The Bradford Exchange - A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Aliza Francis has been chosen to go to Bradford for the student exchange program, she also finds out her host family is the Malik’s!
Zayn are Aliza were childhood best friends , they used to be inseparable, they used to share secrets , basically do everything together,
But what happens when they don’t stay in contact for a year..
what will happen when Aliza goes to Bradford for the Student Exchange Program?
Will Zayn be surprised? Or very surprised? …
Are they still close childhood friends? .. or have things have changed?


10. Where You Are


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Ali's P.O.V

“So how’d you day go?” Aunty asks, handing me a medium bowl with some yummy spaghetti, vegetarian style.

“Pretty well, I guess.” I say cheerfully, taking the bowl from her and start to dig in.

“That’s good. Hold on a sec. Zayn and Waliyha get down here and have something before I make you guys!” She shouted.

“Okay so where was I? Oh yeah so did you make any friends?”

“Well yea this girl Danielle, and a few of her friends, they seem nice.”

“That sounds great.”

“Yerr.” I start to twirl my fork around the bowl.

I hear footsteps coming downstairs, the person seemed to be behind me, and before I know it, they were resting their chin on my shoulder.

“Boo” he shouted in my ear. “What’s for dinner?”  He asked in his husky deep voice.

My heart starts beating a bit faster, are you freaking serious? Why does he have to make me feel like this?
“Um were having spaghetti”

“Oh yum.” He then takes a strand of my spaghetti and starts eating it.  I elbow Zayn and give him a irritated look.

“Owww Ali!”

“That’s what you get for eating that spaghetti piece! “


“Now now ZayLi, both of you guys stop.” Aunty Tricia says.

I blush at the nickname Aunty Tricia just used. I haven’t heard this nickname for ages. I look at my right hand’s index ring, I’d gotten it as a gift when I was leaving Bradford , Zayn gave it to me, it had “ZayLi” engraved on it.

“Aww Ali. Why are you blushing?” , Waliyha says out of nowhere.

Waliyhaa I’m going to kill you! My conscience said.

“Ooh ooh Ali’s blushing. You look cute Ali.” Zayn said in his obvious teasing tone, while he heads to a seat in front of me, unaware that his mum just used “Our” nickname.

I then finishing the rest of the cold spaghetti a bit faster, and I was done.

“I’m done.” I head to the sink and put my bowl in the sink.

“Why don’t you have some more Ali?”

“Nah I’m full Aunty.”

“Can you stay Ali? So we can all have a mini get together.” Zayn asked.

“Um sorry I can’t got some major homework to do.”

“Really? For what subject?” Zayn asked curiously.

Um… I tried thinking of one but Zayn and I are in the same class in everything! Urgh great, wait, holds on a sec were not in the same class for physical education.

“P.E.” I answered.

“Oh ok, then.” He said awkwardly.

I head upstairs and first thing I do is check my phone. Oh yay! So many messages! I reply back to all of them and then I check my twitter.

@Missklairx : @Jaystralia where da hell are you?
@JremyOFM : @Jaystralia tim tam buddy where are you?

@LarissaErica Aliiiiiiiiiiiii where are you? I miss you! Have you gotten Kat a British boyfriend? ;P

@JordansBlah @jaystralia hey Aliii , call me when you see this.. Urgent talk. Oh P.S  I miss you.. ;) lol  xx

I decide to go on my laptop to see if Jordan was on Skype, must be important he never uses twitter unless it’s to message me, because I’m like addicted  to twitter.

I logon and yay! Jordan is on. Before I know it I get a video call request, I accept it. I make sure my hair and face is fine. Who am I kidding? Who da hell cares? He won’t judge me. Would he? Eh.

Soon I was connected and there’s Jordan, in his maroon singlet and his amazing slick black hair, I can  easily talk to him and it looked like he just came back from surfing, that lucky person.


“how are you?”
“Cut the formality man, but anyways yerr I’m good. What about you?”

