Shot Down

My life was pretty fucking normal -- well, in retrospect anyway -- but that was beside the point. I had my life and everyday went by smoothly, routinely and virtually undisturbed, that was however, until Harry Styles decided to forcefully make his way into it and turn everything to utter shit -- and bliss.


4. No Means No

The next morning at the shop went by in a flurry of paper bags, styrofoam cups and dollar bills; how the three of us even managed to hold down shop with the plethora of impatient business customers who were on their journey to work is beyond my comprehension, but we did it and quite well if I said so myself -- not a cup spilled or a cookie crumble out of place.

“That’s it.” Liam began, plopping down next to me, slumping down slowly in the booth as he exhaled. “We need extra help, there’s no way the three of us can run this all week long, especially before and after rush hour.”  He had a valid point, if the days kept up like they were we’d be running ourselves into the ground. We’d always managed on our own before, but the cafe had been gaining more and more popularity recently. People were getting tired of the old, flavorless and outrageously expensive Starbucks menu that they were coming to us -- enjoying the simple yet high quality products we had to offer thanks to Liam’s dad who knew a thing or two about running a successful business. The new influx of customers was great, and the place was profiting, but with all that came a lot of work -- work the three of us couldn’t do on our own. “I’m gonna talk to my dad later and see what he thinks.”

Across from us Louis nodded. “We’ll have to put up that old Help Wanted sign, never thought that’d happen, eh?” I smiled small, when the three of us began working here we were all fresh out of school and picked up the job offer as a quick way to make cash. We’d grown to love the place and our little family, never giving a second thought to expanding.

At that moment my stomach decided to cut in to the conversation. “While you guys talk this over, I do believe it is my lunch break so I’ll be going because if I don’t eat I’ll rage.” I laughed lightly, pushing Liam out of the booth so I could slide out. “I’ll be back in an hour.” I reminded them as I discarded my apron and threw my sweater over my head, before shoving my beanie roughly on top of my mess of hair. I made my way to the front door, deciding on walking to the deli that was just down the street a few blocks.


I was sat in my normal booth, eating my regular order of a turkey sandwich with a glass of Coke Zero. The deli was small, but it was quaint and isolated which is why I supposed I liked it. The walls were painted a pure white, but the age of the place caused the worn paint to chip off in some places. The deli walls were decorated oddly, with random paintings set around the deli in no specific order, leaving some spaces completely bare. None of the seating matched, and table cloths were various giving the whole place a disorderly look. However, despite the unfortunate decor, it was my own special place that not many knew about, giving me the opportunity to claim the small place as mine.

My eyes drifted to the clock on the far end of the wall, indicating that I still had fifteen minutes left in my lunch break before I was due back at the cafe. I looked at my half eaten sandwich, my appetite lost after a news caster on the outdated television screen talked about some brutal murder in unnecessarily excessive detail. I exhaled through my nose as I traced patterns absentmindedly on the tribal table cloth.

A few seconds passed when I felt the presence of another human sliding into the booth opposite me uninvited. I stopped tracing the patterns, lifting my eyes slowly to the person who had invaded my space.

I knew the moment my eyes had landed on those lips who it was and I immediately straightened up in my seat. He wore a black shirt that clung tightly to his upper half, exposing his arm muscles and a few tattoos that adorned his upper arm. A couple chains dangled loosely around his neck and his mop of curly brown hair flew in all different directions. He grinned widely at me, his pearly whites shining and his dimples exposed.

I glared up at him, at a loss for words and utterly confused by his presence, but that problem didn’t last long because he began speaking before I had the chance. “Hey, babe.” He said, still grinning and his green eyes dazzling. It seemed he was waiting for a reply, and when I didn’t return his greeting he continued. “You know, I’m wondering if you’ve got social problems. You can’t seem to keep a conversation going for the life of you, were you not taught the appropriate social skills as a child?” He quirked his head to the side, obviously poking at my buttons to get me to respond.

“What are you doing here?” I inquired, surveying him warily. After all, I’d seen the guy once and things weren’t exactly friendly, so why was he here sitting in front of me? “Did you follow me?” I asked suddenly, looking around at my surroundings. It wasn’t something that was far fetched, because I’ve been to this deli an innumerable amount of times and the customers were always the same and not once had I seen Harry here. Along with the fact not many knew of this hidden gem, and I doubted someone like Harry would either.

“I come here sometimes, is that such a crime?” He stated smoothly, leaning back in the booth and eyeing me with watchful eyes. I felt like believing him, because he could have been here before and I’d just not taken notice, but when a good looking guy like him enters a place like this I would have picked him out in a heartbeat. “What’s your name?” He questioned, attempting to change the subject which he did successfully.

