The Bradford Exchange - A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Aliza Francis has been chosen to go to Bradford for the student exchange program, she also finds out her host family is the Malik’s!
Zayn are Aliza were childhood best friends , they used to be inseparable, they used to share secrets , basically do everything together,
But what happens when they don’t stay in contact for a year..
what will happen when Aliza goes to Bradford for the Student Exchange Program?
Will Zayn be surprised? Or very surprised? …
Are they still close childhood friends? .. or have things have changed?


8. More Drama.


Aliza’s P.O.V

Hmm so where was I standing? Oh here, I bend down and try finding my silver ring but no sign of it.

“Argh If I don’t find the ring, I won’t be able to show my face to Zayn.” I say out loud.

“You already have Ali.” This deep known voice said behind me.

I still say sitting on the floor. I curiously turn behind.

“ Zayn?” I question.


Zayn’s P.O.V

“Looking for this?” I ask Aliza in a serious tone, showing the ring, I’d given her six years before. I’d picked the ring up from where Aliza had dropped it when she left

She just nodded nervously. I tried not to laugh, gosh I missed her. I get a good look of her, damn she is really gorgeous, and actually who am I kidding? She’s beautiful.

Not that I should be saying that cause Stephanie is my girlfriend, and she’s going be really jealous if I say this, but hey! This is my best friend I’m talking about and I can say anything to myself right?

That glowing natural tan, her black wavy hair and her lovely brown eyes that was why she is so beautiful.

I had so many questions in my mind like why is she in Bradford? Has she run away from home?

I realise I was just standing there, so I give her my hand so I can pull her up, “Zayn baby why Are you pulling this stranger up?” said so innocently and then she stood next to me.

Urgh Steph!!

I look at Aliza she was about to accept my hand but she got up by herself , smiles at Stephanie and then snatches the ring off me and ran really fast to somewhere.

What is wrong with her?

Why is She Angry?

Should I run after her?

Stephanie or Aliza?

I go with my heart and before Stephanie starts coming up with questions I run off to find Aliza



Aliza’s P.O.V

Argh how could he? Wait what’s wrong with me? Why am I angry?

Baby are you down down down .. Even if the sky is falling down,

Not now Jay Sean! I annoyingly pick up my phone which was in my jeans pocket didn’t bother looking at my caller id.

“Hello.” I say in annoyed tone.

“Hey Ali, where are you?”  Aunty Tricia asked in a worried tone.

“Um sorry aunty, I got side tracked and started shopping more instead of going down to the food court.”

“Hold on a second what floor are you on?” she asked in a more worried tone.

“I’m on floor four, why?” I ask curiously.

“Oh my gosh Aliza! Get out of there! “


“There’s a gang of people up there who are mobbing innocent people.”

Then all of a sudden my phone turns off.

“Argh stupid untrustworthy phone.” I say out loud.

“Oh did your poor phone die?” This unknown male voice said.

“Haha sucks to be you girl.” this other male voice said

I turn around, and there were four guys standing there some of them had two big full bags of stuff in them , possibly jewellery?

Hm they look familiar.

I then realise these are the same four guys who I flogged at the airport but there are seven guys now and I bet it’s those guys Aunty was talking about.

Oh Shit. I do a mental face palm! “Oh my God! Youse! How’d you get out of jail?” I say shouting, and nearly panicking.

“We didn’t go to jail we ran away, and now since you’ve come to us we would like revenge.” The guy who I kneed yesterday said.

“Why?” I take a step back slowly.

“You flogged us and embarrassed us yesterday.” All seven of the guys were coming towards me slowly.

“Seriously? Just cause of that? You guys are idiots. Who are you?” I say trying to distract them while I take another step back.

“We are known as the ‘Badasses’ and no were not idiots, you’re the idiot, why? Because well you can’t fight seven people on your own and no one can help you, poor you.” The guy said laughing maniacally while other guys laughed with him.

“Really? Oh my gosh! Look a bird!” most of the look where I pointed and then I bolt to the nearest exit.

