Crimson Drip

the world of MLP gets shaken up by the huge war between Celestia's army and the Sundowners cult.


2. The Meeting

Crimson Drip Chapter 2


*Celestia's Guard's base, 1 mile away from Everfree forest*

The Mane 6 sat around the table of the conference room, disscussing their battle plans. These six were in charge of the lives of over 300,00 lives, and they took that very fact very seriously, even Pinkie Pie, the joker of the group, knuckled down and took this matter as seriously as she could.

"Alright...we know the Sundowners will advance thourgh the Everfree forest, we need to cut them off and force them to retreat with brute force" Twlight, the unofficial leader of the Mane 6 stated matter of factly. She looked at the other 5 ponies in the room. "anyone have anything to say on this matter?" she asked, glancing around her.


"As a matter of fact, I do" Applejack stated with a slightly raised voice. "We can't just send 300,00 ponies out to a forest and force them to face their deaths at the hands of the Sundowner troops and nature's most horrific trials!" she exclaimed, fearing for the safety of her fellow soldiers. Unlike Twilight and Rarity, Applejack along with the rest of the Mane 6 entered the battlefield directly, so they knew how being a soldier felt, the constant presence of death, fear and pain always trailing their every move.

"We have no choice in the matter's our only option, unless you would rather they come walking into Ponyvile and causing mayhem?" Twilight responded with, glaring at Applejack, not believing that the iron willed farmer was more concerned with the safety of all the troops than the mission at hand.


"If I may cut in darlings, I understand both perspectives the two of you brought to the table, but I must say, Twilight is mostly right about this, we DO need to push the Sundowners back, and we DO need to push up to the ancient temple, however we DON'T need to bring every single soldier to the Everfree forest" Rarity said, being the group's realist as usual. "I think around maybe 9000 would be more than enough Twilight dear" she said softly.

"All due respect Rarity, but I think Twilight's one hundred percent on this one, if we got every single troop under our command, we'd easily crush'em!!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed, nodding at Twilight, who nodded back at her.

"Exactly as she said, this option gives us roughly Ninety Seven percent chance of ending this war in one fell swoop" Twilight stated.

"E...excuse I know we have alot of soldiers fighting with us...but I think sending them all in against an unknown amount of Sundowners and who knows what lurking in Everfree is a huge risk, if they all died, we'd be defenseless..."Fluttershy murmered. Fluttershy was not a soldier like the others, rather she worked in the infirmary. She was one of the six generals due to being friends with the others, and her suprisingly vast knowledge helped the mane 6 greatly.

Twilight looked at her fellow generals, then down towards the desk the six sat around. "10,000, I want them moved out tomorrow afternoon" she stated sternly, then motioned that the meeting was over. She walked out of the conference room, and stopped Applejack in the hallway.

"I need you to be focused on this mission, if you go soft in that battlefield you're as good as dead" she stated without a trace of emotion.

"Twilight...I just can't bear to see more and more soldiers dying..."Applejack sobbed as tears started forming in her eyes, years of fighting taking an emotional toll on the big bruiser of the mane 6 as she was occasionally referred to as.

"SNAP OUT OF IT!" Twilight yelled as she slapped Applejack in the face, the violet coloured pony also had a toll taken on her by years of fighting the sundowners. She had become obsessed with ending the war and having her old life back, to the point where her compassion had withered away for the most part, or it seemed. "I don't wanna be the one to deliver the news to Applebloom, your Granny Smith or Big Mac of your death, I need you to be the big bruiser in the battlefield...I don't want to lose any of my friends to this war either.... but we need to end this as soon as possible" Twilight stated with a remorseful look on her face. She looked at Applejack for a few seconds, before the latter responded with a slow nod.

"I' my best Twilight" Applejack said slowly. The two separated for the night, Applejack went to prepare herself for the big day, whilst Twilight went to make a progress report to her higher ups in Canterlot itself.

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