The Bradford Exchange - A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Aliza Francis has been chosen to go to Bradford for the student exchange program, she also finds out her host family is the Malik’s!
Zayn are Aliza were childhood best friends , they used to be inseparable, they used to share secrets , basically do everything together,
But what happens when they don’t stay in contact for a year..
what will happen when Aliza goes to Bradford for the Student Exchange Program?
Will Zayn be surprised? Or very surprised? …
Are they still close childhood friends? .. or have things have changed?


9. First Day

Aliza's P.O.V

"Ali wake up." Someone said softly, tugging my blanket.

"Please five minutes more?" I say to whoever it was, while gripping my blanket tightly.

"No Ali you have school today! You have to be there in two hours."

"What, I have school?" I sit up straight on my bed, rub my eyes and look up oh Aunty Tricia was the one trying to wake me up.

"Yes you do young lady so I think you should get up get dressed, I've already packed your lunch and books which are downstairs." She said smiling at me.

"Aw thank you for all of this."

"It's Alright. Ali, now get up."

"Urgh Fine." I groaned. Then I get out of my cosy bed.

"See you downstairs Ali, Zayn have you woken up yet?" She shouted while leaving my room.

I make my bed. I take my phone off the charger and go on my twitter; I had some mentions like;

@Jseanlover : @Jaystralia where are you soulja?

@Jaysean_Aussie : @jaystralia i miss you hun ,come back.

@JremyOFM : @Jaystralia oii tim tam buddy where you at? DM x

@Alizae204 : @jaystralia Aliii.. Where are you?

@Jordan_R : @jaystralia Hey Ali hope everything is well in Bradford , Kik me or Viber when your free yeah? xx

I decide not to reply to the tweets instead I tweet: 'First day of school at Bradford, wish me luck, will reply to tweets this arvo' I drop my phone on my bed.

Then I make my way to the wardrobe and open it and search for some nice clothes, first impressions are always important on the first day.

I choose a dark blue singlet top and on top of that I choose to wear a black cardigan and my favourite white skinny jeans. I head to the bathroom, have a quick shower, wear my clothes, put my moisturiser on ,a bit if lip gloss and back into my room I choose to wear my favourite white converse, I also make sure that my ring is on my right hands fourth finger, and it is. There I was ready.

I sit on my bed I couldn't help but think about yesterday, when Zayn was trying to help me get up, when I nearly got smashed and Zayn came to the rescue, well kind of and when I told Zayn I'm the new exchange student, he was happy but worried. I wonder why, guess I'll find out today.


Waliyha and I were outside of the school office, Zayn was with a 'friend' according to Waliyha.

"Here's your timetable and map of the school, I would show you around but you know me, I got to go bye Ali! Waliyha." said running to her friends.

Great my own friend won't show me around who will? , I'll just go to my locker and put these books. I head to the lockers looking for 142A, there it is, I open it with my key and then put everything but I make sure I leave my English and maths book out since I had the first.

Hmm what to do now? Guess I should go to my class even though there's six minutes till the bell.

I decide to head to English; it was in what room again?

I recheck my time table while still walking when I bump into someone. And I drop my books on the ground. I kneel down collecting the books and so does the person.

"Um I'm so sorry." The girl said kneeling down collecting some of my stuff

"No I'm sorry! I wasn't looking where I was supposed to be walking, so sorry! ." I say in a scared way, she stands up and gives me a hand so I can get up.

I notice the girl has mid length curly brown hair and she was my height, "ah it's okay! Haha and Um not to be rude but are you new here?" she asked.

"Yep I'm new and I'm the exchange student from Australia."

"Oh awesome! Australia? No wonder I though your accent was different, um can I please have a look at your time table?"

"Yeah sure." I hand her my time table.

"Oh my gosh, Your in all my classes, do you want me to show you around?"


"Oh By the way my name is Danielle she said smiling." forwarding her hand for me to shake.

"Well my name is Aliza but my friends call me Ali." I said returning the smile, shaking her hand.

The bell rings. "Hmm so am I your friend?"

"Haha yes, I guess."

"Haha, okay Ali lets head to English." Danielle said.


We entered the class, we were the first people here, there was a female teacher with long blond hair writing something on the board, but she turns around , she looked really young like in her twenties maybe. "Oh Hello Danielle and you must be the new student exchange student Aliza right? Welcome to my class I'm Miss Taylor."

"Hey there miss..."

"Hmm Shy? That's a first."

"Yeah, first day."

"Haha I'll let you go this time , but no one gets shy in my class."

"Haha okay."

"Take a seat girls."

"Thanks miss."

Danielle and I take a seat at the back row. About a few more people started coming in, some people exchanged some strange looks at me. I tried not to give in to any eye contact.

Damn I felt so out of place.

The second bell went which meant class is starting now. "Okay class so we have a new student from Australia her name is Aliza, you guys can ask questions to get to know her a bit, is that okay Aliza?" She said smiling at me like I'm some sort of a celebrity.

