The Bradford Exchange - A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Aliza Francis has been chosen to go to Bradford for the student exchange program, she also finds out her host family is the Malik’s!
Zayn are Aliza were childhood best friends , they used to be inseparable, they used to share secrets , basically do everything together,
But what happens when they don’t stay in contact for a year..
what will happen when Aliza goes to Bradford for the Student Exchange Program?
Will Zayn be surprised? Or very surprised? …
Are they still close childhood friends? .. or have things have changed?


1. Prologue

Six Years Before

The Francis Family and Malik’s are at the Bradford Leeds Airport , The Francis Family is moving back to Australia.

“Mummy do we have to go back to Australia, can’t we just stay here?”  I asked sadly and was about  to cry.

“No Hunny we can’t stay, we've got to go back to Australia cause of our work, c’mon say your good byes to everyone,” Mum replied kneeling down on her knee giving me a short hug and kiss on  my forehead.

Can All passengers come to terminal A35 to Gate H and get in line, I repeat can all passengers Come to terminal A35 to Gate H and get in line,  in  twenty minutes  Or you’ll miss your flight. 

“C’mon Aliza say your final good byes look your sister Angel and brother Jake have already said their byes,“ Dad said.

“Fine Dad.”

“Bye Aunty Tricia , Bye Uncle Yasser,” I said sadly as I hugged them.

“Bye sweetie take care of your siblings” Uncle Yasser said.

“Come soon hunny,” Aunty Tricia said.

“Bye Doniya," I said while hugging her.

“Bye Ali, aww cheer up! And  promise me not only you’ll send letters and emails to Zayn but me too! And here’s a little something for you” Doniya said cheerfully , hugging me tightly and handing me a purple coloured box, with a pink bow on it.

“Aw haha I definitely will, thanks Doniya“ I say , my mood was a bit better.

“Bye Waliyha" I said hugging her as well. Waliyha hands me a small gift wrapped in pink wrapping paper with a white bow. "This is for you Ali, don’t forget us yeah?“

“Aw I won’t and thank you for this.”

“Bye Safa, I give her a peck on her small cheek, she was in her pram, giving me a cute smile and giggling at me.”

Now Zayn was left..

“Bye Zayn I’ll miss you so much!” I say as I give Zayn a kiss on a cheek while hugging him.

“I’ll miss you too Ali” Zayn hugged me back giving me a kiss on the cheek as well.

“Aw c’mon Zayn let her go she has a flight to catch,” Aunty Tricia said to him.

“But I don’t want Ali to go!” Zayn replied while hugging me more tightly.             

“Aw Zayn she will come back to visit right Ali? How about I take one last picture of you and Ali?” Aunty Tricia asked.

“Yes Aunty Tricia I will definitely come back, Zayn I’ll send you letters and emails I promise! And Tricia that’s a great idea! Let’s do it!" I replied.

“Okay then c’mon you two say cheese!”

“Cheeeseee!” We both said together as we both start giggling.

“Okay Aunty please send that to mum so I can make a bigger picture out of it“ I say.

“Don’t worry Ali, I will, “Aunty Tricia said.

“Okay I’ve got to go bye Zayn,”

“Wait Ali I’ve got to give you something, here’s your present from me!” Zayn said cheekily and handing me a black box with pink ribbon tied on the box.

"Thanks Zayn! I wonder what it is" I said while shaking the box.

“Aw these two are so cute aren’t they?“ Aunty Tricia said to my Mum in awe.

“They so are, what a sweet bond, I just hope us moving doesn’t affect Zayn and Aliza’s friendship” Mom said.

“Okay you’ve said your good byes right Aliza?” Mum asked

“Yes Mum,” I replied

“Okay bye Tricii and Yasser, hope we all can meet again soon” Mum said giving Aunty Tricia a hug.

Dad then gives Uncle Yasser a hug and we go from there.

Mum and Dad then push the trolleys with our suitcases on, and my siblings and I were carrying our back packs, as we were heading to the terminal line.

But then I run back to Zayn and give him one last hug.

“I’m going to miss you loads! I am really sorry I didn’t really get you anything Zayn but“. I said

“Here’s your gift , sorry if you don’t like it, but you can remember me by this,” I hand Zayn my favourite charm bracelet; it’s not really girlish, just charms with animals and music signs.It was pretty appropriate for a guy.

“Aw Ali you didn’t have to, make sure you open my gift first okay? I’ll miss you loads Ali,“ Zayn said.

“I’ll miss you too Zayn,” I said.


“Bye Zayn,“ I said.

“No need to say bye Ali, we’ll meet again soon,” he said.

Giving him one last hug, I waved to Zayn and his family.

Then I run back to my family and get back in line.

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