The Bradford Exchange - A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Aliza Francis has been chosen to go to Bradford for the student exchange program, she also finds out her host family is the Malik’s!
Zayn are Aliza were childhood best friends , they used to be inseparable, they used to share secrets , basically do everything together,
But what happens when they don’t stay in contact for a year..
what will happen when Aliza goes to Bradford for the Student Exchange Program?
Will Zayn be surprised? Or very surprised? …
Are they still close childhood friends? .. or have things have changed?


6. Brand New Day


Ali’s P.O.V

I could feel the warm rays of the sun streaming through my rooms curtains on my face.

I take my blanket off and sit up and stretch, while looking around my surroundings, I love my room, the way Aunty Tricia has decorated it, this room used to be so different, It used to be a simple room, the colour of the walls used to be a bland cream colour , there used to be a king sized bed in the middle of the dresser on the left side , a huge closet, a bathroom linked with it, but this room was completely transformed , every bit of furniture was basically changed into a modern girly theme.  Aunty really does want me to feel like this is my home as well for the next six months.

I crawl out of bed, open the curtains and look out. Wow.  Bradford still looks beautiful, the sun was shining like a giant dollar coin, and there were loads of houses lined up and there was a small park in my view. Back in Sydney I lived in the city where the beach was the scenery, and I loved that, but it was great to have a change I guess.

I just stand there admiring the city, lost in my thoughts. I then hear some muffled voices downstairs.

I was curious whose voices they belonged to, so muffled yet loud. I slowly creep out of my room, and then tip toe silently near the stairs and stay against the wall, just like a mountain lion sneaks up on a wary deer. I instantly recognised a voice, it was Aunty Tricia, and a guy’s deep voice, it seemed sexy .. Oh my Gosh! What if it was Uncle Yasser or some old man? Ewww Stupid Ali! I say to myself.

Until I hear something from the guy, “no mum I won’t get into trouble this time, I promise, please can I go?” the guy said begging Aunty Tricia.

Yep this guy was Zayn, why would some other guy call Aunty Tricia “mum”? Unless aunty adopted another son, hmm… who knows? Just to confirm, I eaves drop more on their conversation.

“Fine Zayn you can go, but I better not hear any complaints from mall’s management on how noisy you and your friends are on the fifth floor, or you’ll never get to go back there understand?”

“Yes mum”

“Now eat your waffles!” Aunty Tricia exclaimed angrily.

“But I don’t like waffles!”

“Oh you don’t… are you serious?! Weren’t you the one who told me to make waffles?”

“No mum, if I did I would’ve remembered, jeez anyways those are Ali’s favourite breakfast.” he said

“Aww you still remember her? “ Aunty Tricia asked.

“D’oh she was an amazing friend of mine, why would I not remember her?” he questioned.

“It’s just that I haven’t seen you skyping or talking to her, anyways we can talk about that later, and I’ll make you an omelette, how’s that?”

“Fine by me, as long as you make it quick mum.”

“Yea okay Zayn.”

Oh my gosh! He still remembers me! And the waffles thing, but what happened to us not talking always like we used to?

It looked like Zayn was in a hurry, anyways since Aunty Tricia was about to make something else for Zayn, I had a chance to surprise him, I creep back to my room fast and shut the door softly.

I was about to head to the bathroom when… Hang on

I still haven’t taken out my belongings! I hate unpacking, should’ve listened to Aunty Tricia yesterday, I should’ve just accepted her help.

I didn’t want to make any sounds so I slowly pick my suitcase which had majority of my clothes in , and put it on my bed , I open the zip slowly not to make a sound and then open the cover , I instantly found what I wanted to wear , bless Aunty C for packing!

I choose a white t-shirt which was one of those long shirts it had a cute panda printed on it and I choose my black skinny jeans to wear and I choose my white converse’s for my shoes.

I go to my bathroom which happens to be linked to my bedroom which means I get my own bathroom, yippee! ,but no walk in closet , but that’s okay on the right side of my room there is a huge closet which should fit all of my things.

I take a shower which only took ten minutes and then I wear the clothes I chose to wear for today. I put my moisturiser on, then a bit of lip gloss on my lips and there it is. A simple, laid-back look.

I get out of the bathroom and I have a debate with myself whether I should unpack or unpack later. I was hungry and was anxious to surprise Zayn so I decided to unpack later.

I look around my room for my phone , and it was on my bedside table , near the table there was my ring as well , I put the ring on first on my right hand’s index finger and I pick my phone up and put it in my jeans pocket.

I then make my bed and pick the suitcase up and put it down, to make my bed look neater.

I then look around satisfied that this room looks perfect just like before, I head downstairs slowly.

When I reach the bottom of the stairs I hear Zayn say “bye mum!”, and he shuts the front door loudly.

Shit! I cursed to myself I missed Zayn just by five seconds.

“Good morning aunty!”  I said trying to act cheerfully.

“Morning Aliza, how are you today? , sleep well?”

“Yea I slept well, and I’m good I think.”

