Around The World (ON HOLD)

What could be better than living happily with your mother, in a beautiful house in California, studying in a popular High School, being a straight A's student, having great friends, joining the cheer leading team and having an awesome boyfriend? Everything was great, everyone was doing fine, for what seems like forever, until a new guy entered Abigail's life, and they both shared unforgettable moments in the neighborhood, at school, and everywhere. Good ones and bad ones, but it didn't matter to them, because they were together... And what if that guy was Austin Mahone, who just came from Texas, moved to Abigail's neighborhood, joined the football team, and took a place in her heart?


3. Chapter 2

     “Oh come in”. I said with a large smile on my face, as he gave me a hug for no reason. I laughed and we entered the kitchen and sat on the table as he placed two Subway bags in front of him. “My mom has brought us some food. Here” He said and slid one across the table until I caught. I thanked him, opened the bag and started eating.

-“So tell me about you” He said with a mouth full of food.

-“Umm I’m Abigail Carter, I’m 16, I go to high school. I’ve been living here in California for five years, we moved here from Florida, when my father left us. I’m a lonely child, I do have cousins, but some of them are in Australia, and the others went to the UK and here I am, living with my mom”. I said and taking small bites of my sandwich, coz I don’t want to look like a pig while eating as I always look like. “And what’s your story?” I said trying to hold a laugh as he looked at me with some mayonnaise all over his mouth and chin. “Well I’m Austin Mahone, I’m 17, from Texas, San Antonio. We moved here yesterday…” As he was talking I grabbed a napkin and walked towards him.

“I’m a lonely child too, my father passed away when I was one year old or so, and I don’t have brothers or sisters.” I smiled and placed the napkin on his jaw as he laughed and wiped the mayonnaise left. “Sorry about your dad” I said sounding a bit sad, he just smiled and nodded. His face became clean now. I laughed and turned around, but his hand stopped me. I turned around with a questioning look as he stared at me. “Where do you have a wastebasket?” I chuckled and pointed at the spot next to the sink. He turned around and threw the napkin from his place, and it fell right in the garbage. I stood there jaw dropped as he turned around to me and laughed at my reaction. “Wow” was the only word that came out from my mouth. “You know we could play some basketball matches if you want, I have a playing area in my garden”. I nodded and continued chewing my sandwich.

Two minutes passed and we were done. I threw everything in the garbage and opened the fridge to drink some juice. “You can have a look around if you want”. He nodded, turned and walked away. I poured some raspberry juice in my cup and took few sips. It tasted good, so I poured myself more juice and went to look for Austin. I wandered the living room and the family room, but found nobody. “Austin?” I said but not in a loud voice. I went upstairs and walked in the hallway checking the rooms until I got to the last door, my room’s. I opened it but found nobody. As I turned around to go, I bumped into someone and the cup fell from my hand and landed on the ground, spraying both of us with a purple liquid. I gasped and looked at the mess I made; Austin’s white jeans were now all purple and my carpet was dirty. “Oh my god, Austin I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to do this-” And before I could continue he placed his hand on my mouth. “Hey calm down. No problem, I can wash my jeans and we can clean this mess”. I sighed and nodded looking again at the mess on the floor.

I looked at Austin jeans, and noticed that the price label was still attached there. “Austin” I said pointing at the label with a giggle. He looked down, removed it and glued it on my forehead. I chuckled and removed the price again and put it on his nose. “It’s brand new I just bought it yesterday, so I forgot to remove this”. I put my hand on my mouth in shock. “It’s brand new and I just ruined it” I said putting on a fake sad face. We both laughed, and walked downstairs. I went to the small closet were my mom keeps cleaning detergents and mops, maybe I could find something useful, and I did. I brought two bottles of what seems to be a detergent, and a brush for the carpet. I made my way back to the kitchen where Austin was standing there in his boxers, setting his pants in the washing machine. He turned around as he knew I was there, as I quickly turned my head to the side. “Put something on”. We both laughed, as he turned the machine on and turned again to face me. “I don’t have anything to wear”. I frowned and put the detergents on the table. “What can I bring you?” “Umm I’m fine”. I raised my eyebrow examining his body from his head to his feet. “Yeah it’s obvious”. I said in a playful tone. He sighed and gave up. “Okay, fine, in my closet, on the upper right shelf, I have some black jeans. Here’s the key”.

I caught the key and jogged to the door, I went outside and observed their house, it was huge, I’ve never noticed that. I unlocked the door, and went upstairs. There were just three rooms, so I gotta check all of them. The first one, his mom’s bedroom, the second one, huge bathroom, the last one, his room. He had one of those California king beds, a huge window with great view to his backyard, and another one facing mine. In the corner, he had some drums, a blue electric guitar, and a piano. I looked around and found his closet. I opened it and my gaze fixed on the upper right shelf to find some black jeans. I started searching; blue, white, red, grey, dark blue, and finally black. I grabbed the black and fixed the mess, then closed the closet. I quickly rushed to the front door, and made my way back home. Austin was standing there, leaning his back on the counter and the detergent in his hand. “It’s written that ‘this detergent cannot remove dark stains’, like Pepsi and raspberry juice”. My jaw fell to the ground as I walked towards him and took the detergent. “I’m just kidding” He said jokingly. “You little…” But I kept my mouth shut and punched his arm as he faked wincing. I laughed and handed him his jeans while taking the detergents with me upstairs.

I brought some water, and walked towards my room with napkins. I wiped the liquid, and put some water on the stains and some detergent. I started brushing them with the brush until it became foam. “Need some help?” I heard a voice from behind me, but this time he didn’t scare me, I just nodded. He sat in front of me with another brush in his hand and started cleaning with me. As the stains disappeared I sighed and leaned my back on the door and closed my eyes, until I felt something on my nose. My eyes widened and gave Austin a death glare; he had sprayed some foam on my nose. I put some in my hand and threw them in his face. He coughed and spit what entered his mouth as I laughed hard and held my sides. He brought the brush and started brushing my pants and they got wet and dirty. “Austin!” I shouted as all my jeans were soaked with foam. “It’s a small revenge, it’s your turn to stay pantless for a while” He said with a stupid grin on his face. “But I brought you some pants at the end”. I answered acting childlike. “Yeah after observing everything in my room, and staring at my backyard for almost an hour, as I stood here freezing and half naked” He still had that stupid grin on his face, I just huffed and brought all the stuff we used for the cleaning and went downstairs again. He followed me and went to the kitchen to bring his pants, as the washing machine started singing its usual melody that annoyed me. “So what now?”  

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