The Bradford Exchange - A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Aliza Francis has been chosen to go to Bradford for the student exchange program, she also finds out her host family is the Malik’s!
Zayn are Aliza were childhood best friends , they used to be inseparable, they used to share secrets , basically do everything together,
But what happens when they don’t stay in contact for a year..
what will happen when Aliza goes to Bradford for the Student Exchange Program?
Will Zayn be surprised? Or very surprised? …
Are they still close childhood friends? .. or have things have changed?


12. Uh Oh

Ali’s P.O.V

First week of school has been normal, oh and I mean  normal as in Stephanie’s still being a bitch , I still don’t get the fact why.

Danielle has been getting along with me pretty well lately, we talk a lot in class, and tend to get into trouble cause of our talking.

With Zayn he acts like himself , no distance at all. we have our small little best friend moments mostly at home, at school he’s always with his  girlfriend.

So today I’ve decided to go down to the local dojo cause I need to do some training now or I’ll never be ready for the world championships. And I have to go because I have nothing else to do since Stephanie wanted to meet Zayn, since they haven’t seen each other for ages. Bullshit they were just making out yesterday at school! Eww what a sight.

I take out my uniform from the closet and put it on, after that I put my hair in a  high pony tail. There I was ready I pick up my karate bag, and pink hoodie and head downstairs.

“Aunty I’m ready.” I say, searching for her.

“I’m here Ali.” A voice said from the coat closet.

“Ready?” She asked.

“Yep” I answered.

“Then let’s get going.”

We head out to the car, once were inside  “So what’s this place called?” Aunty asks, starting the car up.
“It’s called InterMartialArts Origin it’s at Newport Gardens.”

“Oh that, I know this place .”

“Really? Does Zayn do karate?” I ask.
“I don’t think so, he’s made me drop him off there quite a few times now.”

“Ohh righto.” I continue looking out to the car window, seeing greenery everywhere.

“Were here Ali, what already? Only 5 minute , I can walk to this place.”

“Haha yea you can, do you have your phone on you? “


“Call me when your finished okay?”

“Okay.” I get out of the car , give Aunty a small wave and then enter the building, as I enter wow this place is huge. I head to the counter , “hi Lisa.” I say reading her name badge.

“Hey how may I help you?”

“well I’m the new student Aliza Rodriguez, I’m here for the karate class.” I say to Lisa who’s typing away.

“Oh yes I got a call from you earlier right? Your ten minutes early but that doesn’t matter Sensei, Is upstairs, I’ll come with you to tell him you’re the new student.”

“Yep sure. Thanks!”

I head upstairs with the blonde receptionist and we head the room which had the red and blue foam mats on the floor, there was a  huge picture of Mas Oyama on the wall in the middle. On both sides there were punching bags.

ahh my sanctuary. I love the dojo. I notice a guy was just putting some equipment back, he notices us  and comes towards us.

“Hey Lisa, and hello…” 
“Hi Nick, oh and this is Aliza, your new student.”

“Hi” I squeaked.

“Nice to meet you Aliza.” He said , extending his right hand to shake hands.

“Nice to meet you as well.” I said , taking my right hand to shake his hand and gave him a gentle smile.

“Well I better go back downstairs so see you guys later.” Lisa said.

“Your pretty early.” He stated, letting go of my hand.

 “Yea cause back home I’m normally like that so why not here?” I said crossing my arms.

“Okay then, I just got to sort something, see you in a bit.” He walked off to a room.

I just stood there, a few people started to come in, giving me stares, and “your new” looks.

I felt uncomfortable but eh, it happens.

“eww what are you doing here?” a familiar voice whinged behind me.


I knew those voices. I turn around to see who it was, great!

Stephanie, and Zayn? Why are these two here?


Two years ago at the World Championships in Japan.

“So now we have the finals for the females we have Aliza Rodriguez representing Australia  and Stephanie Carter representing London both are Sempeis. girls please come up to the mats. The announcer said in his microphone.

“Sensei I’m really nervous.” I said attempting to tie my belt around my waist but failing to tie the knot because my hands were shaking.

“Aliza its okay, nerves are meant to happen, you’ve come this far, you can’t let the nerves take over, okay? Go out there and make me proud Ali.” sensei said while fixing my belt.

“Okay I will.” I said. I look back, mum and dad weren’t here yet. Guess they won’t show up. But my siblings were and so was Aunt Chelsea they were giving me a thumbs up. I guess I’ll be doing it for them.

I step up on the mat, waiting for the referee to call me up. There were so many people in here. Maybe five hundred, I think.

I then notice the girl on the other side, was giving me a glare. I glare back. A guy then hands me a white tag which meant I’m team white.

Then the ref calls us both in the middle. The four other refs which decide who wins the fight take their places. The ref in the middle says fighting stance so I get into that and so does Stephanie, he then says Start in Japanese and blows the whistle.  This meant we start fighting.

I didn’t know what was going on, the chick from London is so damnt! , a punch in the stomach , two punches to my chest and thigh kicks. I wanted to fall , I felt sick. I could slightly hear sensei shouting encouraging words. She really is a great fighter she’s had this title for three years! But it’s time to show who Aliza is ,I throw a punch towards her stomach and then did some thigh kicks ,she started backing away trying to get her breathing controlled but then I end up doing a front kick towards her stomach. And she falls.

The ref blows the whistle. And makes me kneel on the opposite side while he talks to her.

After a good two minutes , the ref whistles again makes us stand in the middle and says some stuff in Japanese and whistles while pointing at me, everyone starts cheering.

I look at Stephanie she was crying and really red.

What the?

Wait.. did I just beat her?

My Sensei was signalling me to come. I run towards him and he gives me a hug.

“What just happened Sensei?”  I ask.

“You just bet Stephanie Carter. She gave up Ali, I’m proud of you.” He said.

*Flashback done*


Oh my god! Stephanie was my opponent from two years ago. Oh shit no wonder she’s such a bitch, I stole her title. Oops!


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