Around The World (ON HOLD)

What could be better than living happily with your mother, in a beautiful house in California, studying in a popular High School, being a straight A's student, having great friends, joining the cheer leading team and having an awesome boyfriend? Everything was great, everyone was doing fine, for what seems like forever, until a new guy entered Abigail's life, and they both shared unforgettable moments in the neighborhood, at school, and everywhere. Good ones and bad ones, but it didn't matter to them, because they were together... And what if that guy was Austin Mahone, who just came from Texas, moved to Abigail's neighborhood, joined the football team, and took a place in her heart?


2. Chapter 1

Austin’s POV

I opened my eyes to see the light coming from the window shining in the room. I groaned and stretched a little bit, until I remembered today was our moving day. I hate moving, it’s kinda tiring, but I have to. Let’s see the positive side; at least I can make new friends there. Oh sorry, I forgot, I’m Austin, I’m 17 and I live in Texas, San Antonio, but today we are moving to California, because my mom has got a new job there as a reporter. My mom is the only one I have, I have no siblings or brothers, which is sad because most of my time I get bored. My mom is my closest friend, we do spend a lot of time together, except for the time she has to go to work. My dad passed away years ago, and that was a disaster for me, but now it’s been a long time so I got over it, but I’ll never forget him. I have a passion for singing; I always make some videos and post them on YouTube for fun. So yeah that’s me.

Anyways, I went to the kitchen after washing my face and made myself a sandwich. My mom was in front of me packing everything left. “Good morning sweetheart”. She said in her soft voice. “Hey” I simply said in a half-sleepy tone. As I finished my sandwich, I jogged upstairs and took a shower. After drying my body, I put some black jeans on and a white t-shirt, and wore some black vans, and grabbed my phone with me whilst running down stairs. My mom had packed everything and just waited for me in the doorway, I smiled and helped her with some boxes. When all the boxes took place in the car, we climbed in and started driving. As we were half-way, it was evening, so we decided to take a Motel room for the night. The next morning I woke up still in my clothes from yesterday, and quickly hopped in the shower. Afterwards, I put on clean clothes and ate in the hotel’s cafeteria, before we continued our trip to California.

It was a long drive, I just sat there in the car listening to music. When we finally got to California, I jumped from the car and stretched a little bit. I went to open back door and carry the boxes as my mom took a look at the house she bought us last week. It was huge and beautiful; it had a big garden next to it a swimming pool, and a basketball area. The neighborhood was calm and seemed peaceful, no one was around. I wanted to go for a walk but it was getting dark, so I just helped my mom with the boxes again and in a matter of time, the house was furnished.

The next day

Today is Friday, I opened my eyes to see the light shining everywhere in my room. I turned around with a smile on my face, which faded when I saw what time is now; it’s 13:40. Oh my god, I have slept too much. I groaned as I pushed the covers to the side, and looked around. I was sleeping in a king size bed, I had a big window next to me, and in the corner, I had some drums, an electric guitar and a piano.

I went to the kitchen to find something to eat. Nothing in the fridge. Great! I sat on the table, and saw two bags from Subway with a note on the table.


Hey Austin,

I went with a friend next door shopping, we’re gonna come home late maybe at 5 or 6, so I brought you some food from Subway. Don’t eat it all. My friend’s daughter is in school now, her name is Abigail, she might come to our house. Take care of her, don’t do anything stupid and don’t set the house on fire.


Wow, seems like I’m gonna babysit today. I hope she’s not a five years old little girl. I turned around to find a clock, it’s 13:55, I don’t think she came back. I opened the front door and looked around, nobody on the road. I have to wait. I sat on my bed a little bit, then thought of playing some music. I played some piano, then grabbed my electric guitar. I started listening to some kind of music on my laptop, then tried to play them on my electric guitar. I thought about playing some loud music, nobody will be bothered; people are at work, and kids still at school. I took a deep breath and then started playing whatever that came on my mind. The music was so loud, and I was jumping and shaking my head, I was completely insane. I lost track of time, and then forgot what I should do. I looked at the clock; 14:25. Shit I think she’s home. I took a look at my window, and saw a girl with a messy blonde hair, standing there smirking at me. When she noticed that I caught her staring, she quickly turned to the side and disappeared. That’s funny.

I opened my closet, and got dressed. I wore some white jeans I bought before I came here, a white T-shirt and some white converse. I sprayed some cologne, put my hat on, and jogged downstairs with my phone in my hand. I grabbed the two Subway bags and got out. I took my right, and started walking until I was standing in front of the door. I pressed the doorbell and waited some seconds, until the same girl with her messy blonde hair and hazel eyes appeared.

Abigail’s POV

The ‘one’ who was standing at the door, had brown hair and hazel eyes just like mine. He had some piercings in his ears, and a hat on. Silence was filling the atmosphere when he finally spoke: “Hey”.

-“Umm hi” I said and waved my hand hoping not to look awkward.

-“Abigail, right?” How did he know my name?? I hesitated a bit the nodded.

“I’m Austin-” and before he could finish I cut him off “Are you…” I grabbed the note that mom had left me from my pocket. I took a look and then continued: “…Michele’s son?” I shoved the paper back in my pocket and watched him nodding. “Oh come in”. 

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