the truth behind Niall Horan

this story takes place in mullingar,ireland. now,i bet all of the one direction fans are going, "OMG isn't that niall's hometown" well it is but this is where the truth comes out. be prepared because what you're about to see is pretty shocking...


6. drama

                                                                       Allison's POV

we quickly drifted off to sleep. i soon woke up to yelling and noise from outside. i checked my phone too see what time it is. 2:00 am. i got out of bed and put on some of harry's clothes. before i could open the door i heard harry's voice. ''niall, u better back off of Allison, u hurt her and i bet she doesnt want to talk to u ever again!'' i heard him yell ''shut the fuck up harry, u dont know how she feels!'' niall screamed ''i dont care if i cant have her just as long as you're far away from her im fine!'' ''i'll make sure u dont get anywhere near her, even if it means my life! I love her! i'll love her like you never did and never could!'' harry spat out  ''that's it.'' niall growled i couldnt take it anymore. i oppened the door to find a bloody nosed harry lying on the floor and a satisfied niall in front of him. ''ENOUGH!!!!'' me and liam yelled at the same time  ''i've had enough of this stupidness all because of me! if u are willing to ruin your friendship all because of me then so be it!'' i spat out. they all looked at me as if they were surprised even though they knew it was bound to happen. i walked over to harry, avoiding niall's glance. ''harry, lets get you cleaned up in OUR room'' i winked at him. he got the idea and went along. ''okay babe.'' he said while pecking me on the lips. that drove Niall wild!

              we walked into the room and harry spoke up ''that was brilliant Allison!'' he said with a grin on his face. ''thanks! now lets get u cleaned up!'' i said ''k'' was all he said i flushed out his nose in the sink and we layed down and went to sleep again.

                                                           author's note!!

sorry my chapters are so short! im new and im not sure how to work this out... sorry. and sorry for bad updating! i have migranes and when its hot (which is everyday in Palmdale) they act up! i have to take a long nap for it to go away! tommorow i will add the new girls in! i got them all and im happy with my choices! sorry if u didnt get picked! please like and fave this story!

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