The Bradford Exchange - A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Aliza Francis has been chosen to go to Bradford for the student exchange program, she also finds out her host family is the Malik’s!
Zayn are Aliza were childhood best friends , they used to be inseparable, they used to share secrets , basically do everything together,
But what happens when they don’t stay in contact for a year..
what will happen when Aliza goes to Bradford for the Student Exchange Program?
Will Zayn be surprised? Or very surprised? …
Are they still close childhood friends? .. or have things have changed?


4. Finally Departure.

Ali’s P.O.V

I arrive at the airport and am sitting alone waiting for the plane to arrive. I am at the terminal waiting for Gate K to open. Not much people have arrived; also the flight has been delayed for two hours due to weather conditions so basically instead of 3 AM sharp, the plane will roughly arrive here at 5:10 or 5:20 AM, but it still depends though. Anyways, I don’t really care as long as I’m in first class.

Since the flight will be delayed for two hours, I will obviously be a bit bored, ‘cause I am not travelling with someone who I can talk to, and I hate going through my phone or laptop in the mornings.  So I head to the bookstore near the terminal and bought Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto. I’m in love with this series; angel stories are fascinating.


Forty Minutes Later

I am getting bored, not ‘cause of the book which I’m enjoying but I’m sick of reading. My head hurts so I look through my handbag to see if there’s any Panadol tablet, and luckily I have four left. As I take out a tablet, I realize that there’s no water in my bottle. How will I take this?

I stand up and pick up my bag and rolling suitcase and look around for a drinking fountain where I can fill my bottle up but there is nothing in sight, so my second option was a vending machine. I walk and walk and…

Finally! A vending machine!  I search through the list thing and there’s Coke, Fanta, Cherry Coke and Sprite. Why is there no water? Argh!!! This is so not fair!

Then I just walk around until I find a shop with refreshments. This place better have water! I look around the shop. There were lollies, chips and finally the drinks’ section. They have a wide range of drinks, from juice to sodas, and finally I found some water bottles. There is quite a range. I  grab two bottles of the Blue Mountains Spring Water.

I grab something to eat as well so I get a medium-sized packet of Red Chili Grain waves. I head to the counter where the cashier scans the items.

“That’ll be $12 please.“ the cashier says, smiling at me. I look through my purse and I take out a $10.00 bill and a $2 coin.

I hand the money to the cashier.

“Would you like a bag?” she asks.

“No thanks.” I say.

“Okay then, have a nice day!” the cashier says cheerfully.

“Thanks! You too.”

Then I find a bench and sit there. I take the tablet out and put it in my mouth and I unscrew the bottle’s cap and take a sip of water and then swallow the tablet. Finally, a little rest from the tablet.

I decide to walk a little bit ‘cause I still have like an hour to wait, so I think I’ll buy the Maliks some more gifts! I love shopping!

First, I head to a plush toy store which is named as Plush Toy Inc. I instantly find the perfect gift for Safa. A cute purple unicorn pillow pet.  She likes the colour purple, but I really want to give her something Australian-ish.

I put back the unicorn where it comes from and I walk around the store and finally find a few plush Australian animals.

I can’t choose between the medium-sized koala with the Australian flag and the short kangaroo with the boxing gloves. But I finally buy both ‘cause one can be for Safa and the other can be for Waliyha.

I put both of the toys on the counter. The cashier scans both toys and puts them in a plastic bag Instead of a paper one.

“That’ll be $20 please.” she say. My mouth falls open in shock.

Don’t people know how much damage plastic bags do to our environment and our poor animals!? And this girl has an option. She can put these toys in the paper bag instead! But I know I can’t rant now.

“Um, are you okay?” the cashier asks, since I didn’t reply or take my money out for about one and a half minutes.

“Um, sorry about that. Can you please put the toys in a paper bag?“

“Yea, sure! But it’ll cost you like $2 more.”

“Hun, do you think I look like a girl who’ll use a plastic bag just to save $2?”


“Here’s $20 dollars for the next 10 customers. You should put their purchases in a paper bag.“

“Yes, ma’am. Thanks.” She, then, takes out the toys from the plastic and puts the toys in the paper bag.

“Have a lovely day.” I say.


Then I head to a handbag store which was right next to Plush Toy Inc.

The store’s name is Handbags and Clutches. Pretty original!

At this store, there are so many purses, side bags, clutches, mini pouches from Gucci, Emerson, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada… You name it! And these purses aren’t fake; they are the real deal!

