at myself for letting my thoughts wander to him again. Determined to get Harry out of my mind I put on the radio and shamelessly jammed out to a Justin Timberlake tune. God damn JT and his insanely catchy songs.


I tossed my keys onto the counter, flinging my jacket onto the chair and kicking my shoes off to the side; who needs a tidy house anyway, this was much easier.

I walked over to my room taking a peak at myself in my mirror. Dear God, did I look like this all day? My hair was a windblown mess, think sex hair except minus the sex and the appeal of sex hair. The collar to my work shirt was messed up, and the buttons were all in the wrong holes. Did I get dressed in the dark or something? I’m lucky my pants were on the right way.

My phone vibrated loudly in my pocket, and I removed my attention away from the mess that was myself to view the message. I’d assumed it was Liam reminding me that I was both opening and closing the shop tomorrow, but oh how wrong I was.

‘hey babe.’

I stared at the text from Harry for a long while, reading the two simple words over and over and over. I thought about not replying but apparently my fingers had other ideas because before I knew it I was typing back a response.

‘fuck off, jackass.’

I hit send and plopped down on my bed, grabbed a hair tie putting my already messy hair into an equally as messy bun. It took Harry a substantial less amount of time to type back a reply than it had me.

‘feisty, i like it’

I glared at the screen before tossing it off to the side, deciding it was best to ignore him before I just got pissed off because I could tell that’s where this conversation would be headed if I continued it. I pushed myself off my bed and headed towards my bathroom, stripping down to take a shower.

After almost passing out in the shower twice, I decided it was best I get out before I do wind up on the floor of my shower in a naked heap. I wrapped my towel tightly around my frame and ran another through my wet locks. Deciding it was the driest it was gonna get, I picked out my pajamas and slid them on effortlessly before plopping back down onto my royal blue duvet covered bed that quite literally felt like a cloud. I caught my phone blinking in the corner of my eye and outstretched my arm reaching for it as it lay just on the other side of the bed. “Ehhhh, c’mere.” I said to the inanimate object, the tips of my fingers barely brushing it. I moaned loudly into my pillow when I realized I’d need to actually move in order to grab it.

I flung my upper half of my body onto the other side of the bed, planting my face into the mattress. I turned my head right and clicked my phone on to reveal a series of messages from Harry.

‘are you like that in bed too? ;)’

‘but you know, I don’t appreciate the name, babe’

‘what is your name?? don’t think I caught it today’

‘it’s understandable though, you were too busy undressing me with your eyes ;)’

I scoffed, staring at the messages. Honestly, who did this kid think he was? I was going to click my phone off when another messaged buzzed through.

‘go out with me tomorrow’

That’s all it said, and it was more like a demand than a question. I smirked to myself, quickly typing back a reply feeling as if I had all the power in the world.


Like always, his reply came faster than the last and the message was simple. Somewhere in the pit of my stomach though, I knew it wasn’t the last of him. As I sent my message I hadn’t realized what I’d done -- little did I know that Harry loved a good game of playing hard to get and I’d just moved the first piece into place.

‘ouch, shot down’


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