“Yea I’m good, just caught a cold, I think.” He then sneezes.

“You idiot! You shouldn’t have gone surfing! I knew it! Anyways know that’s been done, go and make some soup or something warm.”

“Yes mother I will. Wait how’d you know I went surfing?” He asked with his signature smirk.
“umm…” my cheeks flush a pinkish colour.

Hmm how do I say this?

“Well  I kind  of know cause well your hair its really different after you surf and also its cold down there and you’re in a singlet.

“Um Ali, yea I agree it’s cold down here but I’m a guy, I won’t get a cold that easily.” He exaggerated.

“Really?” I ask.

“Ye--- ah—ah -- achooo” he sneezes.

“My point exactly Ali wins!” I winked.

“Yea, yea you win.” He stuck his tongue out, He looked so cute.

“Anyways why’d you tweet me? Any problems?” I ask.
“Well Ali I got chosen to go to the Karate world championships.”

“What? Are you serious? That is amazing! Congrats Jordan you deserve it! , considering you’ve only been going for about three years? Oh my god! I am so happy for you!!” I said clapping my hands while smiling like a fool.

“Yea but I’m nervous, you won’t be there.” He said softly

“Oh yea. Um which girl got chosen for it?” I asked.

“No one. Sensei’s only best girl student is you , and you know that. He’s always like Ali this Ali that.”

Haha aww good old sensei. I say to myself


“Uhh yeah? I  just asked you if you got a call from him? He wanted to talk to you.”

“Oh sorry , zoned out and really? um .. I didn’t hold on a second.” I take out my phone from my pocket and there were five missed calls from overseas.

“ahh I think he did call me. Anything else you want to talk about? How’s my best friend Kat?”

“Yea well she’s good, how’s school treating ya?”

“well today was okay, I guess.” I shrugged.

“What happened?” he asked showing concern.

“Hey what’s the time there?” I asked avoiding the question he asked about school, and avoiding eye contact from him.

“Ali , now that its been brought up. I know something is wrong, is it about the people who go there? Someone say something to you?” he asked in his protective tone.

“um , no everything’s okay.”

“Ali ,I care for you , c’mon tell me what happened.”

“You’re going to think I’m stupid.”

“well aren’t all girls stupid?” he said grinning.

“haha very funny!” returning the grin.

“have I ever considered you being stupid?”


“Well then go ahead and tell me.” He said persuading me.

“well Zayn has a bitchy girlfriend who I happen to be familiar with, like it seems like I know her. But from where? 

“that’s it?”
“yea” I nodded.

“Are you serious Ali? That’s it? That’s so stupid! I thought it was something else. “

“aww I love how you care so much about. I feel special.”

“That’s cause you are special.”

“awww , so how’s everything in Sydney? When do you have training?

“I have training um in a few hours.”

“hang on, what’s the time there?

“two … “

“Two o’ clock in the morning?” I questioned.

“Jordan you went surfing that early? Why?”
“cause I felt like it.”

“Cause I felt like it.” I mimicked. “I’m going to seriously kill you. You have a world championship in London in a few months and you go surfing in the cold? Arghhh! You can get really sick!!”

“Sorry Ali, you know how much I love surfing though.” he said giving me a cute pout look.

 “It’s okay, Jordan. I know you love surfing. But karate is your top priority at the moment. Remember when you wanted to prove yourself?”

“Okay mother, I won’t do it again, can I go to sleep?”

“yes you can go to sleep.”

“Okay Ali, bye. Viber me when you need anything okay?” 

“Okay Jordan, will do. Bye.”

I end the call. Okay now I’ve got to call Sensei. I search for his number in my phone, and there it is I call that number. After three rings, he picks up.

“Hello John speaking.” the voice said.

“Heyy John , its Ali.”

“Hello Ali, how are you? How’s London treating ya?”
“I’m good thanks, how about you sir? And yea London’s treating me well, not used to it. Haha.”

