Cursed From Both Sides

Sam and her best friend Ivy are grads and very known at their school for having amazing singing voices, Sam has feelings for one of the band members and Ivy is dating one. Their lives are pretty good from the school and friend perspective but after a Halloween dance at Redlok High School they travel to one of Sam's favourite places, the cemetery, not only does sam get closer to a Ben, she gets the worst pain in her stomach and passes out. From then on she is cursed with becomming a black panther and Ivy is cursed with being able to hear cat thoughts, you could say their world is being turned upside down. How will they get through it and how well will they cope with their new abilities? Will running away from their problems, if its possible, help?


16. 16

I woke up in a stall, a horse stall actually. Great. I tried to stand up but i instantly fell to the floor, 'at least Im human' I thought as I looked around the stall, until i noticed a terrible pain in my shoulder and then the memory came back. I was shot. I winced as the pain became more and more unbearable, I hoped that the boy from last night would come soon and then I heard him walk in to the barn and then stop outside the door of the stable i was in. He took a deep breath in and opened the door slowly until he saw me. Once he looked at me he gasped and turned ghostly white, i was sure he was going to faint. "Uh. Hi" I said to him as i gave a little wave, "H-hi. H-h-how?" he said as he quivered in the doorway. I winced again at the pain in my shoulder and put my hand over it, "Look I'll explain later but you need to get this bullet out." he nodded and then left, when he came back he was carrying a knife, tweezers and a cloth. He crouched beside me and layed me down an then straddled me, pinning me to the ground and got to work. I had the cloth in my mouth and i was full on clenching it in my teeth. It felt like her was digging a small trench in my body to find something that is so small he could likely miss it. But then he grabbed hold of the bullet and looked at me, "you ready?" I shook my head vigorously with my eyes closed tight, I took a big deep breath in and he pulled it out. It was out quickly but i felt all of it until it was out, I had tears streaming down my face. The boy propped me up against the wall of the stall and left me again, but he came back rather quickly with a first aid kit. He put a large white bandage on the wound and then wrapped it up so it would hold, when he was done he sat back and looked at me. "Im Nate by the way," he said smiling, "Im Sam, thank you for helping me," i smiled at him and he waved it away like it didn't matter, but it really did. And with no warning he picked me up bridal style and brought me to his house which was a light blue colour on the outside and very cottage like from the inside, it had two floors from what i could see, and plopped me on is couch. "So uh do you need to call someone or are you staying?" I looked at him with surprise, "I can call them later and you dont really know me and i dont know you" he nodded and grinned, "Yah but we will know each other well soon enough" i smiled and the he said, "But you have to explain to me the whole panther thing" I blushed, there was no reason to but it happened, "Uh ok" So I told Nate about the dance, the graveyard, the hospital, Ivy coming to live with me, and about finding my ex-boyfriend cheating on me, "What a dick" I giggled, "Nate!" he shrugged, "What? Im just saying, dick move," I nodded, "Yah. But i punched him in the nose so i think we are close to even" Nate looked at me with surprise which made me laugh. Then i explained how i shifted and ran till i go shot and ended up here, "wow," he said, "It's definitely something," and again with out warning he picked me up and brought me into a room that was light lavender with a large window that overlooks the barn, there was a big white dresser with a nice mirror a good sized closet and a nice bathroom. I smiled, he put me down and stood in the doorway, "It was my sisters room. Sheets are in the closet and all her old clothes are in the dresser still and they should fit you" I nodded and mumbled a thanks as he left but then I called his name and he stopped in the hallway, "I still don't know you so just one night ok? And tomorrow I can call for a ride" Nate nodded and then continued down the hallway. Anyways, the room was perfect! I loved it so much! Since it was rather bare i decide to get it cleaned up. I dusted off the dresser and put new sheets and a blanket and pillows on the bed. Then i moved into the bathroom which was totally bare. Weird. I looked under the sink and found full bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, tooth paste and i even found an unused toothbrush. I looked around a little more to see if i could find a hair brush anywhere and surely enough i did! The only thing i was missing was towels so I  decided to go find Nate and ask for some. I walked down the hall to his room and it was a little bit opened so I went in, though what i found was a shirtless Nate standing by the window with the sun on his body. Nate is about 6 feet tall with abs, brown wavy hair, blue eyes and perfect lips. "Hey Nate--" I stopped and when he looked at me I blushed and ran back into my room and closed the door. I sat on my bed in my extremely torn clothes and thought to myself, 'I know I just met him but what if I have feelings for him?' I shook my head. No. He is just an attractive guy. To distract myself i decided to look through the clothes in the dresser to find what to wear. I decide to wear some light blue skinny jeans and a striped tank top, Then i brushed out my long strawberry blonde hair. When I looked in the mirror and I liked what I saw. Green eyes, long wavy hair and a thinning out body which i was happy about. My stomach growled and i went downstairs to grab some orange juice. Then i heard Nate come out of his room and slowly walk down the stairs, "Hey" he said, "Hi, uh i need some towels. I didnt mean to barge in on you" he laughed and said, "No biggy. I'll grab you some towels later if that is ok." I nodded, "Oh can I use your phone? I'd like to call my friend, she lives with me." He nodded and handed his phone to me. I dialed Ivy's number and she picked up almost immediately. "Hello?" I smiled, "Hey Ivy it's me," there was a short pause, "Sammy?! Oh my gosh girl I have been worried sick! Where are you? Tell me so I can come and get you" I sighed, "Im staying with this guy named Nate for the night. He is super nice and really hot. Please dont worry. I am in a place called Edeth apparently so you can come pick me up in the morning?," she didnt speak for a moment or two, "Sam what are you thinking? You don't even know this guy! You just met him and you are staying in his house over night.."

 "I know I know V but i need a place to stay," she sighed, "I'll come up tomorrow around noon to pick you up." I was grinning like an idiot, "Thank you for trusting me V, I will see you tomorrow around noon, I text you his address from his phone" I smiled, "I'll see you tomorrow then." "sounds good!" I laughed and hung up the phone. I texted her Nate's address and then went to explain to Nate what was going on, he smiled and nodded. I was overjoyed that i was going to see my best friend.

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