That one Curly Haired Boy

A Girl named Katerina Veil was having family trouble, Big, family trouble. Her parents have done the unthinkable and she is left practically to die. Will This handsome stranger she bumps into fall in love with her? Will she find out that her father is out to get her? Will her heart break? Will Dadrian come in her life once again, to ruin Katerina? Or will he do something to Harry, to get at Kat?


10. The Perfect Night

                                                                (Harry's POV)

       I haven't really talked to Kat in a while, I wish she would open up a little more, But I need to give her space, Considering her Mum and Dad Up and left her. I just hope it will all work out for her. I got out my keys to open the front door but it was already unlocked. I opened the door and at the same time I heard another close. Is someone else here? I walked around a bit and checked out the place. First I went to Kat's room. I called out her name but got no reply. So I opened the door and saw her sitting on the edge of her bed. "Hi Curly." She said as a tear dripped off her nose onto the floor. "Are you okay? What happened?!" I asked walking, speed walking over to her and took her into a hug. "I-I'm fine." She said wiping off her tears as I let go of her slightly, still my arms around her shoulders. She Forced a slight smile on her face. I took her into another Tight hug that lasted at least two minutes as she Cried a little bit into my shoulder. I pulled her back and Looked at her in the eyes. "What happened." I asked once again as she calmed down a little bit more."I Just, Miss my sister. I told her I would always be there for her. And, And.." She stopped talking.

                                                                   (Kat's POV)

         I stopped and looked at him. He knocked me out of my Flashback, I was Happy he did when I heard him come through the front door. I couldn't of took what Happened next. "And?" He asked. "And Dadrian." I said quietly. I looked up at him. "Will you be okay alone here?" He asked. I shook my head as another tear went down my cheek. He held my chin up and looked at me in the eyes. "I'll stay with you." He said. I Now know, I can trust him. This is not like Dadrian. This is something else. He leaned in a little closer and I closed my eyes, as i felt our Lips brush against one another. Then we shared our first kiss.

           We only Pulled away when we needed to breath. I smiled like crazy. Our first kiss was with so much Passion. He pulled away. "Sorry." He said walking to the door. Right then I Grabbed his wrist and pulled him back and into another Kiss. Our lips moved together like they were made for one another. "I never said I didn't like it." I said as we both shared a smile. We then walked into the Living room with our fingers Intertwined. I kept thinking about the Kiss. It was Just, Just perfect. I wish we would of never stopped. It was the Perfect Moment. We sat on the couch munching on chips and sharing a few more kisses along the night, Watching Movies until four A.M. We fell asleep together.

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