the truth behind Niall Horan

this story takes place in mullingar,ireland. now,i bet all of the one direction fans are going, "OMG isn't that niall's hometown" well it is but this is where the truth comes out. be prepared because what you're about to see is pretty shocking...


7. meeting the girls

                                                                          Allison POV

i woke up with a sticky note on my head. it said, Harry: im sorry im not there to say goodmorning to you most after yesterday. i had to go record our new album! i miss u! love you!,i laughed at harry's cheekiness! he is so cute! just then i got a text. 

    Lou: hey Alli-gator! i probably just woke u up but oh well! im just going to remind u that u have to get ready! the girls are going to come any second! x

    i texted him back.

Alli: thanks for the reminder lou. i forgot! ill get ready now!


lou: k alli! 

                            i got up and got in the shower. i got a white crop top and a white skirt. i put my hair in a pony tail and curled it. i applied my usual make up and walked out the room. i turned on the tv and the first thing that was on was E! news. i watched as they soon showed harry's face along with the rest of the boys in their studio. ''so,boys whats new?'' the guy asked them. liam was the first to answer. ''well, we're working on our new album, Midnight Memories!'' he said the show quickly finished. sooner or later there was someone at the door. the girls!

            i oppened the door to 4 girls with wide grins on their face. all except one.. she seemed familiar. i let them in. ''Hi!'' lexi said she had violet hair and blue eyes. ''hi!'' i said  ''hi!'' nixie said she had light brown hair and brown eyes. ''hello!''maddison said she was blonde had green eyes and was very polite! ''hi...'' armine said last. ''wait a second i know u from some where!'' i said  ''yeah, u caught me with Niall the other day remember?'' she said with guilt in her eyes. ''its ok im over it. im fine.'' i said. ''oh, ok'' she replied. 

                                              we spent the rest of the day laughing and talking. and when the boys came home it only got  better! sooner or later we were all drunk making out with our boyfriends on the couch! best night ever!

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