the truth behind Niall Horan

this story takes place in mullingar,ireland. now,i bet all of the one direction fans are going, "OMG isn't that niall's hometown" well it is but this is where the truth comes out. be prepared because what you're about to see is pretty shocking...


1. the plan



                                                                          Allison's POV

            ''look, lets get right to the chase,boy'' i said,'' i'm not here to come on a stupid mission,and leave empty handed!'' "i know,i know, mam'' ''but this is only for his good, hes too young, we dont want him to get hurt!'' the manager/producer said ''thats why we're payin' u, we'll discuss this later but now we have to get u ready for the premiere!!'' she scooted me to this room full of make up and clothes (stuff that not even lady gaga would wear!) and sat me on a chair. she typed something into her phone and seconds later, a whole freakin' mob of professional make up artists and designers came rushing in! the make up artist asked me a bunch of questions about my fav colors and stuff. ''dont worry, this is going to look perfect with that peach colored sundress!'' she yelled out. the dress wasnt so bad, it was actually really cute! we finished and she handed me a mirror. ''WOW!'' i exclaimed. i really did look good! she quickly passed me to the hair station where a guy was waiting. his age wasn't important because i was on a job not a boyfriend hunt! he put my hair into a classic bun to not overdo it and a little braid going towards the back. it was cool. not my style but its ok. 

           i changed into the dress trying not to mess up my hair and ran out of the room. i got into a limo and headed towards an amphitheater. On my way there i had been practicing my irish accent, i think ive finally mastered it! i was supossed to be this new irish actor/model and try to get this 20 blonde boy to like me. the point was to take care of him for a while then let him go. 


  we ended the premere of This Is Us and headed towards the after party. I noticed the boy from,what seemed like a mile away, and noticed he was looking at me with a smile! man, this guy's smile lights up the whole world!he slowly walked over to me, leaving his friends behind. ''hello, im niall what your name'' he asked ''Allison,nice to meet you niall!'' he invited me to the bar where we drank ALOT!! next thing i know im laying in bed naked with familiar blonde set of hair next to mine. 

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