"Yea sure miss." I said confidently smiling.

I stand up, and stand near the board, it felt so .. Weird. The whole class had their hands up, I didn't know who to choose, I chose the girl with brown hair with glasses she was sitting at the front.

"Hey I'm Anna, how long will you be here?"

"Six months." I answered.

Next I chose a guy with blonde hair he was sitting in the back row and he looked like one of the popular guys.

"Hey I'm Josh, hmm are you single?" He said. I roll my eyes.

"Now, now Josh. Appropriate questions, Aliza you don't have to answer that question." Miss Taylor said giving a stare at Josh.

"Nah it's okay miss, and Josh yea I'm single." I say, mockingly batting my eye lashes.

"Oh cool, want to go out some time?" He said grinning at me.

"Um... We'll see."

"Okay then, I’ll be waiting" he said giving me a wink.

Oh what a flirt.

I then chose a girl who was in the middle she had her lovely black hair in a ponytail and she had glasses ,she looked really smart.

Heyy my name is Claire, you seem familiar, wait aren't you Mr and Mrs Rodriguez daughter from Save Animals and Go Green?

"Yeah, I'm their daughter."

"Then you should join the environmental club"

“Um.. Would love to!” I lied considering I do my bit like using paper bags then plastic I don’t want to turn out as my parents who are also stuck in their business.

Next I choose a guy with brown hair, he seemed nervous he was sitting in the front row "My name is Nick ,Is it your first time in Bradford?"

"Kind of."

“Last question guys.” Miss Taylor said.

I choose a girl she had short curly blonde hair, “Hey my name is Amy, What’s your favourite hobbies?” she asked.

“Well I have loads but my top three would be Singing, dancing and self-defence.”

“What do you do for self-defence?”

“Karate.” I answered.

The whole class went silent! Geee Ali, know they think your tom boy ish, Way to go!

Wait since when did I think what people think about me? Who cares?

“Ok class settle down, Ali go take a seat.” I sit back in my chair.

“Dancing is one off your favourite hobbies?

“Yeah it is.”

“Wow, you should definitely join the dance team then, what do you think?”

“Yea sure.” I said. I get back to writing the stuff that was on the board.

“Okay class so today were learning how to write an essay, since you guys are pretty bad at it.”

Then there was a knock on the door, “Come in.” Miss said.

“HmmMr Malik you’re late. Where’s your late pass?”  She asked.

“Here it is.” He handed her this green piece of paper.

“Okay then goes take a seat.”

I like do a face plant on the table hoping he won’t notice I’m in this class. So he decides to sit right in front of us. Please don't turn around. Please don’t.

“Hey Zayn.” Danielle said then Zayn turns around.

“Oh hey Dani, and whose this?” I still had my face planted on the table. Ew it must have so many germs. Urgh I give up.

“Hello to you as well.” I said looking up.

“Um . I didn’t know it was you! Sorry!” He said a bit nervously.

Huh? Zayn and hint of nervousness? That’s a first.

“Okayy then...” I say awkwardly going back to write whatever is on the board.

During class Danielle and I realised we have so much in common, like dancing, same music interests and loads of other things she asked me if I could join her for lunch at the cafeteria, obviously I said yes. And now and then Zayn would look back and we'd have some sort of eye lock.

The bell rings for second period. I rush out of the class with Danielle. Zayn catches up to us and starts walking with us.  “So …what do you have now Ali?” He asked casually.

So much for avoiding Zayn. My inner conscience said.

“Chemistry, how about you?” I answered.

“Same here, do you want me to walk you down there?”

“Umm...” I look at Danielle.

“Oh Ali I just remembered I’ve got to go down to the office. I’ll see you in chemistry.” She said smiling at me

“Okay see ya.”

Then there were two.

“So you enjoying this school so far?” Zayn asked.

“Well I guess yeah I am it’s only been first period so who knows I may change my opinion.” I said

“Okay cool.”

There was a silence between us, but it didn't feel awkward, it felt just right. We reached the lab, the door was shut,  Zayn knocks on the door, I read the class number it was 5, “hey Zayn aren’t we in lab-----“

Before I know it and teacher who looked really strict and was like staring at us like we’ve just murdered someone!

“Who are you? You’re not in my class are you?” He said.

Zayn and I look at each other. Before we both say something Zayn yanks my wrist and we bolt from there. Now we were in the hall way, hiding behind the lockers.

“Phew we didn’t get in trouble, why didn’t you say were in Lab 7” Zayn said, still holding my wrist tight.

“Um I thought you knew where were going Zayn.”

We both just stood their against the lockers, “Zayn…” I signal him to let go of my wrist because it was really hurting.

“Oh sorry, did I hurt your wrist?” he asked.

“What do you think Einstein? Course you didn’t” I said with pure sarcasm.

He gives me a look. Then cracks up laughing. “You’re so funny! Aliza, gosh I’ve missed this.”

