The Bradford Exchange - A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Aliza Francis has been chosen to go to Bradford for the student exchange program, she also finds out her host family is the Malik’s!
Zayn are Aliza were childhood best friends , they used to be inseparable, they used to share secrets , basically do everything together,
But what happens when they don’t stay in contact for a year..
what will happen when Aliza goes to Bradford for the Student Exchange Program?
Will Zayn be surprised? Or very surprised? …
Are they still close childhood friends? .. or have things have changed?


5. London

Ali’s P.O.V

Good morning Passengers we have arrived at Bradford – Leeds Airport, we hope you enjoyed the flight, thank you for flying with British Airlines.

Finally yes! I am in Bradford! I take my seatbelt off, and stand up and carry my handbag, and I pick up my laptop bag.

I head to the exit section of the plane, the two airhostesses both said “hope you enjoyed your flight” in unison and smiled at me and one of them hand me a mini red crepe flower; I take the flower and smile back at them and say “thanks”.

I rush through those tunnel thingies  that are connected to the airport terminal, I power walked till I found the end , I was a bit scared that the tunnel might break, finally I was inside the actual airport now, it was very big, and it was pretty busy.

First thing I saw was the immigration section it was like an open office, there were five sections with at least one immigration officer sitting there.

There’s a huge line so I get in line, I take out my blue file from my handbag that Aunty C prepared for me, and just patiently wait.

Finally ten minutes later the line moved and I was in front of those immigration officers, this officer was a girl who was probably three years older than me, I take a closer look at the girl she had a name badge it read ‘Jamie’ she had brown hair in a ponytail, hazel eyes, fair skin and she looked pretty serious, which scared me.

“Hey, first can I please have your passport?” she asked.

“Yea sure”, I hand the girl my passport she then goes through my passport , checking my travelling patterns and then she stamps it and then she checks my passport photo and examines if I’m the same person in that passport photo , clearly I was the person in the photo , so she returned me my passport.

“So Aliza what’s your reason to visit London?“

“Well.. I’m here for the student exchange program.”

“Oh nice, so do you by any chance have the program details?”

“Yes, here it is” I hand her the blue file I had been holding on to for a while.

“Oh nice Bradford High? I used to go there.”

“Really? That’s cool” I said not really knowing what to say.

Then she goes through the folder one more time and writes some notes.

“Okay so that’s it for today, thank you for your patience, have a nice time in London”. She said handing me my file and smiling.

“Thanks” I returned the smile at her.

Then I went to the baggage check section, there were so many trolleys that were the left of this section and on the other where those machines from the cargo with your suitcases moving around, I take a trolley from the trolley section, and head over to the machines, I instantly found two of my big black suitcases I pick one up and put it on the trolley and I do the same with the other suitcase, damn those were heavy. Then I just stood there waiting for my light blue mini suitcase to show, finally I found it and I put that on the trolley as well.

I was trying to find the customs section but I didn’t know where to go,so I wander around for a while until I realise I am lost...

I look around where I am, no one was here,  until I spotted four people.

I didn’t have a closer view but they were wearing black clothes, they were coming towards me, I got a closer view, And now they have reached me, they looked like thieves to me, they all surrounded around me so I couldn’t get out of their hands.

“Give us your belongings now or else we’ll kill you “the guy at the front said in a deep voice

At first I panicked and was about to give my stuff but..

Hang on…

I know karate! I can kick their asses! I put so much force into pushing my trolley my trolley went far far away.


Two months ago at the Kyokushin Dojo in Sydney, Australia

“Ali, come in the middle of the mats” Sensei shouted

“Ous Sensei”, I head to the mat in the middle.

 Note: “Ous” means Yes/Okay in Japanese

 “Okay class today were doing the four people concept where four people are attacking Ali with their punching bags , Jordan ,Kat, Larissa and Andy are attacking Ali , guys when I call your name attack Ali with your punching bag, Ali will have to push these guys back to their original spots.” Sensei said

“Ous sensei” we all said together.

“Ali you can observe who’s where”

“Ous Sensei” I look at the back Kat was there and Jordan was on my right , Andy was on my left and Larissa was at the front.

“Ready Ali? Sensei asked.

“Ous Sensei” I replied.

