That one Curly Haired Boy

A Girl named Katerina Veil was having family trouble, Big, family trouble. Her parents have done the unthinkable and she is left practically to die. Will This handsome stranger she bumps into fall in love with her? Will she find out that her father is out to get her? Will her heart break? Will Dadrian come in her life once again, to ruin Katerina? Or will he do something to Harry, to get at Kat?


15. Niall's trip Back

        I woke up to have Katerina's Head on my shoulder and me having my arms around her Waist. I heard something going on in the other room and I gently pushed her over to get up. I pulled on a pair of Shorts and walked out into the Living room, where I saw Cartoons playing and Lily watching. "Hey Lily." I said rubbing my eyes slightly. She turned her tiny head to look at me. "Hey Curly." She said in her cute little squeaky voice. I chuckled. "Your lots like your sister."  She smiled and nodded as I began to walk towards the kitchen, but paused in the doorway. "You hungry Lil?" Lily Yawned and looked at me. "Sure! And you don't mind if I do call you Curly, do ya?" I chuckled again. "No I don't! How about later, we go to the park?" She jumped up off the couch and ran over to hug me. "Oh my goodness! I would love that! You are really nice, you know that? My parents barely ever did anything with me. Besides taking me to, school. Ugh. But your cool!" She smiled and jumped up and down. Then we both walked into the Kitchen entirely to make breakfast.

                                                          (Kat's POV)

        I woke up to find no sign of Harry. I got up and walked out of the room. "Harry?" I called out, but got no reply. Only the sound of Lily's Laughter. I thought to myself that she might be making a mess somewhere in the house. I continued down the hallway and Glanced around for her. Where could she be? I then looked towards the kitchen and walked towards it. I saw the cutest thing, ever. Lily was sitting on the counter while Harry was singing quietly and making pancakes. Then he turned his head towards her and said. "And you know what? Your an adorable little Cupcake!" He said then picking her up and running around the kitchen with her in his arms. She giggled uncontrollably and I chuckled. Harry looked up at me with a smile. "And Hello Sleeping Beauty! Good morning. How was your rest?" He asked after he put her on the ground and she ran into the Living room to watch the Tv. "Good. Your just, adorable with her. She simply adores you." He smiled and walked towards me hugging me. "And I adore her. She's a lovely kid to be around! I see why you love her so much. Me and my sister Gemma have a pretty cool relationship. But we are no where close to the bond you both share." That made me smile.

          Harry and I cleaned up the mess from the pancakes and I Handed Lyllian a plate of them. When we were finished I cought Harry stairing at me. I questioned. "What?" He smiled and said."You look hot in my T-shirt." I giggled. "Thank you Harry." He nodded and walked over and kissed my forehead before sitting at the Table to eat his Pancakes. I walked passed him and ran my fingers through his hair before exiting. I went back to my room and took a quick shower. I came out of the bathroom located in my room and Pulled my towel that was on my bed on me. I then went to my closet to pull out something to wear for today. I just decided to wear a pink Crop top that said Love on it in Cursive along with a pair of white shorts along with My new pink Vans. I curled my hair and added some Makeup. The natural as always. You wont ever see me have crazy colored makeup on my face, unless its Halloween. I walked out and saw My little sister with Harry watching some random Program on Tv.

             I grabbed fo my phone that was on the arm rest of the couch and looked at my Missed Messages. Niall? Seven from Niall. Me and Him are good friends, but he moved away from the school we both attended. I sat down next to Harry and read his Texts.

Niall(:P):Hey! I'm back in town! Where r u staying @? We need to catch up soon...

Niall(:P):Hey I hope u answer bc I need t find out b4 i gtg! :(

  Niall(:P): Kat Plz! I need u 2 tlk 2 my new gf Nova! She cant w8 to c u. Hurry & txt bk.

                And, well, the list goes on. I locked my phone and put it in my lap. "Lily?" I looked at her on the sofa on the opposite side, watching the Telly. She kept her eyes glued to it but answered. "Yeah.." Do you wanna go see Niall?" I asked her. "Oh Boy! Do I!? Of course! I will go get dressed." And she jumped up off the couch and ran to My, or could I call it hers? Her bedroom to change. I smiled and Looked over at Harry. "Who is this 'Niall'.. ?" I forgot I hadn't told him. "He is a good friend of mine. I would like you to go with me, if you'd like. He's pretty cool. And he is Irish." He nodded, More to himself than to me. "Okay. he said and got up to go get dressed properly.

                  When he came out he was wearing Grey Skinny's and a plain black Tee, along with Converse. I smiled as I saw Lily come out in a cute little Floral Dress with a white pair of Flip-flops. I fixed her hair really quick and put it up in another Ponytail. I grabbed my phone and called him. One ring.. Two rings and he Answered. "Hello! How're you Kat?!" I laughed a little bit. "God, it's really great to spak with you! And I am doing good." "Cool. Where are you at? What are you close to?" He asked and I looked around. "Just, meet us at Our school." There was a long pause. "Hello? Niall?" I asked, unsure if he was still on the line. He sighed. "Yeah, It just brings back bad memories. Hell, even the Damn Parking Lot..." He said. "Yeah, I know Niall. I am pulling into the lot now. I'll see ya." "Okay.." He said and we hung up. We pulled up to the school and I saw a Volkswagen sitting near the gate as soon as you pull in.There was a Gorgeous Woman with brown curly hair, at least down to her shoulders. Whe we got closer and I pointed out that that was them I looked at the girl thats name had to be 'Nova'. She Had green eyes, Just like Harry. We had all got out of the Audi and Greeted them. Nova Looked at me for a while, then Back at Niall. This Girl resembled Harry, Alot...

                  "Niall!" I was greeted with him running and hugging me. I laughed as he lifted me in the air and swung me around. "How are you princess! Oh my god! You look so much different!" I laughed, "Not by much.." Niall looked back over at Harry. "Who is this Kat?" "Oh, this is um, Harry." Then Harry Completed my Scentence for me. "Her Boyfriend." Niall nodded and they Shook hands. Lily got out of the car and ran towards Niall. "Niallie!" She screamed and He said "Princess! How are you princess number Two?!" She giggled. "I'm doing good!" "Thats good Pumpkin."Niall said and looked back at Harry, then at me. Harry put a shoulder around me and Nova stood silently with her hands together, smiling slightly. "Oh! This is Nova. My new girlfriend." Niall said. "Hi. I'm, Haha, well, Nova.." Then she shot a look at Harry. It looked Vicious. Do they Know each other? Have they Dated once before...?

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