“What?!  Am I some sort of comedian? It’s not funny! First you yank my wrist then you held it really hard while running. It hurts!” I half yelled.

He doesn’t say anything but he then comes close to me, grabs my arm and examines the mark on my wrist. While my stupid heart decides to beat faster. Then he did the unexpected his soft lips then kiss the mark.

 “Better?” He asked showing full concern.

“Uh .. “ I just nodded, I was speechless.

“C’mon let’s get to class do you know what Lab were in again?” he asked. “Lab 7.”  I answered. We head to the lab 7, This time I knock the door, a male teacher opens it. “Zayn you’re late, and who’s this?” the male teacher asked.

“New student.” He answered.

“Oh you must've been showing her around right?”

“Yes sir” he lied.

“And what’s your name? “ He said directly at me.

“Aliza.” I answered

“Okay then, go on you two take a seat.”

We enter the class room, Danielle was sitting with someone else, and she gave me an apologetic look.

I just decide to sit at the front and so does Zayn. “Can I sit here?” He asked.

“Sure thing.” he sits there.

I hear a fake cough, I look back and its Zayn's girlfriend I think, she seemed familiar like I’ve seen her in Australia , only time will tell , I realised she was giving me those glares ; I shrugged her glare off, looking back to the front.

“Okay class so today you’ll be starting your assignments today, you know the drill I choose yous get along. So whoever you’re sitting next to will be your partner for this assignment, you can swap partners only when the other person agrees, but I recommend you don’t, I’ll hand out a sheet so you guys can start off.

“Great were partners.” Zayn said making it seem like a good thing.

“Yay.” I said with enthusiasm, just fiddling with my pencil.

“By the way, any questions class.” Sir asked the class.

“Sir!!” the girl behind me said.

“Yes Stephanie.”

“Can I go with Zayn?”

“It depends. You have to ask both Aliza and Zayn.”

“Okay.” She says. Stephanie walks up to our desk, “Hey Zayn can you tell this girl I mean, Aliza to swap with me?” she said in a fake sweet tone.

“Um sorry babe no can do, ask Aliza yourself. Zayn said.

“So can I swap?” she asked me

“No, sorry I prefer to work with Zayn.” I said.

“Okay then. See you at lunch Zayn.” she said sweetly. She then whispers in my ear, “I'll let you go this time.”  

She is so fake! What did Zayn see in her? The fact that she had a fair white complexion and that straight black hair, I kind of envied her.

The bell goes for recess. I walk out the door when Stephanie nudged me pretty hard. It did hurt but I didn’t react. "eww watch where you’re going." She said loudly, clearly an attempt to embarrass me.

“I'm pretty sure I know what I’m doing. You shouldn’t just nudge people for no reason.” I stated, and I ran off.

“Oi you! Come back here! I wasn't finished!” she screamed.

What a bitch. Zayn's dating a girl who is so rude, I mean it’s my first day and she’s so urghhh!

“Ali! wait up.” I look back it was Danielle. I stand where I was so she could catch up.

“Don't let her get to you. She normally acts like that, especially when someone else is Zayn’s partner for assignments when she’s in the same class.

“She’s clingy.”

“Haha yea she is.”

“Want to go to the cafeteria?”

“Yep sure.”


Zayn's POV

I was at the cafeteria. So far I haven’t seen Ali, I'm a bit worried. I take out my phone and text Waliyha,

 Where’s Ali?

My phone vibrates in my hands, Waliyha: I don’t know :S  

You idiot your supposed to know where she is! -.-  I replied.

Waliyha: Well sorry! And um no you are supposed to know. You’re in the same grade as her! -.-

How do I reply to that? Forget it Zayn. I tune in what these girls were talking about.

'I mean how dare she sit next to my boyfriend? And then say no to me? Seriously! She’s going to get hit, that Australian karate freak.”

Great now Steph is after Aliza … Wait Australian Karate freak? Hell no. No one and I mean no one says that to the girl I’ve known all my life.

“Steph will you just listen?” I snapped.

Okay it wasn’t appropriate to snap at her, but I got her attention.

“What is it Zayn!?” she whinged.

“That girl is not an Australian karate freak. Wait hold on how do you know she does Karate?” I ask.

“Um  ... Lauren told me, that freak said in English she does karate. Didn’t you Lauren?” She said giving her a stare. Lauren nodded. Something was seriously up.

That’s weird, how come I didn’t know? I think to myself.

 “Okay... Anyways I just want to say that Ali has a name its Aliza, also she is my childhood friend so if you hurt her then seriously you don't want to know.”

“So you’re choosing her over me? What the fuck Zayn!”

“Calm your farm! I’m not choosing her. If you didn’t know I’m here sitting with you, not her.”

“Whatever Zayn. I'm outta here.” She said.

I just stare at the table hopelessly. She grabs her bag and walks off and Lauren and Rachel run after her.

Liam and Jake just sit there. “Man what have you gotten yourself into” Jake said.

“I don't know man.”

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