I choose a limited edition Black Dolce & Gabbana handbag with some diamante studs. It looks fabulous! And it’s a perfect gift for Doniya. I look at the price tag. It’s like $700. Wow, perfect price!

But then again, I don’t care about prices since I am the daughter of Katerina and Tony Francis who happen to have two huge successful worldwide companies.

I look around to see more bags and something catches my eye. A limited edition dark brown Gucci side bag. I look at the price tag and its $500. This bag. I’ve searched every part of Sydney just to find this bag to complete my Gucci side bags’ collection. I pick the bag up and am definitely buying this.

After a while, I think it’s enough to shop at this place. I go to the register, and the lady whose name was Julie, according to her name badge, takes both bags and scans them.

“That’ll be $1,200,” she said happily.

I take one of my credit cards out of my wallet and put it in the Eftpos machine. I enter my PIN and wait ‘til it’ll be accepted.

When the receipt comes out, the lady gives it to me and then she wraps both handbags in crepe paper and she puts them in their designer paper bags.

“Here you go, madam.” Julie says, handing me both of the bags and then giving me a warm smile.

“Thank you, Julie.” I say, returning the smile.

I head out of the store. Three down, two to go.

First, I spot a bench. I head towards it and sit, then I unzip the black suitcase and put all of my purchases so far in my suitcase which is half empty. I can fit the gifts in here instead of holding them and look like a weirdo on a shopping spree at the airport. After when I finally made everything fit in the suitcase, I zip the suitcase closed.

I stand up and head to a perfume store which is called Le Perfume. Instantly, I am kind of familiar with this shop because it is a French store with all these famous French perfumes. I look around and I know that Tricia likes perfumes.  So I try some of the popular fragrances; some were okay and some were fabulous. Since Tricia and I have similar tastes when it comes to perfumes, I think I’ll choose a good one for her; it was a Chanel No.19 Parfum. But I don’t know what to get Yasser. Luckily, this store has a ‘men’s fragrances’ section as well so I just settle with Dolce & Gabbana‘s The One Perfume for Yasser.

I head to the counter and the cashier scans both of the items.

“That’ll be $1,000.” the guy said. I take out one of my credit cards again and put that in the Eftpos machine, entered my PIN and wait ‘til it’s approved. Finally, 10 seconds later, it was approved. The guy puts both of the items in a fancy box.

“Thanks.” I say.

“No problem. Have a great day, miss.”

“Thank you too.” I said, flashing a smile.

Then I thought I haven’t gotten Zayn something but then I don’t need to. I’ve already got something for him that he’ll like. Anyways, finally I am done.

I head back to the terminal station. I look at the time at one of those huge flat screen TVs which has the flights’ departure time on them. The clock reads 5:00 AM.

Great. Twenty minutes left.

I search for the seat I was sitting on before and sit there. I open my suitcase again and make room for the two perfume boxes and finally those two gifts fit and I zip up the suitcase and just sit there thinking.

After a while, my tummy starts rumbling. I end up opening my packet of grain waves and start eating some. When my chips were finished,I take out my book and start reading.


Time passes by quickly. The first class have been seated now, waiting for the business people to enter the plane.

I am sitting in my cabin in first class right now, reading a Gossip Girl magazine.

While I was reading the magazine, someone nudged me. I look up and an air hostess who has brown eyes and blonde hair smiles at me and an old guy in his 70s, I think, is with her.

The air hostess smiles at me and says, “Excuse me, miss. We have a small problem.”

What problem? I thought to myself.

“Yes? What’s the problem?”  I ask.

“Well, basically we have a senior citizen who has weak knees and he can’t sit for a long time. He needs to lie down as well. Is it okay if you maybe swap seats with him?”

“Um, yea sure. But where will I sit?” I ask curiously. I stand up and grab my belongings and take my suitcase out as well.

“Um, you’ll be sitting in the economy section.” she says.

“Are you serious? Isn’t there any other seat available? I can pay extra.“ I ask anxiously.

“No. Sorry, we don’t we have. Every seat is already booked. We only have economy class or you can wait for another flight.”

“Hmm, okay. I’ll go down to the economy class. Can you lead the way to where my seat is?”

“Thank you, young lady, for your cooperation.” the old man said, smiling at me.

“No problem.” I smile back at him.