“Yea well I’m alright, just kind of gutted you won’t be in the world championships.”

“Um yea so am I, can I ask where the championships are?” I say.

“It’s in Bradford, London.”

“Oh my god! I have a chance! I’m in Bradford. “

“Yea I guess you do, but I want you to enjoy your 6 months, not fighting, you need a good break.”


“No buts.”

“Argh Is there any way I can convince you?”


“Please?” I pleaded.

“Okay Ali, tell me why.”

“So number one, you don’t have any girl going, and please don’t lie because Jordan told me and second I’m in Bradford its easier, since the championships are here and I want to represent Australia again. So please?”

“Ali what about you’re training then?”

“Oh yeaa.. Well there should be some Dojo’s here right?”

A/N: Dojo is where karate classes are held.

“Yea  there actually is, the place where the championships are,do you have a pen and paper?”

“Um hold on a second.” I search around for a pen and paper,I notice my diary and my pink inked pen on my desk I pick the pen up . “yep I have a pen and paper what’s the address?”

“It’s at InterMartialArts Origin at Newport Gardens, Leeds LS6 3”

“Hm okay, so do you know the trainer by any chance?”

“Yep his name is Nick, he’s a newbie. Which means he doesn’t know who you are, and that you’ve got the world title and he can’t know who you are, or else he’ll use you. So I recommend for your powerful training head to the gym and at this Dojo class make sure you just execute your moves. At the moment I won’t put your name down. Okay?”

“Okay then. When will you be visiting Bradford?”

“I’ll be there next month so that’ll be a month early, and so I can give you some training myself.”

“Thank you so much John. This means a lot!”

“Don’t mention it Ali . Why wouldn’t I want to help out my best student? Now I got to get going Jordan’s coming in for extra training tonight. So see you soon.”

“Rightyo. Have fun! Bye.”

“Bye Ali.”

I hang up and sit cross legged on my bed. I start thinking about World championships in Bradford, wow such an coincidence.

I go on my laptop and log in to twitter. Wow Jay Sean was trending something about him coming to a school in London, I search it up on Google and oh my god it’s a concert competition hosted by Capital FM. 

Do you want Jay Sean to perform at your school? If yes just answer the questions below. Only available for schools in London.

1.       What is the latest music video which features the Janoskians?

2.       What are the names of his two cute dogs?

3.       How many brothers/sisters does he have?

4.       what is Jay Sean’s new album’s name?

5.       What song started Jay Sean’s career?

6.       What is Jay Sean’s nationality?

7.       Who is Jay Sean currently signed with?

8.       What does OFM mean?

9.       What song did Jay Sean sing with Jessica Mauboy for her album ‘Get em Girls’?

10.   What does Jay Sean think his DJ, DJ Biks looks like? And makes edited pictures to prove his point?

I start typing the answers

-          Where You Are.

-          Tyler and Biscuit

-          One brother

-          Neon

-          Dance with You.

-          Brit Asian

-          YMCMB

-          Orange Factory Music, they produce music.

-          What happened to us

-          Pandas

Oh crap I seriously don’t have a life. I know all this about Jay Sean!  Hahaha guess it’s the perks of being part of the “Team Jay Sean” List on twitter, I hit enter and send it to the radio station’s website. I send a silent prayer please make it be me the one who wins this.

Now what to do? .. hmm music! I take out my iPod from one of the drawers beside my bedside table and connect it to the iPod dock and play Tik Tok by Ke$ha.

I start dancing around my room, singing to the lyrics.

Someone knocks on my door.  *knock knock*

“Come in.”  I say.

No answer.

“Come in.” I say again a bit louder.

Still no answer

I just shrug, eh I continue on dancing and turn up the music a bit louder  the door opens.

“I thought you were doing your Physical education homework.”

 Oh crap Its Zayn, with that signature smirk of his.

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