Assassin Creed 5

one man the assassin his name Ezio goes on an adventure to find the apple of power.


1. The Battle

Mookadite & BlackBulletBomb

I was fighting my way to the castle of Hammlington. My team was by my side every step of the way. It was hard though... There were some close calls as the cannonballs came flying towards me. A couple of guards were in are path, but we were assassins of course so we took them out the silent but deadly way... We split up and I was chosen to go into the throne room. I found a basement below the king's chair and when I went to investigate I heard footsteps behind me. I would have turned around but I was knocked out before I could. But I caught a glimpse of who it was... It was the KING! He must of been hiding with his family. If only I did the same...


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