“Want me to tell you something?”

“Yea?” I asked.

“You missed Zayn by five seconds there.”

“I know!”

“Aw hunny, he’ll find out today, why don’t you have your waffles? “

“Yep okay.” I sit on the stool and start eating.

“So was he suspicious?” I asked.

“Nope , he doesn’t have a clue that you’re here , he asked who was in the room though and I said Doniya ‘s friend was here cause it was late for her to go, cause of the studying they both did , he doesn’t really care, he’s used to having Doniya’s friends around.”

“Oh okay where is he off is to today?” I questioned.

“He was meeting some of his friends at the mall.”

“Ahh okay, wait… are you serious? The mall and Zayn? That doesn’t mix.“  I said shockingly.

“Yea, to be honest I don’t know what he’s up to, something to do with music.”

“Ohh okay then.”

“Ali so did you want to go to school tomorrow?” Aunty questioned
“um yeah I think so, but what about my school things?” I say confused

“Well how about we go shopping today?” she asked

“Yea sure, sounds good to me”, I said cheerfully.

“Okay then I’ll just clean this kitchen up and get ready, you’re ready right?” she asked

“Yep I’m ready, you can go get ready aunty, I’ll clean up for you.”

“No Ali.”

“Aunty I am old enough to do these things, I don’t want you to spoil me, please can I?” I ask.

“Fine then, there’s no point for me to argue, I’ll go get ready.”

“Okay then, I say picking up my plate and putting it in the sink.”

I then take my phone out and go to my music and put it on shuffle the song the song that plays is ‘Where you are by Jay Sean’, I start singing..

And I can’t help it, I gotta be where you are
Like the sky holding the stars
Like the strings on my guitar
I wanna be where you are
Like the sand that's on the beach
Like a model in a magazine
It don’t mean a thing, if we're apart
I wanna be where you are
Where you are, where you are

This song is such a great song and it’s really catchy, I leave my phone on so I can listen to music and do the dishes and mop the floor.





Zayn’s P.O.V

I don’t know but mum has been acting really weird lately, first last night she wouldn’t let me see for myself which of Doniya’s friends was sleeping in the room next to me and the this morning she made waffles when I don’t eat them same goes for Waliyha and Doniya and Safa, but if Ali was here just to make her happy we would eat them. Hopefully I find out, what’s happening around the house, ever since dad has gone, I’ve been the man of the house.

I run to the bus stop and catch the bus to go to the mall for the third time this week, so glad I didn’t miss the bus.

As I got on , I show the driver my pass , and he lets me get on the bus, I go to the back where my gang was sitting , I sit beside with my beautiful girlfriend Stephanie those blue eyes were innocent , her wavy brown hair was amazing , her fair complexion was breath taking she is just so unique.

“Hey Steph” I say giving her a kiss on her cheek.

She first smiles and then...

“Zayn! You nearly missed the bus! What took you so long? , and argh why are you wearing that bracelet? I told you not to wear it!” Stephanie said ranting at me which caused half the passengers on the bus to look at us.

Argh what’s gotten into her today??

“Whoa whoa! Calm down women!  I tried pacifying her.

“Reason why I nearly missed the bus was because  I woke up late , and I am wearing this bracelet cause a close friend of mine gave me this, and I will never take if off understand?” I replied.

“Oh really?” She said annoyingly with a hint of jealousy.

“Yes really.”

“Well is this “close” friend of yours even important than me?” She asked

No comment.” I said hoping that she shuts up.

“If you really love me, take the bracelet off Zayn.” Steph ordered me.

Argh Here we go again..  We’ve only been together for three months, and she’s already telling me what to do... What’ll happen if we reach six months? I think to myself, hmm I wonder what Aliza is doing... how’d Aliza get into this?

I just remain silent, no point in replying to her, for the rest of the ride I ignore Stephanie ,but with my other friends , Cameron, Liam, Rachel and Lauren who were trying to make a conversation , I’d add a comment a couple of times when I felt like it.

Finally we reached our stop. As I got off I felt a hand on my shoulder I shrug it off and continue to walk.

“Zayn babe.” Stephanie said in a soothing tone from the behind me.

I look back “What Stephanie?” I asked annoyingly.

“I’m sorry for forcing you to remove that bracelet, it’s just that I got a bit jealous of that Aliza girl, she’s so lucky to have a friend like you.” she said.

“Stephanie it’s okay, I want you to understand that I am friends with girls, and this girl Aliza, she was a really good friend of mine I even stopped talking to her because of you and your jealousy, I don’t get jealous when you hang out with guys do I? No, and all I am doing is wearing this bracelet, I like it, I am used to it.”

“Okay whatever, I am sorry, so forgive me please?” She said.

“I forgive you”, and I open my arms for her, she hugs me tightly.

“What a great couple” Rachel says with a hint of sarcasm.

“Yea totally” Cameron agrees.

“Ready for today’s thing at the fifth floor Steph?” I ask.

“Yep you? “

 “Rightyo, let’s do this”, I say.

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