Cursed From Both Sides

Sam and her best friend Ivy are grads and very known at their school for having amazing singing voices, Sam has feelings for one of the band members and Ivy is dating one. Their lives are pretty good from the school and friend perspective but after a Halloween dance at Redlok High School they travel to one of Sam's favourite places, the cemetery, not only does sam get closer to a Ben, she gets the worst pain in her stomach and passes out. From then on she is cursed with becomming a black panther and Ivy is cursed with being able to hear cat thoughts, you could say their world is being turned upside down. How will they get through it and how well will they cope with their new abilities? Will running away from their problems, if its possible, help?


13. 13

After I turned I had to be careful of my emotions, it seemed that anger and a very raised pulse really triggered me to turn and it would just happen randomly. Over the past week I have turned 4 times, its been about 3 months since the night of the dance. I have been turning more than I'd like to in that time but I am slowly getting it under control. I wouldnt say Im used to the awful pain but I dont blackout anymore. The mind thing between Ivy and I is really useful if we need to privately chat around a large group of people. But other than the whole "cat drama" Ben and I have been doing well. We have gone out on some dates and have kissed a lot, it's hard not to say that its addictive. And just as I thought the cat thing was under control and Ben and I were doing good, I caught him with someone else. I was at school early because he wanted to hangout with me and when I walked into the girls washroom I caught him making out with some freshmen girl. "Hi Ben" I snarled. He instanly pulled away from the girl and looked at me, "Oh.. uh. Hey Sam." I nodded while holding back my tears, "Ok well you are an asshole and we are over, and she is a whore. Sorry for interrupting, please continue." I said nastily and began to walk out but Ben grabbed my hand and pulled me back, "Sam please I can explain." I pulled my hand out of his grasp, "You dont need to. I can see whats going on, Im not blind Ben." He then grabbed my wrist again, "But I love you Sam!" That sent me over the edge. I pulled my hand out of his grasp once again and punched him square in the face, knocking him to the ground with blood gushing out of his nose. I just looked down at him, "Thats pathetic Ben." And i walked out. Then all of a sudden i felt the pain in my stomach, I guessed it was my anger and the smell of blood that triggered it this time. 'Oh no' was all I could think before I was sprinting out of the school trying not to transform into a cat.

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