“Good, Go Jordan”

Jordan comes charging in with his punching bag from the right, I punch the bag twice and I do a front kick and repat the kick until Jordan gets out of the square, he then falls.

“Really good Ali , Kat go!”

Kat comes in from the back, I do a back kick , and turn around and do a front stretch kick and do two punches.

“Andy go!” Sensei says

Andy comes in running with his punching bag and I do a front kick and then punch twice and do a knee strike, Andy yells in pain cause I kneed too hard in the bag and I hit his groin .. Woops.

“Larissa go! “ shouted Sensei

As Larissa comes I try something new, the jumping kick , I try it when Larissa comes in with her bag and I jump and kick in the bag and Larissa ends up falling on her bottom.

“Okay really good Ali!”

“See class this is what we call fighting, Ali who do you get rid of first, if you ever are in this situation? And why?” Sensei asked

“Well you should get rid of the person at the back because you don’t know what they are doing and you have a close eye on the people on the right, left and front.”

“Great Explanation, you are truly ready for this kind of fighting, I am proud of you.” Sensei said              ,

Back to the airport

I know what to do now. “C’mon girl, let’s just sort this why don’t you just give us your jewellery and that bag, or we’ll kill you either way we’ll get your belongings?” The guy from the right said showing me his knife.

I’d rather just kick your asses I said under my breath.

“Kiyaaaaiiiiiii!” I shout,

I run fast to the guy who was at the back, I end up punching him really hard, he was trying to grab my wrists so I hit him where it hurts, yes the groin.

I yelled “Kiyaaiiii”! again

Note: In Karate people normally say kiyaaii or “ceyaa” (pronounced as Seeya) to bring power after their kicks.

“Arghhhh! You b****!” The guy yelled in pain and he falls down.

“Hehe sucker!” I say laughing but then getting back in serious mode.

The two guys on my right and left were now coming towards me, I didn’t know what to do... Hmm idea!

The Jumping Kick , I jump in the air and kick the guy on the right in his chest and I do the same to other guy who was on the left in his chest they both yell but they didn’t fall like my idea so I do my stretch kick they both land on their bottoms and fall.

One guy was left, I punch really hard in his chest and I was about end this by doing a rotating kick which would’ve knocked his head when..

“Ma’am. That’s enough we’ll take it from here.” An unknown male voice said.

I look around to see if someone was talking to me, it was a guy who  had a yellow jacket which seemed that he was security at the airport.

“Well okay...” I say awkwardly, I really wanted to bash that guy.

“I must say you’re really good at self-defence”

“Thank you I am a black belt in karate, um how’d you find me?.” I ask

“Wow, and well my mate was on security camera duty where he looked at what’s happening around when he saw these four guys surrounded around you , he told me to come down here but I was too slow , but seems like you can take care of yourself, what actually happened? Oh my name is James by the way.”

“oh nice name my name is Ali , and well I got lost after collecting my baggage, and these guys wanted to steal my belongings if I didn’t hand my belongings, they would’ve killed me.”

“Oh okay and are you serious? , glad you know karate or else who knows what would have happened, glad you’re safe, I’ll take it from here, hold on a sec”

The guy gets his walkie talkie out and says “Amber bring team A , to terminal 30H , I repeat Amber come to terminal 30H with team A”.

“So what do I do? “

“We have to wait for the team to come and then we’ll take you to customs.”


After a while , Amber and the team come along and Amber takes me to the  customs section, what happened to those guys? They are getting questioned by the police.

“Here you go Aliza, the customs area” she said signalling

“Thank you Amber” I say.

Amber walks off somewhere and I get in line at the customs area.

The guy at the customs counter helped me put the two heavy black suitcases on the counter and then he had put them back on the trolley, and let me go, since I didn’t have anything that would be a threat to Bradford.

I walked out and finally I was in the arrivals section, what a hectic day I’ve had , looking forward to meet Aunty ,Waliyha, Zayn, Doniya and cute little Safa.

I looked around hoping to see someone but no, so I sat on the waiting seats hoping that someone will come in ten minutes.

As I was sitting, I take my phone out and I try to see if there’s any free Wi-Fi , luckily the airport did have free Wi-Fi , I connect my phone with the free Wi-Fi, and then I go through my twitter and I tweet ‘I’m  in Bradford, waiting for the host family to pick me up, what a hectic day I’ve had.’

