Around The World (ON HOLD)

What could be better than living happily with your mother, in a beautiful house in California, studying in a popular High School, being a straight A's student, having great friends, joining the cheer leading team and having an awesome boyfriend? Everything was great, everyone was doing fine, for what seems like forever, until a new guy entered Abigail's life, and they both shared unforgettable moments in the neighborhood, at school, and everywhere. Good ones and bad ones, but it didn't matter to them, because they were together... And what if that guy was Austin Mahone, who just came from Texas, moved to Abigail's neighborhood, joined the football team, and took a place in her heart?


4. Chapter 3

Hey guyzz!! So as I said before, school is coming soon, so I'm gonna update as fast as I can... Great news: my imagination is running wild and i've got a lot of ideas so... here's the third chapter for today and hope u enjoy it!! plz don't forget to like and comment!! and fan me too :)!! Oh yeah btw i made an account on Wattpad.. it has the same stories, so could u plz vote, and comment for me on my Wattpad account: Nickylovesherpotato ?? Thank u guys!! Love uzz!!



    “So what now?” He asked as I stepped in the kitchen and brought some water. “I don’t know what do you want to do?” “Umm wanna play some basketball?” I thought a little bit then remembered I had homework, but it’s weekend, I think it’s better to finish it today. “I’ve got some homework to do, I think if I finish it now I can have free time for the rest of the weekend, and we can play as much as you want”. “Agreed. I’ll help you”. “Thanks”. We went upstairs again, and I got to change my clothes in the bathroom, as Austin saw if he could help me in my homework. I went out of the bathroom wearing some black short shorts and a white tank top, as he turned to see me with wide eyes. “Like what you see?” I said and threw my clothes in the laundry basket. He shook his head and laughed. “Umm I just want to tell you that I don’t understand any word from this thing, I don’t even know what it is” He said as I took the book from his hands and took a look at my homework. “Hun, this thing is called Algebra” I said laughing as he got annoyed. “The last thing I could help with is Algebra” “Haha I should come over and help you with your math homework sometimes”. “Yeah thanks anyways” I smiled and sat on my desk and started scribbling on the paper.

After what seems like forever, I closed my books, and fixed the mess I made, and threw all the papers I used to write an essay for the writing homework. I sigh and turned around to call Austin, but he was asleep. I’ve got an idea for a perfect wake up. I tiptoed to the kitchen and brought some cream I found on the shelves. I got back upstairs and leaned in next to him as I brought the bottle next to his nose. I took a deep breath and shouted on top of my lungs: “Wake up you sleepy head!!” I started spraying the cream in his face as he suddenly jumped from his place and waved his hands in different directions. I burst out laughing as I saw the cream on his face forming a perfect beard and a mustache. I fell on the ground and continued laughed so hard as he spit all the cream that was in his mouth. “You’ve gotta be kidding me”. I couldn’t help but laugh louder this time until my sides started hurting. He held the bottle and sprayed the rest of it on my chest with an evil grin as I gasped loudly. “Oh my god! Why did you do that?” I said and faked crying. “It’s revenge!” I frowned and held the hand he had offered me. We went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves with towels. I changed my tank top into another one, as Austin put our clothes in the washing machine. “I was pantless before, and now I am shirtless, at the end of the day will I be completely naked or what?” We both laughed at his joke and stood in the kitchen leaning our backs on the counter. He approached and stood in front of me giving a sexy smile as if he is planning to do something. I observed his naked chest and admired every detail. How his abs were perfectly shaped, how his muscles were tense, how his skin was tanned, but I was interrupted by the feeling of his soft hands on my waist. I raised my eyebrows and looked at him as he came closer until the space between us was occupied. His brought his face closer to my ear and whispered: “Let go get me a shirt then we can play some basketball”. And before I could say anything he lifted me and put me around his shoulder as he carried me to his house. “Austin let me down!” I shouted but my loud words were mixed with laughing. Some people coming from their work were staring at us, some of them shocked and worried but I just continued laughing. As soon as I felt my feet touch the ground, Austin turned around and shouted at the neighbors: “Don’t worry I’m not kidnapping her! We’re just having fun!” I giggled at his words as he unlocked the door and the neighbors went back to their houses. I followed him to his room, as he brought basketball clothes and put them on. As he took his pants off, I covered my eyes and turned around, hearing him chuckle. “As if you haven’t seen me in my boxers before”

-“Shut up!”

-“Okay, you can turn around now”.

I did as he said and looked at him, he was fully dressed. Good. He brought a basketball from the shelf and signed for me to follow him.

When we arrived, I looked around amazed. There was a big swimming pool, a huge garden, and an area for playing basketball. “Wow!” was all that I said. “Yeah. You know we can throw a party here someday” I just nodded and prepared myself for the match. We stood in the center of the court and the game started.

The time passed and it started getting dark, but we kept playing. I was sweating and the game was on fire. He’s a very good player, but I can beat him anyways. His score was now 23 as mine was 21. “I bet you to score higher than me in thirty seconds!” I shrugged and accepted the challenge; I can just score 3 points at a time and win. I thought of a plan then walked towards him as he was dribbling the ball. I made a fast move to the right, and as he tried to turned, I took the ball from him and ran to the other side of the court. I dribbled a little bit then he was blocking my way. I moved as fast as I could to the left and to the right until my way was clear, and without hesitation, I threw the ball in the air and it landed straight in the basket. Three points for me!! Oh my god I just won!! “Haha in your face Mr. Mahone” I said and showed my tongue. “You’re good”. “Good?” He chuckled and grabbed the ball. “Umm yeah. Okay you’re an amazing player”. I showed a toothy smile and we both hit our knuckled together and walked back to his house. He put his arm around my shoulders; I was about to push it away because he was sweating, but I didn’t care, I’m sweating too, so let it go. We opened his house’s door and entered inside without looking around. We brought a bottle of water to refresh, and drank it, but we bought chocked as we heard two female voices from behind us. We turned around quickly to see both of our mothers staring at us with a smile. “Gosh you scared us” He said wiping the water he spilled on his neck. “You must be Abigail. Hi sweetie” The woman who seemed to be Austin’s mother said. I walked to her and pulled out a hand as she tried to hug me. “Hey. Excuse me, I’m sweating”. They all laughed as Austin came and stood beside me. “Nice to meet you Mrs. Mahone” I smiled at her and she returned a smile back. “Call me Michele” I just nodded as I looked at my mom and Austin as they talked. “Hi Austin!” My mom said offering him a side hug. “Hello Jenna.” We sat on our chairs around the table as our moms started interrogating us. “So how was your day?” Michele asked looking at both of Austin and me. “It was great. I met Abigail, we ate our lunch, she went to study and then we played a basketball match” Austin explained as I interrupted him squealing: “And I won!!” They both laughed and I continued “Yeah and during the day Austin had to change his clothes twice and I had to once”. “Yeah she accidently spilled the juice on her bedroom’s carpet and on my brand new white jeans” I laughed and tried to continue: “And when I finished studying, Austin was asleep on my bed, so I woke him up in a special way” And then Austin continued: “Yeah my ears are still hurting from ‘your special wake up’. And we ended up having a cream fight”. They all laughed once again, and then my mom interrupted us: “Don’t tell me you fought with the cream that I put on top of the cakes I bake!” She said opened the wooden doors above the sink to find nothing. “Oops!” I whispered almost audibly. “I’m so sorry mom I’ll buy you a new one tomorrow!” I said running to her and holding her hands. “No problem sweetheart. No need. I bought two new bottles today.” I let out a sight and we all then went to the living room.

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