Crimson Drip

the world of MLP gets shaken up by the huge war between Celestia's army and the Sundowners cult.


1. Declaration of War

It had all started when Princess Celestia declared it mandatory for all able ponies to join the army. Her reign was in danger due to a large cult, known as the Sundowners. This cult had acquired a large number of members, all tired of Celestia's rule and wanted change. The Sundowners had a group attack Celestia's palace, attempting to kill the princess, but failed, the combination of Celestia and Luna managing to defeat them all. Celestia was never the same afterwards..getting more and more paranoid, she starting ruling Equestria with an iron fist. Eventually Luna attempted to calm her down, but ended up banished to the moon once more by the Mane 6, as commanded by the crazed Celestia. It was dark days in Ponyvile for sure, but the Mane 6, as well as the rest of Celestia's Guard knew they had to do their duty. They were stationed outside the everfree forest, their mission was to attack the Sundowners base, which was located at the same temple that the elements of harmony were a long time ago, and the same location that the Mane 6 had defeated Nightmare Moon.

Naponyeon was born in Ville de cheval in the French Branch of Equestria. He had a strong hatred for Princess Celestia due to the way she ruled Equestria, he joined the Sundowners at an early age, much to the disgust of his own parents, who would eventually disown him for his actions against Celestia. He took part in several attacks against the Celestia Guard and several locations in Equestria, including most infamously, the attack on the Grand Galloping Gala. He quickly became the general of the Sundowners due to how good he was in battle. His mission is to take over Ponyvile and Canterlot.

Both the Sundowners and Celestia's guard march into everfree forest, two ideals, two sides of the coin, two armies that want the other dead....

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