Cursed From Both Sides

Sam and her best friend Ivy are grads and very known at their school for having amazing singing voices, Sam has feelings for one of the band members and Ivy is dating one. Their lives are pretty good from the school and friend perspective but after a Halloween dance at Redlok High School they travel to one of Sam's favourite places, the cemetery, not only does sam get closer to a Ben, she gets the worst pain in her stomach and passes out. From then on she is cursed with becomming a black panther and Ivy is cursed with being able to hear cat thoughts, you could say their world is being turned upside down. How will they get through it and how well will they cope with their new abilities? Will running away from their problems, if its possible, help?


8. 8

I told Ivy that my mom said yes and we were both overjoyed. We ate our food and we both felt better. At about 1pm a nurse came in to check on how we were doing and we both we back to normal. We were basically bouncing off the walls when my mom came to pick us up. I texted Ben to let him know that we were out of the hospital and if they wanted to hangout they just had to come to my place. He said that they would be there around four. "The guys are gonna come over around four, that cool?" Ivy nodded with a big smile on her face, "perfect." I laughed. when we got to the house mom said, "I have to work all tonight so I will be home late, you guys will be ok?" I nodded, "Yep we will be good, I will text you with updates." Mom nodded and then drove to work. Ivy and I let ourselves in and went into Cams room. Cam is my older brother who recently went away to college so his room is empty. Ivy looked around and smiled, "I cant believe I am going to be living with you!" I laughed and hugged her, "One thing Ivy... we have to go get yor stuff from your house." Her smile instantly dissapeared from her face, "oh." was all she said. We were silent for a couple of minutes and then she said, "Ok well I'll call them now and we can go pick up my stuff. Dad will be out so it'll be ok." I nodded and then she pulled out her phone and called her mom. "Hi mom. Yah it's Ivy. Im moving in with Sam so Im comming to pick up my stuff. Now. Mom you and dad dont give a damn about me so it wont matter that Im gone." She was silent for a moment and then raised her voice, "Mom I am comming to pick up my stuff." and then hung up. She looked at me and said, "Lets go."

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