Cursed From Both Sides

Sam and her best friend Ivy are grads and very known at their school for having amazing singing voices, Sam has feelings for one of the band members and Ivy is dating one. Their lives are pretty good from the school and friend perspective but after a Halloween dance at Redlok High School they travel to one of Sam's favourite places, the cemetery, not only does sam get closer to a Ben, she gets the worst pain in her stomach and passes out. From then on she is cursed with becomming a black panther and Ivy is cursed with being able to hear cat thoughts, you could say their world is being turned upside down. How will they get through it and how well will they cope with their new abilities? Will running away from their problems, if its possible, help?


12. 12

I woke up on the floor of my kitchen, it suprised me that I wasnt in the hospitaly after the pain i had gotten. I looked up to see Ivy curled up on the floor with tears streaming down her face. I tried to ask what was wrong but all that came out was a low growl. 'what is oing on?' I thought. Ivy answered as if she could hear my thoughts, "Sammy you turned into a panther." My eyes widened and i shook my head and then stood up. It felt weird but normal to be on four legs instead of two. 'How is this possible Ivy?' I thought she shook her head and new tears ran down her face. She was scared. I went up to her and laed next her and purred. 'I can purr? This is so weird' Ivy laughed and I felt my self get smaller and cold. I looked up at Ivy and her face was white. "What?" i said. I turned back! I smiled and hugged her, "Ivy whats going on?" She shook her head and said, "I have no idea. Obviously on the night we went to the hospital this happened to us." I nodded. "So you can hear my thoughts when im a panther?" She noded, "Yup" I smiled, "Can you do it when Im human?" She shrugged, "I can try. But Sam we have to be careful, who knows what could happen if people found out or if you happened to turn in public." Ivy had a point. 'Well i guess we are just going to have to be super careful then' I thought. Ivy looked at me and smiled, 'Yes we are' I heard in my head. "AHHHHH that is so cool!" Ivy laughed


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