Stupid Aliza … a bird? You doofus! , should’ve said Police or something! Arghhh! My conscience said to me but I was running fast as I could, my life was depending on it.
 “Aha not working girlie.”  The two guys caught up with me, they use force and grab my hands and take me back where the other guys were.

Where are the damn police? What about Security? Arghhh!

“I can flog you guys, but I don’t have the time. So leave me alone!” I shout, trying to release my hands to get out of their grasp, but they held my wrists more tightly.

Think Aliza, think! The snake thing? Hmm that won’t work, how about my elbow punches? Yea that won’t work, kicking them? I need some sort of support.

I am such a disappointment; a black belt in karate can’t get out these guys grasp? Course I can. But how?

“Ah I give up.” I say out loud.

“You do? Damn that was easy, boys let her go, and she’s mine.” The guys let me go and the guy who I kneed yesterday gives me an evil look and comes towards me, pushes me against the wall, and was inches away from kissing me, and was lifting my shirt up.

“Please don’t do this!” I beg him, and was about to nearly cry.

“You left me no option.”

Dear God please help your child. I pleaded in my mind.

“Leave her alone! “A familiar deep male voice shouted.

It was Zayn! Dang that was fast, thank you God.

Since the guy who was trying to kiss me got distracted, I knee him where it hurts, and I get out of his grasp.

“Bitch” he yelled.  He groaned. Just the expression I was looking for. “Sorry what did you say? “  I ask, he just groaned again.

I run up to Zayn and give him a small hug, “thank you Zayn, if you weren’t here who knows what would’ve happened” I say to him burying my face in his chest.

“It’s okay Ali, are you okay?” he asked, hugging me more tightly.

“I should be.” Still burying my face in his chest dang it felt good to be in his arms, he smells so nice.

 “Um Zayn...” I say breaking the silence.

“Yes Ali?” he asked.

“Well, we have like six people to, you know fight.”

“Oh yeah...” Zayn lets me go.

I was about to do my magic when majority of the guys had their hands up in the air, surrendering.

How did that happen? We didn’t even do anything.

I look around and oh yay the security and the police are here, they took their time. Why didn’t Zayn and I notice? Guess we just got caught up in that hug.

Zayn’s phone rings, “Yes mom she’s with me, where are you? Parking lot? Okay were coming.”

“C’mon Ali, let’s go, mom’s as the parking lot.”

“Okay.” I say.

We were about to get out of there when a male officer approaches us. “Hi miss, I just wanted to apologise, the security cameras got hacked so we didn’t know what really was happening.”

“Yea I totally understand. No one’s damn life was in danger right?” I say in my angry yet confident tone.

“Ali…” Zayn said calmly and then holding my hand squeezing it.

“We are really sorry for that. May I ask what did they do?”

“Apparently they were stealing stuff from people , as you can see there’s two big bags there.”  I point at the bags.

“Also they found me and wanted to give a taste of my own medicine by clearly hurting me and possibly rape.” I said shaking.

“hm okay.” he wrote that down on his little note pad.

“Anything else?” he asked.
“Can you like arrest them, and not make them get out of this? I’ll be taking about this to my lawyer, if my father hears this you don’t want to know what will happen.” I said.

“We’ll take that in consideration, and are you enemies with these guys?” he asked

“Apparently I am now, I used self-defence yesterday at the airport when they were trying to steal my belongings; today they said they wanted revenge, since they saw me.”

“Oh okay, I guess that’s all we need to know, can you please fill out this contact form? “He said handing me the form and pen.

“Yea sure.” I take the pen and fill the form.

I hand the piece of paper back, “thank you Miss Rodriguez” the officer said.

“No problem, can I go now?”

“Yes you can.”

“Okay bye”

“Bye and please take care of yourself”

“Don’t worry I will”

We were about to leave, when the idiot I kneed shouted “Oi girl! I will get back to you! Remember that! I will seek my revenge!”

“We’ll see  ...” I say softly, eyeing him

I’ve had enough damn dramas for two days, hmpf.


Pretty unrealistic right? Who cares? Just fiction not like this may happen in reality right? Just a slight coincidence. Pleaseee comment! :)

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