Crimson Drip

the world of MLP gets shaken up by the huge war between Celestia's army and the Sundowners cult.


3. The sun goes down...

Crimson Drip Chapter 3


Naponyeon walked around the campsite the Sundowners set up in the stone temple. He was checking the weapons available to his troops. Unlike Celestia’s guard, the Sundowners weren’t rich in the slightest. Naponyeon was greatly admired by his fellow Sundowners, being one of the most honourable soldiers that had ever step foot on the battlefield. Before he took over, the Sundowners were burning corpses from Celestia’s corpses after a battle in celebration, however after he took over as leader, he insisted on giving any corpses of Celestia’s Guard that were dragged back to camp a proper burial with graves marked with “these ponies died honourably for their beliefs, may the great Epona have mercy on their souls”.  In battle however, it was a different story. He was ruthless and did anything it took to survive, even if it meant underhanded tactics such as using enemy soldiers as shields or hostages.

“Lieutenant! What weapons have we got on site?” he barked out. A white unicorn approached the dark blue pony and handed him a list of all weapons the troops had in their possession. “Hmm…this’ll do…very good…now then, round up the troops, tomorrow’s the big day…we end this war once and for all!”.

“Yes my seigneur” the unicorn responded. Naponyeon sat down in a seat, took out a picture of his parents he had with him at all times and stared at it, muttering under his breath he’d personally end Celestia’s reign over all of Equestria for them.


*Sundowner Camp: East wing*

Six ponies gathered around a fire, eating whatever supplies were available, trading stories about their experiences in battle, their scars and generally bragging about their talents. They were members of the Anti-Six, designated specifically take down the Mane 6. These ponies included Trixie, who was handpicked by Naponyeon to counter Twilight Sparkle, and wanted to best her for humiliating her years ago during an attempt to woo an audience in Ponyvile over with a magic show, which also caused her to rebel against Celestia. Lightning Dust, who was assigned to take down Rainbow Dash and wanted revenge for Rainbow being responsible for her being kicked out of the Wonderbolts, Bitterhart was the Anti-Six’s medical expert, but was slightly insane and liked to tinker around with any corpse he could get his hooves on, and generally considered himself better in the medical field than Fluttershy was. The Flim Flam brothers were con-men who owned an apple cider business. They lived luxurious lives until Rarity and Applejack busted them for their lies, sending them into debt and a defunct business, and finally Gilda the Griffon, who hated Pinkie Pie for her pranks on her and turning Rainbow Dash against her. All six were called to the main part of the camp, for what could be the last speech they would hear from Naponyeon, considering they knew they would be heading to battle tomorrow, ready to get back at the Mane 6 for their own personal reasons….

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