That one Curly Haired Boy

A Girl named Katerina Veil was having family trouble, Big, family trouble. Her parents have done the unthinkable and she is left practically to die. Will This handsome stranger she bumps into fall in love with her? Will she find out that her father is out to get her? Will her heart break? Will Dadrian come in her life once again, to ruin Katerina? Or will he do something to Harry, to get at Kat?


4. There(s) (Was?) No Way!

    I leaned over him to grab my suitcase and when I had my hands around It I jumped up and began to walk to, well, God knows where. I cant go live with a stranger! I could be killed for all I know! He could be America's Most Wanted and Moved over to England thinking people wouldnt know who he was! Okay, Im freaking myself out. Just then someone Grabbed my arm and i swear.. I must've jumped five feet off the ground. "Please, I insist." I shook my head.The curly Green ( Now that Hes up close i see that its a pretty Greenish-blue) Eyed brown Curly Haired weirdo followed me around for about fifteen Minutes trying to Persuade me to come with him! I finally Gave in and said, ONLY, If I get to know you better. "Whats your name, To start out with?" He Looked over at me holding my suitcase once again. "Harry. Harry Styles." He said. Wow his eyes are stunni- I could Mentally slap myself! He is a stranger! "Well, Harry, Harry Styles... Im Katerina, Katerina Veil to be Exact." I said.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (Harry's POV)                                                                                                                                              Wow. Shes Pretty Stunning If you ask me. I really wish I could get closer to her than what we are- Strangers. "Well, You have a pretty Name." I mentally facepalmed myself. I can do better than this. "Thanks." She said. "Well, Ask away Princess." I told her and she walked around looking slightly up, as if she was looking to the clouds for Questions. She Looked back over at me and I smiled, ready to take on any question she had in store for me to answer. "Well, How Old are you, Harry Styles." I Looked over at her. "Nineteen." I answered. She looked at me and nodded a little, as if she were taking notes on what I was saying, And approved of my answer."Me too. What part of England did you grow up in?"  She asked. "Holmes Chapel." She smiled a pretty little smile that seemed as it could Light up the whole world. I was looking for someone like that for the longest time. It continued on like this for quite a bit, Random questions.  She looked back down at the ground and up. "You know what, Styles, We are gonna get along great." She said and we both Smiled.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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