That one Curly Haired Boy

A Girl named Katerina Veil was having family trouble, Big, family trouble. Her parents have done the unthinkable and she is left practically to die. Will This handsome stranger she bumps into fall in love with her? Will she find out that her father is out to get her? Will her heart break? Will Dadrian come in her life once again, to ruin Katerina? Or will he do something to Harry, to get at Kat?


19. A/N

Hey! I know I haven't updated for like, six months. I'm really sorry, you have literally no idea. I have been wanting to update forever but whenever I've got the chance I totally forget, and I don't do it. God I feel horrible. Well, I'll be updating in the next 15 hours! Promise!! (I know I said that like seven months ago to someone but I literally just couldn't, Sorry love.) Also, I just read this whole thing to know what the hell I even wrote about, and honestly, I feel like it's horrible... So when I get the time I'm going to update chapter by chapter. Plus More details, an make each one longer. Xoxo, Adree. BYE P!NK FLAM!NGOS.

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