That one Curly Haired Boy

A Girl named Katerina Veil was having family trouble, Big, family trouble. Her parents have done the unthinkable and she is left practically to die. Will This handsome stranger she bumps into fall in love with her? Will she find out that her father is out to get her? Will her heart break? Will Dadrian come in her life once again, to ruin Katerina? Or will he do something to Harry, to get at Kat?


16. Dinner with Nova

              Niall was being his normal self and rambling on about random things, while me and Harry were, kinda having a conversation with our eyes. Niall had moved me towards him and away from Harry, and he now had his arm around me. Talking about how good of a friend I am and how when we were in school, we used to get bullied... Thats when I really started tuning in. "Yeah.." I said. They all looked over at me. "And, Outside of school, Her ex boyfriend did some horrible things to her." I began to nod and I said. "Niall saved me. Even since then we kinda, kept in touch. He's My best friend. I could never forget how he stood up to Dadrian.." My last word was like a faint whisper. Like I was Fading away. Nova looked at me, surprisingly and said. "No man, should ever hurt a woman. Physically or Mentally." Once Niall took his arm off my shoulder Harry walked over to hug me. I could never even think that Harry could hurt me. He was perfect. When we were out of a hug Niall turned towards me. "Would you al like to go to dinner with us?" I looked at Harry, I could tell he was not comfortable being here. And then I shot a glance to Nova. "Maybe.. I think I might be coming down with something, to be honest. I shouldn't even be close to you guys." Niall Sighed a little.

                Niall gave Lily a hug, while he strapped her into the backseat for us. Then walked over to my side to give me a hug. Then he whispered in my ear. "You don't like her, do you?" I shook my head No, "What makes you think I don't like her?" '"You keep looking at her like she killed your beloved dog."  I laughed a little. "Nah, shes cool. I like you two together, Your cute." Harry sat down in the drivers seat and smiled his cheeky grin as Niall backed out of the hug.

                                                               (Harry's POV)

                   Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. I knew her. I definately knew her. She is my sister. I thought I would never see my family again. They all hated me anyways. They knew they didn't care about me. I just, don't understand why SHE was giving me the evil looks. I think Kat's caught on, I think the reason we started to leave so quickly is so she could ask me about her, or if I knew her.

                    When all of us were inside the cars, Nova jumped out and raced to Kat's door. Kat rolled down the window and Nova said. "Gee, Sorry! I forgot to give you my Number. Tomorrow, If you feel better, why don't we meet up and go out to eat? Just us girls." She looked up at me when she said her last line. They exchanged phones as they put their numbers in them. They smiled and exchanged a hug, and Nova left as Kat Rolled up her window. It was totally quiet the whole car ride back to the flat, Lily Passed out so you every so often heard a tiny snore. I ended up carrying Lily inside while Kat opened up the door with her Spare of the Keys. I walked to the back of the flat, and had a bit of trouble opening the door, but I managed. Then I put her down on the unmade bed and covered her up. When I began traveling down the Hallway I saw Kat's Head peek around the corner. "Harry." "Yeah?" I asked almost Immediately. "Do you, Know Nova? Is she one of your Exes I don't know about. Did you break up with her? I mean, it looked like you really hurt her. I'm not saying you did, but I mean, Did you ever, have anything with her? Or did she just not like yo-"  "No!" I laughed a little bit. "Nova is my Sister. I forgot to tell you I had any siblings. I have another sister, too. Her names Gemma.

                   "Oh.." Her face was Pink with Embarrassment. "Also, Our family had a arguement.. Thats why I moved out and away from them." She looked sad, yet interested. "What caused the arguement?" she Questioned. "My last girlfriend." I answered as I sat down on the leather recliner. "Oh.. You must've really loved her Harry." "I did, I won't deny it. But it turns out she was just using me. Like my parents said. They said she was just using me for my cash. They were right. I was her own walking bank. I moved away, with her, cause I didn't want to believe them. and that started a thing with me and my sisters.."

                     "But, I learned from my mistake. And, I love you more than I love, anything in the world." I smiled at her. "I love you more than, Life itself." She smiled and I got up and sat on the sofa with her. I embraced her in a hug and I kissed her soft lips I've been Yearning to kiss all day. When I pulled away I kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear. "Don't let me go." She smiled and pulled away to look me in the eyes. "Never in a Million Years." And we shared another kiss. Then her Phone rang, and she pulled away to answer it.

