Around The World (ON HOLD)

What could be better than living happily with your mother, in a beautiful house in California, studying in a popular High School, being a straight A's student, having great friends, joining the cheer leading team and having an awesome boyfriend? Everything was great, everyone was doing fine, for what seems like forever, until a new guy entered Abigail's life, and they both shared unforgettable moments in the neighborhood, at school, and everywhere. Good ones and bad ones, but it didn't matter to them, because they were together... And what if that guy was Austin Mahone, who just came from Texas, moved to Abigail's neighborhood, joined the football team, and took a place in her heart?


1. Prologue

        It was one of these boring days, I was sitting on my desk like usual, at school, waiting for the session to end. Everything was fine, everyone was quiet, the teacher was talking about stuff maybe history or geography. Anyways, what I knew is that nothing new gonna happen today, just studying and sleeping as usual. Yep, I sleep too much when I don’t have anything to do.

Let me tell you more about myself. So I’m Abigail Carter, 16, I live in the states. And before you say ‘of course from the states, but from where exactly dummy’ as usually people say, I live in California. I go to high school like every normal girl does. I have a blonde wavy long hair and hazel eyes. I’m not a ‘straight A student’, but I get good grades. Now enough talking about me, and back to school. So I was staring at the white wall, nothing in front of me. I turned my head and eyed everyone, everything is the same, nerds taking notes, footballers flirting with cheerleaders, punks listening to music, and then there’s me, sitting in the back, right in front of the bullies.

I yawned and put my arms on the table and rested my head on them closing my eyes. I realized that the teacher has stopped talking so I raised my head to take a look expecting her to have a frown on her face with horrifying eyes gazing at me, but I was wrong, she was holding papers with a smile on her face. The teacher walked between our desks giving each of us a paper. “Students, the papers I gave you are about today’s lesson. Please keep them with you because you’ll need them for the exam”. 

I let out a sigh and stared at the sheet in front of me, or I can say the giant article with pre-historical information, bigger than the longest poem Shakespeare has ever written, and pictures of those who lived million centuries ago. Seriously?? Hello?? They are dead.. Why should we study about them?? History is weird sometimes and drives me crazy. I took my bag, and placed the paper carefully in the side pocket. As I was about to turn around to continue my daydream, the bell rang. Finally, home. I grabbed my bag with on hand, tightened my fist around it and ran as fast as I could to my locker. I opened it, threw my books in it and just brought my homework. I shut the locker, and headed straight to the front doors, not caring about anyone just the path under my feet.

The walk back home was boring, the streets were so calm, and silence everywhere, it’s so annoying. I was looking at my feet while passing the neighbors and stood in front of my front door. I grabbed my key, unlocked the door then straight to the kitchen I went. “Mom?” No answer. “Mom? Are you here?” No sign for her, that means she’s out, but with whom? She doesn’t have a lot of girlfriends here, maybe new neighbors. I stared at the kitchen to find something eatable, nothing, except for a note on the fridge.

Hey Darling,

Michele (our new neighbor) and I went shopping today for some stuff so we’ll be back probably at 5 pm. So there’s some food in the fridge, eat whatever you want. Our neighbor has a son, he’s 17, Michele told me that if you’re bored you can come to their house and have fun. Their house is right next door. Okay have fun!

Love ya sweety!

Mom x.

Ugh seriously mom? I’m not in the mood to meet new neighbors. Last time I did that, they didn’t stop talking and telling me about all the stupid things they have ever done. They are annoying. Anyways, I opened the fridge and found some juice and made myself a cheese sandwich. I ate my lunch, and drank my juice, a kiwi juice; it tasted so horrible. I grabbed my bag, jogged upstairs and threw myself on the bed. As I was about to close my eyes, music was turned on out of nowhere. “Ugh!! I want to sleep!!”

I stood up, and went to the window carrying my feet behind me. There was a shirtless boy playing his electric guitar in his room, in the house next to ours. He was jumping up and down and shaking his head while playing loud music. I leaned my head to the side and watched him. He finished his playing and looked at the window and noticed me. I quickly hid from him and turned to the side. Gosh it’s embarrassing. Isn’t that the new neighbor that my mom talked about? Nah never mind. I laid down again on my bed and put my earphones on and closed my eyes. And before the music started playing, I heard the doorbell ring. Who is it now?

I put my iPod on the side and I rushed downstairs. I held the doorknob, and I soon as I opened the door, I almost had a heart attack at the sight of who was standing there.

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