Then I check my Viber to see any new messages I still had the same from last time I checked from the flight and I replied to my friends;  Hey guys thanks for the messages, I’m in Bradford buddies, hope you guys are well’

And then I send a Viber message to Aunty C , Hey Aunty , I am in Bradford now, no need to worry, love ya! Xx

Aunty instantly replies; Hey Ali, it’s like 6am here but thankfully your reached in Bradford safe so I’ll call you soon.

Then I just sit there, I instantly forgot that my mum had sent me a message before my flight took off in Australia , so I take my phone out of my bag I wait for my phone to restart and I open messages , there was not one but 10 new messages from the same person that was from Mum , are you kidding me? I thought.

I hit the check button, I don’t start from the first message I check the last message  Mum had written: Hey Ali ,well you must’ve be on the plane  that’s why you haven’t been replying oh well this is my last message, instead of reading the before messages read this ,  well I forgot to tell you but it’s your cousin Farrah’s engagement next month and well she wanted you to be in Australia for the engagement but you’re like her first cousin, I know you’re in Bradford and you don’t want to miss the student exchange program but is it possible if you maybe can come back? , your dad and I are coming to Australia for the engagement and we can hang out as always.

Pfft Hang out? Are you serious mum? That is total utter garbage ,they never let us talk to them let alone “hang out” cause their too “tired” and argh Farrah can have her engagement , like I care she’s not even my first cousin and were not close and if she really wanted me there then well she would’ve made the effort to call me or at least send me a message, I’m definitely not going back  to Australia and that’s final! I said to myself.

Lost in my thoughts, I hear someone’s voice.

“Ali, Ali.“ a familiar voice said, Whose voice was that? I thought to myself.

I stand up and look around and I see four people working towards me, they seemed familiar, oh my gosh! The voice was Aunty Tricia’s!

 I got a better view of the four people and there, they were Aunty Tricia, Doniya, Waliyha and Safa. I run towards them and give Aunty a big hug.

“Ali where were you? We’ve been trying to search for you for the past two hours, what happened?” Aunty said still hugging me.

“Um  I nearly got robbed and nearly killed , and I got lost and yea, no biggie ” I said pulling out of her long hug, Aunty Tricia’s hugs were always good and comforting just like Aunty C’s.

“Aw oh my gosh! Are you serious? Are you okay? , have you been hurt? Do you have everything?” Aunty started asking loads of questions.

“Aunty I am fine! , I know karate so I ,well defended myself and hit those guys and yes I have everything” I replied.

“Oh okay then, glad you know self-defence, I heard you came first in Australia, congrats!” Aunty praised.

“Yes I am glad I know how to defend myself, and thank you!” I say

 “Aw look at you Safa your so cute, last time I saw you were just a baby!” giving Safa a small hug.

“Haha thank you Ali” she said shyly and smiling at me, I loved her brown eyes, they were to die for, and I know one day this little girl is going to steal loads of guy’s hearts.

“Ali, look at you! All those pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you looked so beautiful but in person you’re like triple beautiful! Did that make sense?, Who cares? , You know what I mean haha give me a hug!” Waliyha said pulling me into a hug.

“Haha aww, thanks Wali, but your more beautiful” I laughed at Waliyha and I gave her a hug.

“Hey Pretty lady” Doniya said winking at me.

“Not as much as you are Doniya” I said winking back.

“Haha no Ali your prettier than me”

“No you are”

“Okay, okay ladies! I don’t want you guys to have an huge argument at the airport, so let’s settle this, your both equally prettier, Deal?”  Aunty Tricia said

“Haha fine, deal”

“Yea deal, Mum” Doniya said, then she gave me a hug

“Okay girls I think it’s time we went home” Aunty Tricia said taking my trolley

“Ahem” I said

“Yes Ali” aunty said

“That’s my trolley Aunty, its rude if I let you push it, can’t I do it, I have hands?” trying to take the handle in my power.

“Wow! You’re so sensible now Ali and no you can’t push this trolley, you must be tired from the flight and may I add fighting?”

“Actually I’m not tired so please?” I whinged

“Okay Fine, here you go” giving me the trolley looking satisfied that I wasn’t tired.

“But, Waliyha has to hold that blue suitcase okay?”

“Fine aunty.”

We then head for home.

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