                                                   (Kat's POV)

                       "Hello.." I said, I didn't read the caller ID, so I had no clue who it was. I was quite Irritated, and By this point, I was about to hang up to rejoin lips with Harry. "Hey! Its Nova. I know, I asked if you could come tomorrow night, but why not tonight? Niall went out to a Bar, Why don't you get Harry to go with him?" I looked at harry and covered the mouthpiece. "It's Your sister. She wants to know if you wanna join Niall at one of the bars around here and I go out with her to, eat something." Harry shook his head no. "Lily's here. we can't just up and leave her..." He sighed. "I dunno Nova." I said after I uncovered the mouthpiece. "You have to! I'm not taking no for a answer!" Nova replied. "We have Lily, we can't Leave her here alone." There was a pause. "Then get Harry to watch her." She suggested. "No, I want Harry to go with us, if were going anywhere." He smiled and put his arm around my shoulder. I kinda think he was trying to listen at this point in time. "What? No! He isn't a girl. Haha!" I smiled slightly. "I know he isn't, And If he can't go, I can't go. Sorry." I was about to hang up but I heard her scream No, So I put it back up to my ear. "One of my cousins live around here! She will watch Lily, I will tell her to meet me at the Hotel we are staying at. Sound like a deal?" She asked, desprately. "Okay, deal." I said as I hung up. A few seconds later I was texted where she was staying.

                     "I didn't know I had any cousins around here.." Harry said. "Well, apparently you do." He smiled and leaned in to kiss me again. we kinda, teased each other, brushing our lips against each other.Until he licked my lips. I opened my mouth and took in his tongue. I loved the taste of him, I just couldn't get enough. Lily walked in and we pulled back, looking over at her. "Good evening Lily." I said, trying to break the awkward silence. "We are going to take you to stay with Nova's Cousin for a little bit tonight, okay?" I looked at her, for any signs of approval. She shrugged. "Okay." I smiled. "Good, We only have a little bit of time, so why don't we get going?"

                       Once we were back in the car, and all strapped up, I pulled out my phone and told Harry the Directions. "Okay! We are here." I declared as soon as we parked. We all got out and walked up to the hotel room with an Eleven on it.Harry Knocked and It was opened by a Older lady, maybe twenty-seven. She had long straight brown hair and Light brown eyes to match them. "Hi, I am Eva, And you, must be Lily! Your adorable." She said as she took her in. "Just a second! I heard someone say, that Must've been Nova. Nova walked out with a white top with a little white shirt that went to her Knees. She had on a cute white floral headband on with it, As I was still in the same as earlier, along with everyone else."Bye Harry! Bye Kat!" I heard Lily scream. We both screamed back "Bye!" At the same time.

                        We got back in the car and followed behind Nova in her Volkswagen. when we arrived it was a nice little restaraunt that I couldn't really, pronounce the name of too well. Me and Harry walked in, hand in hand.Nova sat us down in one of the booths and she picked up the Menu Immediately. "Hmmm. What do you think about getting Kat?" She asked from the other side of the booth. "Umm. Maybe a salad." I said. She looked at me for a bit longer. "Im going to get a Ceasar salad too." She smiled. Then the waiter came up to take our orders. Harry said he wanted steak with fries. and she asked for a drink. I said water, Nova said Iced Tea, and Harry chose Sprite. "How long have you both known each other?" she asked us. "Umm, about.. Three weeks? A month?" I practically asked Harry. He nodded his head. "Its been Three weeks and four days." Nova laughed." You kept count Harry?" She asked. "Of course I did." He said as The drinks arrived. He took a swig of his Sprite. I just looked at my water and I felt a hand on my Knee, which was rising higher. I looked over at Harry, who Had a smirk on his face. I smiled and I heard Nova ask. "How long have you and Niall known each other?" She questioned. Looking at the Desserts. Harry's Hand was high up my thigh and he touched me and I must've let out a squeal, because Nova's face was no longer in the menu. "You okay there?" She asked. "Yeah.. Im fine." Harry let out a quiet laugh. Harry was playing a game, Well two can play at that...

                        When our food arrived, I barely touched my Salad. I wasn't very hungry. All I really wanted to do was get back at Harry. I took my fork and purposely dropped it in Harry's lap. "Oops.." I reached down for it and grabbed him and played around for a few seconds with it, before actually grabbing my fork. Harry Looked totally pleased and turned on. His face was full of lust, and he looked at me with his gorgeous green eyes. I laughed by the way he looked. Nova looked at us again. "Whats so funny.. Is there something wrong with my hair? Do I look bad?" "No! No. One of the waiters just did something funny.." I said, glancing back over at Harry when she Took a sip of her Tea. Hell, I was turned on just by seeing him Turned on..

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