“Does’t matter.” I shrugged, recalling his text messages from last night.

He smirked, knowing that I wouldn’t give him a straight answer. “Ah, it’s probably something awful like Eunice or Gertrude. Am I right? Don’t blame you though, I wouldn’t tell anyone if that was my name either. I knew a Eunice once, had to do seven minutes in heaven with her at a party. She practically sucked my face right o--”

“What do you want?” I snapped, cutting his story time short. He looked at me taken back my rudeness. He composed himself cooly, and leaned forward on the table using his elbows for support.

“Go out with me.” He said simply, looking at my face intently.

“No.” I said, my answer still the same from last night. And with that I pushed myself out of the booth, checking the clock. I’d lost track of time and now had five minutes to get back to the cafe on time. I went to grab my things to toss them out, but Harry beat me to it.

I watched as he swiftly picked up my things and tossed them into the bin. While he did that, I made my way towards the front door, expecting to lose him. I hadn’t even made it out the door before Harry caught up with me. He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. “Go out with me. Tonight.” His grip was tight on my arm and his eyes bore into me, I jerked once but his grip didn’t budge.

“Fuck off, jackass.” I spat, yanking my arm out successfully this time and turning on my heel. I heard his steps next to mine as he followed me down the road.

“Why not?” He asked, furrowing his brows together. By the look on his face I could tell he wasn’t used to rejection, then again he didn’t look like the type to get rejected period.

I stopped abruptly, causing him to bump into me slightly. “You don’t know me, you don’t even know my name. I think first dates need to be on a name to name basis, don’t you think?”

“You won’t tell me your name!” He argued, throwing his hands in the air exasperatedly. “And who said anything about it being a date anyway, sweet heart?” He pointed out to which I grunted in reply, losing my self control little by little. I walked faster knowing I was close enough to the cafe that in a few quick steps I’d be there. He kept up the pace with me, not faltering until I was about to enter. He reached for my arm again, but I pulled it out of his reach before he could get a hold. “Just, listen.” He ran a hand through his curls frustratedly. “Come out with me tonight, s’all I’m aksing.” His face remained emotionless, but his eyes looked pleading.

I grabbed the handle of the glass door, flinging it open and letting the warm air from inside rush out and engulf Harry and I. “No.” I smiled sweetly at him, stepping inside before he could get another word in. I dared to glance back at him to find him looking a little more than just pissed off. And although I’d avoided him again, I knew it was only time before he got me where he wanted.


I watched with a mixture of anger and annoyance as she walked backed into the cafe, debating whether or not I should go in and pursue her. I thought better of it though and turned to my right, heading back to the deli where Niall and Zayn waited.

Here I was chasing after some girl whose name I didn’t even know, some girl who shot me down every time I tried to talk to her -- yet, I was so completely and utterly intrigued by her. Unlike most girls who fawned over my very presence she didn’t even look my way twice, and even my unintentional mood swings didn’t seem to phase her. She wasn’t something I was used to, and I liked that. It was refreshing, you can only fuck the same type of girls so many times before it becomes tedious. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to be declining any fit birds that come my way despite their type. It was just something about this girl, from the moment I saw her, that struck me.

I rounded the corner of the deli, walking across the street and into my black Ranger Rover that both Niall and Zayn waited for me in. I hadn’t even slid into the front seat before they both started. “Ah, so Niall, I do believe you owe me some money.” Zayn said smugly from the passenger seat, reclining backwards satisfaction masking his features.

I heard Niall mumble a few crude words before tossing Zayn up a few bills which he accepted with a smirk. “What’s that for?” I asked, looking for an opening in the busy road.

“Oh, Niall and I had a bet, you see. Niall said you’d fuck the girl senseless within the first five minutes -- you know, as per usual -- but I said she’d be tougher than that, you wouldn’t get off easy this time with just using that smirk.” He said, waving a hand in my direction all too well aware of how simple it was for me to get any female I wanted in to bed. “Anyway, seeing as she practically ran away from you on the sidewalk over there not too long ago and the fact that you’ve not got that smug look on your face that says ‘I just banged a fit chick’ it goes without saying that I’ve won.” He concluded, counting the cash out loud to purposefully piss off Niall.

“Yeah, thanks, Harry. Ya let me down! You dragged us all the way out here to stalk some chick who isn’t given ya the time of day!” I ignored Niall’s comments, fists clenched on the wheel. I wasn’t about to give up, and I was well aware that girl knew it wasn’t the last she’d see of me either. Proving my point I pulled out my phone and sent her a quick text that I knew would tick her off. I smirked to myself, hitting send -- one way or another she was going to be mine.

‘by the way, your ass looked really good in those jeans xx’


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