No more pain

this story is going to be a Niall fan-fic. Amy goes to high school in RI and she HATES all the popular kids. but she also isnt that popular but when the hottest boy in school falls for her everything changes. Will she date him or no? What will happen? Read to find out!


2. from the start


                                                              Amy's P.O.V

Ok why does everything happen to me?? he really wants to date me after what he did and i don't even like him why doesn't he get that??

ok let me start from the beginning, so i am that girl in the high school that always got picked on. not popular. i don't have many friends in high school i get bullied ALOT to the point i cut. I never wear shorts, skirts or anything like that because then people will see my scars. i hate when people see me cry soo i keep all my feelings bottled up inside. thats why i cut.

no body knows i cut. not even my mom which is quite bad but thats how it is. I'm my exactly the most bubbly girl in school but I try to act as happy as I can. I know not very good again. I do get in trouble quite a bit for day dreaming but oh well.

so he wants to date me I don't get why he does. He's like the hottest guy in school why would he want to date me? And I really don't like popular kids and guess what? He's popular. Oh this is going to be such fun. i hate my life sometimes seriously. ok so my mum is always telling me i need to socialize and i never really go out. but my mum wants to move to to somewhere warm. so if that happens whats the point of friends i WONT have any if we move and whats the point of moving if im in high school ill be in collage soon and then she can move where ever in the world her heart desires because i wont know anyone there. i cant bele she wants to move seriously where is she planning on moving? that would be horrible.



sorry its short i have to study for a whole bunch of tests sorry again and please re-read i added more into it thx


          *Armine* <3

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