Assassin Creed 5

one man the assassin his name Ezio goes on an adventure to find the apple of power.


2. The Fire Escape!


When I became awake I saw what evil plan they had for me... I had a rope around my neck and below I was standing on a wooden platform with fire below. "People, we have all come to see the hanging of the assassin known as Ezio," The king announced. "Ezio... Why have you become of this horrid side of yourself...". I didn't answer... I refused to answer... I'll never talk down to him... "Very well then..." Said the king. "Hang him!". In that split second I had a flashback of seeing the bodies of my wife and child, dead and burnt alive... A tear slid down the side of my cheek as a smile spouted on my face. The floor fell and so did I but without the rope. Everyone was astonished! I landed on a safe spot and leapt through the fire. I padded a small flare on my sleeve and dashed out of the village.

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