That one Curly Haired Boy

A Girl named Katerina Veil was having family trouble, Big, family trouble. Her parents have done the unthinkable and she is left practically to die. Will This handsome stranger she bumps into fall in love with her? Will she find out that her father is out to get her? Will her heart break? Will Dadrian come in her life once again, to ruin Katerina? Or will he do something to Harry, to get at Kat?


3. The 'not so casual' Stroll

   I ran for a while with my suitcase Bumping up against my side the whole way out of the Neighborhood. I stopped crying and tried to blend in with the rest of the Crowd. I walked with my head down. Stepping over every Crack for a while there, remembering the old tale. 'Step on a crack you'll break your mothers back.' Then I decided to step on every crack i came upon. Then I bumped into someone. I fell back. "Dreadfully Sorry Love." A low, Males Voice said to me. "Let me help you up." He said as I opened my eyes and Looked right into, two glowing, Green Orbs. I looked up at him and grabbed his offered outstretched hand. "Thank you.." I said quietly. He grabbed my suitcase as I grabbed Lily's Teddy. I could feel him stairing at me as I looked at my sisters Teddy between my hands. "Oh, Heres your suitcase.." He said Handing it too me. "Thanks." I said and grabbed it. "Whats wrong.. I mean, If I may ask." He said to me. I shook my head. Damn it Kat, Do not cry right now! I looked up slightly. "Um, Family Problems." I said Sniffling a little bit towards the last word. "Want me to walk you home?" I looked up entirely and felt like as if I was going to burst with tears. "I don't have a-a home.." His face suddenly looked sad, Why would a stranger feel some what sad for a girl who he just met. He grabbed my suitcase from my hands slowly and  gestured for me to walk with him. "W-where are we going..?!" I said as the stranger continued on. He sat at a bench and put the suitcase beside him. "What do you mean Love.. You dont have, a home?" He asked, saying his words carefully and slowly. "No, my Mom left me completely alone this morning with my crazy father who said that if she didnt leave by the next morning we were gonna be killed. She left me...." I said all my words super fast, I didnt expect him to hear me, But Im guessing by the expression on his face that he Heard. And thats when the tears came. "Dont cry. Please.  I will Let you stay over at my House. I wont let anyone Hurt you." He said. WHY?! Im just some stupid stranger he met that has 'family' problems! No, I couldnt do that. I wont. "Sorry, I cant take your offer."

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