We walk down the alleyway. I am really pissed at the airline people. They should at least have two spare seats for emergencies like this, ‘cause I hate the economy section. The air hostess and I walk through the business class section and then finally the economy section comes to view. The air hostess leads me to my seat. It is the fourth row on the left section. There are three vacant seats.

“Um, so where do I sit?” I ask.

“Well, you can sit here.” she pointed to the one near the window.

“Okay then. Thanks for your help.”

“No, miss. Thank you for helping us. Normally, passengers don’t give up their own seats.“

“It’s okay.” I smile.

“Oh and if you need any help then, let me know, alright? My name is Claudia, by the way.”

“Okay, Claudia. Thanks. My name’s Aliza.”

“Okay then, Aliza. See you around.”


I sit on my seat, I impatiently wait for the passengers to come so I can know who’ll be sitting here with me.

Finally, some people enter and so far no one heads to where I am sitting.

So I take my phone out of my side bag, turn it on and check for the Optus service so I can text my friends. Luckily, I do have service so I go through my contacts’ list and I add Jordan, Kat, Abigail, Tara, Sammy, Jayden and Larissa in a group text and text them.

Hey guys, how are you? Hope you guys had fun at school today and also you know how I got chosen for the student exchange program thing? Well, guess what?.. It’s not next month, it’s today! I am in the plane right now waiting for, well, an announcement to say we’re departing. It’s kind of sad that I didn’t get to say ‘bye to you all. I’ll miss you guys, loads for the next six months. So yea, have fun and make sure to let me know how things are. I’ll Skype with you when I have time :) 

Love, Ali  xo

P.S. Larissa is awesome!!! She is so awesome. Wish I was her. hahah :)

The last sentence was random, I know, but Larissa and I are like besties. Anyways, I press the send button then I get a reply from my friends instantly.

Jordan: Hey Ali, I’m going to miss ‘ya. Who’ll be my surf buddy? And my partner for Karate? :’( Jokes! haha, Have fun in Bradford.

Kat: Hey chicken, you woke me up! :@ Don’t get into much trouble down there and get me a British boyfriend ;)  Have fun, sweetie!  Xx

Abigail: Um, Kat, you have a boyfriend, remember? His name is Chris..and Ali, hope you have a lovely time there. Get me some gifts. I’ll tell you what to buy me via Skype, yeah?

Larissa: ‘Course I am awesome! Love you, Ali! Aww, so sad that I couldn’t come to say ‘bye to you. Anyways, have a great time in LONDON! Hope you can meet some famous singer who was born in London.. hint hint JAY SEAN! and remember you HAVE to text me like.. every day! Don’t forget about me! Xx Rissy

I just laugh at my friends’ responses. I love them, my amazing friends. I decide to reply to them when I get to Bradford.

Then I send a message to Aunty C to let her know what’s happening.

Heyy Aunty C, its Ali. I’m on the plane now waiting for departure I’ll call you when I reach Bradford, yeah?

Instantly, I get a reply.

Aunty Chelsea: Thanks, Ali, for letting me know. Have a safe flight :)

Then one of the air hostesses comes on the intercom and says:

Hello, passengers. Welcome to British Airlines. We hope you have a nice time while you’re here. I  advise you to turn off your mobile phones; we are preparing to depart. I repeat please turn off your mobile phones and tighten your seatbelts as we are preparing to depart in 2 minutes.

I obey the order the air hostess gave and I switch my phone off. Then I notice a new message. It says it is from ‘Mum’. Is this a joke? I thought to myself. I am about to open it but one of the air hostess snatches my phone and switches it off for me. I just sit there with my mouth open, shocked at what she did.

“I am sorry for doing this, miss, but you know we are preparing to depart. You can go through your phone when we reach our destination.” She didn’t wait for a reply as she heads off to some other random person to tell them not to use their phone or something. I just poked my tongue at her. What a bitch!

My mum, who hasn’t been in contact with me for like 5 months?, tries texting me and I can’t check it! I am really curious what my mum wants to say, and I could’ve turned my phone on but it’ll take a long time it can start up so I throw my phone in my side bag and leave it on the side.

Then the air hostess comes on the intercom again and says:

Hello, passengers. We are departing now so please make sure you have your electronic devices turned off and you have fastened your seatbelt.

I check if my seatbelt is fastened and it is. I just wait impatiently for the damn plane to depart.

Then I look through the window. We start to move.

 Goodbye, Sydney.

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