the truth behind Niall Horan

this story takes place in mullingar,ireland. now,i bet all of the one direction fans are going, "OMG isn't that niall's hometown" well it is but this is where the truth comes out. be prepared because what you're about to see is pretty shocking...


3. harry!.....hi..

                                                                        harry"s POV

''all- alli-Allison'' i finally stuttered out.  ''oh,Harry! ....hi..'' she said scocked of my precesnse ''what are u doing here'' we both asked ''i met niall yesterday and well, he let me stay!'' she said ''what are u doing here Haz..'' she asked she would always call me that in high school. ''i'm in the band with Niall and the boys remember.'' ''oh, right!'' we finished our convo with small talk and the rest of the boys came out. ''goodmorning'' they all said tiredly. they started a coversation with niall.

                                                                       Louis' POV

''wow niall, that was quite a show you put on yesterday!'' i said mischievously ''sorry, didnt mean to.'' he said with his mouth full of food. ''wow..'' was all the rest of the boys said. not harry though he didnt seem too happy and cheeky today... something was wrong. ''harry, whats wrong?'' i asked him after every one left us alone. ''you really wanna know.'' ''of course i do!''  ''well, when i saw Allison, all my high school memories started flowing back to me.... me and Allison used to date and i thought i was over her.. but im not.'' he said ''sorry mate'' i said sincerely. he knew i've been through this before. it was with Eleanor. i had broken up with her because we had no time for a relationship. i thought i was over her too , but after Zayn broke up with Perrie for Eleanor, eleanor accepted thats when i realised i wasnt. now, i'm single and ready to mingle!   

                                                                     Allison's POV

that was a very uncomfortable breakfast. im over Harry, but after seeing him today i just wanted to run back into his arms and never let go. i wanted to take back all the words i said and start over again as friends. so i will. i ran up to harry's room and after a while he opened the door. the second he opened the door wide enough for me to come through i ran and hugged him. ''i've missed u Harry.'' i said ''i've missed u too.'' he said back ''can we start over as friends this time.'' i said after a while of hugging. ''sure i'd love to!'' he said with his usual wide grin. i grinned too! he was such a sweet guy he deserves the best. 


he seemed so happy!

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