The Bradford Exchange - A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Aliza Francis has been chosen to go to Bradford for the student exchange program, she also finds out her host family is the Malik’s!
Zayn are Aliza were childhood best friends , they used to be inseparable, they used to share secrets , basically do everything together,
But what happens when they don’t stay in contact for a year..
what will happen when Aliza goes to Bradford for the Student Exchange Program?
Will Zayn be surprised? Or very surprised? …
Are they still close childhood friends? .. or have things have changed?


7. Coincidences?

Ali’s P.O.V

Aunty and I were at the High Point Mall, we were in a handbags and school bags store. I was stuck between an aqua patterned canvas bag and a purple plain canvas bag.

“Ali c’mon choose a bag now, we have to buy some other things as well. “ Aunty Tricia said.

“But I can’t choose! Purple and aqua are my favourite bags.” I say making it seem like a big deal.

“Just choose, will ya?” she said.

I do eenie mini miny moe, it’s childish but hey everyone can be childish at some point, my finger lands on the aqua patterned bag.

I pick up that bag, “hmm Nice choice, I like the colour. C’mon lets go pay for this.” Aunty Tricia says.

“Rightyo.” I say. We head to the cashier and she scans the bag and puts it in a larger bag thankfully it wasn’t a plastic bag , it was made out of paper, or else I would’ve went off at her, “that’ll be $25.00 please.” She said. I hand the money to her and we get out of the store.

“So what do you want to do now?” Aunty asks while we enter in a clothes store.

“Hmm well I’m hungry, is it okay if go buy something from the food court?”

“Yea sure go for it, I don’t mind. I’m not really hungry so why don’t you go to the food court and I’ll just browse through these stores, I’ll meet you there, okay?”

“Okay then, see ya in a bit.” I turn around and get out of the store when, “Aliiiii.” Aunty shouted.

“Yes Aunty?” I ask looking back standing there at the door when there’s people trying to get through but then I walk back to aunty.

“Yes Aunty?” I ask again.

“Why don’t I take these shopping bags to the car? They must be heavy and making you tired.” Aunty says trying to grab some of the bags off me.

“ Oh no its okay Aunty first of all I am a shopaholic and two I know martial arts that’s where my strength comes from , If I can handle breaking three boards in under two minutes , I think I can handle these bags.”

“Okay then as you wish Ali.” she said looking convinced.

“Bye.” I give her a small wave and head out of the store again and then wander around, after a great fifteen minutes I realise I don’t know where the damn food court is, I look around for a map, I was sure I was on the fourth floor.

Since I couldn’t find a map or sign around here, I get on the escalators which took me to a level higher, because there were so many people going on them, I kind of thought the food court might be there.

I reach the fifth floor, the food court wasn’t here either, but I look around the stores around here , I  bought a few clothes that were my taste, I browse through every store around here , at the end of this floor I notice something…

There was a huge crowd at the back, I get really curious why there was a large crowd up there, so I follow everyone else and head to the back.

I was now in the middle of the crowd, trying to see what was going on. I couldn’t really see anything I felt short, I wish I wore heels. But then finally some people moved and I then noticed there was this huge stage, on the stage there were two microphone stands, two huge speakers and in the middle a DJ set it seemed there was someone performing today. I then get on the tip of my toes and look up I see a sign on the back of the stage it read Andy’s Music Workshop

Ohh so it’s a workshop thing. I said to myself.

Then a guy gets on the stage, he has long-ish brown hair, his skin colour was a bit tanned and he was wearing a white printed shirt which read Music Is My Life, and he was wearing blue worn out jeans. I assumed it was Andy.

He then says, “Welcome guys, and thank you so much for coming today, I’m Andy. So basically the kids who’ve done this workshop will be performing today, they haven’t made any songs yet but they’ll be doing short snippets of songs from their favourite singers. Please give a hand to our first performers who are a couple may I add, please welcome Zayn and Stephanie.”

Zayn? He can sing? Last time he told me he couldn’t sing. But Last time it was a year ago, who knows?  This Zayn can be another Zayn right? And he didn’t have a girlfriend, or else Waliyha would’ve told me, so this can’t be the Zayn I know. As I thought to myself.

Then I got pushed and shoved by people, now I was at the back where I couldn’t see anything at all, past these tall people but I could only hear.

Zayn’s P.OV

The crowd was clapping and whistling, I was behind the stage, damn their so loud.

“Andy, do I have to do this?” I ask Andy, when I knew his answer.

“Yes Zayn, its part of the workshop, man you only have to sing a bit of the song.”

“C’mon Zayn. You can do this, I am singing with you.” Stephanie said sweetly putting her hand on my shoulder to reassure me.

“But I am nervous!” I said nervously, shrugging off her hand from my shoulder.

“Zayn just close your eyes and breathe, I know you can do this”, she said calmly while coming in front me and putting both her hands on my shoulders making me feel weird.

I do what she says to me, I close my eyes and all I saw was the colour black.

“It’s not working Steph.”

“Do it again.”

“Urgh fine, but if this doesn’t work I’m not performing.”

