the truth behind Niall Horan

this story takes place in mullingar,ireland. now,i bet all of the one direction fans are going, "OMG isn't that niall's hometown" well it is but this is where the truth comes out. be prepared because what you're about to see is pretty shocking...



                                                                   Allison's POV

     i stretched out trying not to wake up niall. he quickly opened his gorgeous blue eyes and saw me awake. ''good morning, beautiful!'' he said with a smile and a deep morning voice. ''good morning!'' i said forgetting my Irish accent 'shit!!' i thought ' i blew my cover!' he noticed my facial expression and said '' i know you're not Irish babe, when we,u know, u were making allot of 'noise' and u kept screaming 'NIALL!' in your normal voice and that's when i knew..'' ''oh..'' i said  

                                                                   Niall's POV

''um.. Allison, there's something u should know.'' i said in a serious tone ''what?'' she asked ''well, last night, u took my virginity.'' i said slowly so she'd understand. ''oh my god Niall, im so sorry! i didn't mean to! im so stupid, i shouldn't have done that!!'' she said ''it's ok, i just hope i picked the right person to lose it to.'' ''don't worry i wont let u down Niall!'' she said sweetly. i smiled and asked her if she wanted to go get breakfast. she said yeah and i let her borrow some sweats and one of my shirts. as she got dressed, she noticed i was looking at her, biting my lip loosely.            " what?!'' she said embarrassed. i walked up to her and said ''u know what i find a MAJOR turn on?'' ''what'' ''you and your gorgeous body'' i said as i hugged her from behind. ''well u know what I find a MAJOR turn on?'' she said ''what babe?'' i honestly didnt know ''you're beautiful eyes, fit body, and  you're braces.'' ''my braces?'' '' i don't know either i just love them.'' she said


                                                                     Harry's POV     

 i woke up remembering what i heard last night. lots of moaning and grunts comming from niall's room next door! not even my girls moan that loud anymore! those moans sounded familiar though, any ways, i just hope niall lost hi v card to the right girl. i changed quickly and walked into the kitchen. only to find high school memories flowing back to me. 

        *flashback* "hi babe i said as i walked up to her and hugged her. "hi harry!'' Allison said kind of sadly. ''whats wrong babe'' i asked her. ''harry we cant be together'' ''what why not!'' ''i got a job, which means i have to move away for a while'' ''no, no, no, babe don't go please stay here with me!!'' i was on the verge of tears now and so was she. ''goodbye ,harry'' and she just walked away without a word and i never saw her again. after that i started to pursue music. that's how i got into 1D. *flashback over*

                                                                     authors note!!

i bet u weren't expecting that huh! hope u liked it ill try to update it every day!! i will, i swear! comment and like and fave this!! tell your friends!!

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