“Zayn just do it.” Stephanie snapped.

I close my eyes again and all I could see was Aliza. Why is she in my damn mind? , but by seeing her face I instantly felt a bit confident, I wish she was here though. She would’ve given some encouraging words if only I didn’t stop talking to her. Argh! I reopen my eyes, I felt a bit confident.

“Ready??” She asks softly, holding my hand.

“Yep let’s do this Steph.” I say in a confident tone.

She gives me a short peck on my cheek and we both hold hands and head up to the stage.

I just stood there, wow! So many people about hundred people were here. I started getting more nervous.

“You can do this.” She whispered in my ear, and then she pointed at something at the crowd.

I look at the crowd and Cameron, Liam, Rachel and Lauren were in the front and were making goofy faces.

“Hey guys! So Steph and I will be singing a snippet from the Remix of So Sick by Ne-Yo and Letoya , hope youse enjoy, I say confidently and giving them a short smile.

I Look at Stephanie and she gives me a smile, I cue Andy to play the music on the DJ set.

A/N: you can play it  I’ve attached it on the chapter or go here to play the remix > , I’ve only done 1.18 , so you don’t need to hear it all , but your choice :)

The beat  for my favourite song starts and Stephanie starts off, “I Gotta change the station that I had, Cause all I hear is you ,It just keeps reminding me, of all the things we used to do.” she sang looking at me.

I then take it from that and start to sing,”And I know it makes no sense, cause you walked out the door. But it’s the only way I hear your voice anymore.”

“It’s ridiculous.” We both sing together towards the audience.

“It’s been months since I spoken to you.” She sang, playing with a strand of her wavy hair.

“Can’t get over us, and I’m stronger than this.” I sing looking towards the crowd, my friends were still being goofs.

“But enough is enough.” she sang and came towards me and holds my hand and squeezes it.

“No more walking around, with my head down.” I sing and squeeze her hand as well, and I notice the crowd swaying.

“I don’t wanna be a fool crying over you.” Both of us sing together and turn to each other having an small eye lock.

“And I’m so sick of love songs, so tired of tears”

“You say you love me, why aint you here?” she sings in her angelic voice.

“And I’m so sick of love songs so sad and slow. So why can’t I turn off the radio?” I finish off hitting that last line perfectly.

“See that wasn’t hard was it?” Stephanie whispers in my ear.

“Nah not really.” I say pulling her into a kiss.

She responds and stops me and we realise we just kissed in public. Oops Then the crowd starts whistling and clapping, Stephanie and I both take a bow and I notice something at the back.

There was a girl with mid-length black hair and in a white shirt and black skinny jeans with loads of bags, her face looked familiar, I felt like I know her maybe she goes to my school? I thought to myself. She was walking out of the crowd, she was on here phone, and she had dropped something.

Ali’s P.O.V

I hated being in the back row! Arghh

I couldn’t see a thing, but the couple who just sang were really good, they sang So Sick but in a remix way, which was awesome!

A phone call from my karate instructor came and I had to pick it up, luckily he called at the end of the performance, but I couldn’t go back, I need to find the food court, I am so hungry.

This time I go to a store this one just had antique’s, I just look around hoping the shop keeper comes to me and then one of the shop keepers who was a female in here ninety’s approaches me “would you like any help miss?” She asks.

“Um yes but it isn’t relevant to your store.” I said nervously

“It’s okay, what can I do for you?”

“Well I need to find the food court, I’m really hungry and I kind of got lost.”

“Oh okay, the food court is actually on the third floor. Would you like a map?”

“Yes please.” I say politely

“Here you go.” she hands me a small brochure.

“Thank you so much!” I give her a hug and she hugs back.

“No problem, have a lovely day.” She said.

“You too.”

I head out of the store, I was about to go downstairs when I notice a jewellery store, oh my gosh I’ve got to go there, I can get my ring a bit cleaner it’s rusted.

I head to the store, and wait for my turn. “Hi Miss how can I help you today?” the shop keeper asked.

“Well I need my ring cleaned, would you be able to do that?”

“Yes that’d take five minutes.” He said.

“Oh righty.” I was about to take my ring off It’s not on my finger! Great I’ve lost it again! Oh no! How could I? I say to myself.

I look at him, and my cheeks go red.

“Um sorry! I thought it was on my hand! , oh gosh, I’ll come back to you when I find it, thanks anyways.” I say in embarrassment.

I run out of the store pushing and shoving people, I find a bench and sit there.

What did I just do? I just embarrassed myself! Never ever am I going back there and where did my ring go? It didn’t have legs that I’d just walk off. I keep on saying to myself.

I retrace my steps in my mind and I realise it must have fell when I was on my phone, it must be at that stage place.

I decide to go back there, it wasn’t really full of people anymore, there were only some people still watching some random person singing.

Hmm so where was I standing? Oh here, I bend down and try finding my silver ring but no sign of it.

“Argh If I don’t find the ring, I won’t be able to show my face to Zayn.” I say out loud.

“You already have Ali.” This deep voice said behind me.

I stand up and look behind to see who said that.

"Zayn?” I say.








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